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ZEvent 2022 reclaims two major community events and welcomes a new streamer!

News event ZEvent 2022 reclaims two major community events and welcomes a new streamer!

After many controversies, multiple reactions and a change of beneficiary, the ZEvent 2022 has resumed its march forward to be ready by September 8 and the holding of the concert at the Zenith in Montpellier. But Zerator has just announced two new features for the main part of the event!

The ZEvent 2022 is therefore a concert on September 8 with several participants including LittleBigWhale and Soprano, but also and above all a big fifty streamers gathered in the same place from 9 to 11 to raise funds. There will be events organized between the participants, but each of them will have own challenges and goals depending on the sums collected on their personal kitty. If you’ve ever followed any of the editions, you already know the music.

The Pixel Wars will return for a good cause

But for the last ZEvent in the form we knowZerator and its teams have imagined new things in order to involve the spectators and to raise funds for the five associations selected after the big vote organized. These novelties were unveiled yesterday, and you will see that they cover two things that rocked Twitch! The first novelty is quite simply the organization of a R/Place specific to ZEvent.

A few months ago, this community event organized on Reddit brought together a lot of people in several countries. We remember the struggle between the French community led by “General” Kamet0 and the community spanish. If you missed it, it was about filling out a canvas with evenly spaced pixels. Everyone had to defend their corner, since pixels could be coveredto create images, shapes, or sets.

The principle will be the same here, but as a charity event, participants must pay 1 euro to place a pixel. A good way to engage the community, reviving an idea that had gathered millions of people and spawned some memorable moments while provoking reactions outside of the Twitch sphere, including that of astronaut Thomas Pesquet, represented on the canvas.

One day you will be the best trainers…

The other organized activity also takes up an event that marked the history of Twitch, namely the TwitchPlaysPokémon. Social experience organized in 2014 on Pokémon Red / Blue (and continued with other opuses), it allowed members of the chat enter orders collectively hoping to progress the character to the end of the game.

ZEvent 2022 reclaims two major community events and welcomes a new streamer!

A chaotic challenge, shared between democracy (the command written the most times wins) and anarchy (all commands are fulfilled), which created iconic moments, including a pseudo-cult around Lord Helix (Amonita). Despite all the chaos, the community could have finished the game in 16 days! The ZEvent will therefore organize its own edition of the TwitchPlaysPokemon, with another challenge. In effect, as soon as a badge is obtained, a donation will be made by several streamers. Another way to advance the global prize pool, in addition to the usual initiatives and other events.

PapeSan announces its participation in ZEvent 2022!

That was it for the announcements on the ZeratoR side, but there was another announcement, and it’s big! Indeed, the streamer PapeSan, known for sharing his daily life in South Korea since 2017, announced that he would participate in the event.

He therefore adds his name to the long list of participants, which delights his counterpart and friend Ponce, who did not fail to express it on Twitter! He will also find sardoche, who greatly contributed to the explosion of PapeSan’s Twitch channel by visiting him during his stay in South Korea last April. As a reminder, the five associations that will share the kitty after the GoodPlanet Foundation is sidelined are Sea Shepherd France, The League for the Protection of Birds, WWF France, Time for Planet and The SeaCleaners.

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