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why the rapper attacks Magali Berdah

BOOBA. Since May, on social networks, Booba has embarked on a crusade against influencers, their product placements and agent Magali Berdah. We explain to you.

[Mis à jour le 22 juillet 2022 à 12h39] Between Booba and Magali Berdah, the war is no longer so virtual. On social networks, since last May The Duc de Boulogne has embarked on a crusade against reality TV influencers and their product placements, but also (and above all) against the agent of many of them, Magali Berdah, head of Shauna Events. The latter filed a complaint against the French rapper at the end of May for cyberbullying, before he did the same for slanderous denunciations, denouncing “a very lucrative system organized by Ms. Berdah: promotion of more or less dubious commercial operations, obsessive incitement to cosmetic surgery and highlighting personalities from reality TV linked to court cases.”

But the case does not end there, in addition to the battle on social networks, which has become legal, Booba’s attacks against influencers and Magali Berdah have not stopped. Quite the contrary. The Duke of Boulogne, using his 5.7 million Twitter followers, called “raptis” (pirates in verlan), continues to denounce the product placements of influencers, whom he has dubbed “influencers.” With a lot of mocking tweets, hijackings and going so far as to publish the address or the telephone number of Magali Berdah. The latter says she has since been the victim of death threats and anti-Semitic insults. She had obtained, on June 2, the suspension of Booba’s Instagram account.

But the rapper is not giving up and has also launched an email address to collect testimonials from buyers of products sold by influencers. The rapper points to “dropshipping”, the practice of reselling a more expensive product imported from Asia. The case will also be raised to the highest levels of the State: Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, denounces on Twitter these “online scams”, which he invites to report. “No one is above the law. No one should feel untouchable,” he wrote.

Magali Berdah files a complaint, Booba responds

Wednesday, May 25, in the columns of Le Parisien, the agent of influencers Magali Berdah explained that she had filed a complaint against the French rapper Booba for cyberharassment. “I have no other solution to try to stop it. I am overwhelmed by events, disappointed and in extreme distress. I have no other recourse than justice”, explained Magali Berdah daily, claiming to be harassed without ceased for “one week”.

The agent of French reality TV stars underlined Booba’s “enormous striking power” on social networks, where he has, for example, 5 million subscribers on Twitter. “From his account result hundreds of other Internet users who start harassing me, day and night, with death threats. It’s no longer a life, I haven’t slept for three nights. I I’m just crying, I want it to stop. I have a company with 60 employees and I haven’t done anything for three days, “explained Magali Berdah in Le Parisien.

The day after this announcement, on Twitter, Booba in turn expressed his desire to file a complaint against the TPMP columnist. “Ms. Berdah reproduces a mechanism of which she is customary: publishing victim videos and then claiming to be the prey of cyberbullying, an extremely serious fact of which Booba cannot be the accountant, nor the culprit”, was it explained in this press release .

“Booba only relayed public information highlighting a very lucrative system organized by Ms. Berdah: promotion of more or less dubious commercial operations, obsessive incitement to cosmetic surgery and highlighting personalities from reality TV linked in court cases,” it added.

Booba accused of cyberbullying on Twitter

On his Twitter account, Booba has been chaining punchlines against Cyril Hanouna’s columnist for weeks. “We wish no harm to anyone but sincerely believe that people like you represent a threat to young people and to our children. We are fed up with crooks, fed up with the wind, fed up with the fake. Make way for talent and creativity”, writes notably Le Duc in a publication posted on the social network on Tuesday May 24.

“Booba is having fun, but outside there are cranks”, concludes Magali Berdah in her interview with Parisian. With her lawyer, Me Anouck Aragones, she denounces the lack of judicial supervision on social networks. According to the newspaper, she “filed a report with the public prosecutor of Marseille for ‘cyberharassment and slanderous denunciation'” and “assigned her stalker to civil proceedings to have her account banned.” Rapper Booba has already had his Instagram account deleted twice, after attacks on various public figures.

Booba vs Vald: the clash too many?

They ruined the party. The French rappers Booba and Vald shone, Friday July 15, not by their performances on stage, but by their gueguerre. In clash for weeks on social networks against a backdrop of accusations of trafficking in sales figures and listening on platforms, the two artists were scheduled for the same evening, on Friday, at the Francofolies de La Rochelle. A promising rap evening, but at risk, which could have ended in a general fight between the teams of each.

The day was marked by attacks on social networks, between Booba and Vald. “Good concert, we want peace, believe me, you don’t want war”, began the first, to which the second replied, “You’re losing the ball, the vioc, it’s you, you promise a slap and (there) you want twice peace in the same tweet, me (I) said nothing nothing done. Vibe. Vald, who was celebrating his 30th birthday that night, posted a snap on Instagram of himself with a cake on the stage steps, claiming to be waiting for his rival, who was scheduled to perform at the same venue.

Posted on the path that Booba was to take with his escort, Vald only increased the pressure. After being ordered to leave the place by the organizers of the Francofolies, they were forced to call in a squadron of CRS, who came to calm things down and secure the area to avoid a fight. Booba will be on stage an hour late and will have left the place behind the CRS cordon, under the insults and whistles of his evening opponent.

Booba comes out of the silence

“What’s sad is for the people who had to wait for me for almost an hour and a half and because it gives a bad image of rap for nothing. Well, we tickled each other on the networks but we didn’t “We weren’t going to do a beating operation in a festival. We came in peace”, however assures Booba in the columns of Parisian. And to add: “With Vald, I don’t care, I’m teasing, it’s not a real war”, but “if we met, it was a general fight.”

Have we avoided a remix of the sad fight at Orly airport between Booba and Kaaris? No, according to Le Duc, still on borrowed time since this episode. “If there’s a fight, I don’t sing, I lose my money and I go to jail. The calculation is quickly made. And I’m not going to fight for Vald. He’s not my archenemy, not like when I met Kaaris”, explains Booba on a daily basis.

The Friday evening of the Francofolies, which promised to be epic, however, only offered a heartbreaking spectacle to the festival-goers, many of whom were annoyed by the behavior of Booba and Vald.

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