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Who is in the running? Who will play? What’s new? Everything you need to know about Friday night’s ceremony

Each nominated in four categories, rapper OrelSan and singer Clara Luciani are racing ahead for the 37th Victoires de la Musique ceremony, which takes place on Friday February 11 from 9:10 p.m., and is to be followed live on France 2 and France Inter. Juliette Armanet and the group Feu! Chatterton, with three nominations each, are hot on the heels of the favourites, followed by Angèle, twice nominated.

In this evening with a huge list of winners (there are only 9 categories, compared to the fifteen categories of the Brit Awards and the sixty categories of the Grammys) a major place is given to live. In this regard, if we can hope to be enchanted by the heavyweights in the running, we can not advise you too much to pay attention to the six artists revelations (which we present to you here). Without getting too wet, we can bet that they will be several to triumph next year in the first division.

Who are the nominated artists?

male artist
Julien Dore
Fire! Chatterton

female artist
Juliet Armanet
Clara Luciani

Male revelation
black Dog
Black land

Female revelation
The Empress
Barbara Pravi
Silly Boy Blue

album of the year
Burn the fire by Juliette Armanet
Civilization by OrelSan
Heart by Clara Luciani
Geography of the void by Hubert-Felix Thiéfaine
clay palace of fire! Chatterton

Original Song of the Year (category subject to public vote)
– Brussels I love you – Angèle (Author/Composer: Angèle)
– The smell of gasoline – OrelSan (Author: OrelSan/Composers: Skread & Phazz)
– The last day of disco – Juliette Armanet (Authors: J. Armanet – Diane Jacqus / Composers: J. Armanet – Adrien Armanet)
– new world – Fire! Chatterton (Authors/Composers A. Wilson – A. Teboul – C. Doumic – R. de Pressigny – S. Wolf)
– breathe again – Clara Luciani (Author: Clara Luciani/Composers: Clara Luciani – Sage)

Concert (category subject to public vote)
Hervé – Hyper live – Production: Romance Musique
Ben Mazué – Paradise – Production: Furax
Woodkid – Production: Junzi Arts

Audiovisual creation (category subject to public vote)
Brussels I love you – Angèle – Directors: Julien Malègue and Antoine Mayet (Global)
The rest – Clara Luciani – Director: Alice Rosati
never show that to anyone – OrelSan – Directors: Clément Cotentin and Christophe Offenstein

The most streamed albums of an artist and an artist (both are rewarded)
aya -Aya Nakamura

What’s new this year?

For two years, finished the Victories by categories (rock, rap, electro, world music). On the other hand, last year a new prize was inaugurated: that of the most streamed title (the most listened to on listening platforms). This year, this prize which is not subject to any vote no longer concerns a title but an entire album, and it is even awarded to two albums instead of one, one male side and the other female side. . It is JVLIVS II of CHS and aya by Aya Nakamura.

It’s a detail, but we note the appearance this year in the Audiovisual Creation category, alongside the clips, of a real documentary series, the one produced on OrelSan by his brother Clément Cotentin, Never show this to anyone. It notes the multiplication of the offer in this field (Angèle, Gims, Nekfeu or Bigflo and Oli have all been entitled to their documentaries lately) and perhaps announces the future establishment of a dedicated category.

Who will play during the evening?

The list of Victories being more and more picked up, this makes it possible tooffer a ceremony that is ever more rhythmic, denser and rich in live performances. During the four hours of live scheduled for Friday, around twenty lives are on the program.

All the nominees are invited to play before the winners are announced, as well as the honored artist and the honorary president, not to mention the surprises that punctuate the evening each year, often in the form of a tribute. For young talents, this performance is essential – and even more so after two years during which the artists were deprived of the stage. Thus, the notoriety of Christine and The Queens had taken off after her very noticed choreography in 2014, just like that of Yseult last year.

Who is the honorary president this year?

Stromae, whose long-awaited new album Multitudes comes out on March 4, is the honorary president this year. Absent from the stages for seven years, the Belgian artist, who by his own admission suffered a burnout towards the end of a long and grueling tour in 2015, is back on the road this month. The kickoff of his new tour is scheduled for February 22 in Brussels, and the second date will be for Paris on February 24.

At the Victoires, he should kick off the ceremony with a short speech like his predecessor Jean-Louis Aubert, but also perform a piece. Since the singer of Tremendous often seeks to surprise, we can hope that on this occasion he gives the first of a new single, or in any case that he offers the public one of the carefully choreographed performances of which he has the secret.

Which artist will receive a Victory of Honor?

It is a tradition of Les Victoires to celebrate an artist for his or her entire career. After Jane Birkin last year, a Victory of Honor will be awarded to Jacques Dutronc during this 37th ceremony, during which he will sing with his son Thomas Dutronc.

2022 promises to be a special year for the former Yéyé, now 78 years old. While he has not been on stage since 2017 and the Vieilles Canailles tour, Jacques Dutronc is preparing to go on tour for the first time with his son in a recital called Dutronc & Dutronc. This show will start in April, with in particular two dates at the Casino de Paris, a passage at the Printemps de Bourges, before scouring summer festivals and theaters in France, Switzerland and Belgium, until the beginning of 2023.

Singers and musicians Thomas Dutronc and his father Jacques Dutronc, in Paris on November 19, 2021. (JOEL SAGET / AFP)

Who is presenting the evening?

The ceremony is presented on Friday February 11, 2022 from 9:10 p.m. on France 2 by Laury Thilleman and Olivier Minne. On France Inter, which also broadcasts the ceremony live, the evening is presented by Rebecca Manzoni.

Where is the ceremony taking place?

The 37th Victory Ceremony is once again taking place at La Seine Musicale, a room with futuristic architecture located on Île Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt. Last year the ceremony took place behind closed doors due to the pandemic. This year, back to face-to-face: the evening will take place as usual in the presence of the public.

Who votes to elect the winners of the Victoires?

The presidency of the Victoires de la Musique, granted to a record company executive, changes every two years. This year it is Stéphane Espinosa, boss of Polydor, who takes the reins of the Victoires. One of her goals is to achieve gender parity in the voting college by next year.

The organization of the ballot has changed since 2020. The college of voters has been expanded from 600 to 900 people. From now on, the first round remains reserved for professionals representing the entire music industry (musicians, authors, composers, performers, record companies, media, artists’ agents, publishers and concert producers), but the second round is expanded to 300 new members “outside the music industry“.

However, the public also has a say in the third round of voting. The public could vote online in three categories this year, from January 10 to February 10 at 8 p.m.: Song of the Year, Audiovisual Creation of the Year and Concert of the Year.

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