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who is Hélène in Paris, the performer of the song “Paris mon amour”?

On Saturday March 5, 2022, the French will be called upon to designate their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, as part of the program Eurovision France, you decide on France 2. Like its eleven other competitors, Helene in Paris hopes to seduce the public and the jury, with his song Paris my love. Noticed on Instagram and recently seen in The Big Headsthe 66-year-old singer (who had been accompanied in particular by Pierre Lucbert, one of the musicians with a view to Do not forget the lyrics during his first television appearance in We are live) confides in his very jazzy participation, with the song Paris my love.

Tele-Leisure: Why did you choose to participate in Eurovision Francerather than The Voicefor example ?

Helene in Paris : Because I have watched Eurovision all my life. It’s mythical. It was a desire when I had when I released my song, when I left the studio. In The Voice, you have to cover the songs of other artists.

What is your background ?

Helene in Paris: I was born in Morocco, I grew up in Paris, I studied there and obtained a degree in management. And then I met a handsome American in Los Angeles on vacation. I had two beautiful children, I lived in Beverly Hills. I developed my own fashion brand there called Pistachios, it did very well. I had showrooms all over the United States. After my divorce, I moved to New York. I had a big decorating store there on Madison Avenue, and I appeared on NBC in the Today show. After 9/11, I moved to London where I opened an interior design office. I have worked all over the world. It’s been two years since I moved to Paris.

You returned to France just before the pandemic…

Yes. At the time of the first confinement, everyone was depressed, panicked… It was a bit like the end of the world. As I am positive and cheerful by nature, I wanted to instill good humor in my friends on Instagram. That’s how I made some videos. I started humming to make them more sympathetic. I liked it so much that people asked me for it every day, as if they were asking for a Prozac pill. I said to myself that it was a door that opened to me. I took singing lessons in video, and that’s where my song Just be you was born. The clip worked very well, and I was contacted by TV producers, The VoiceMy big love affair came out in September. It’s my declaration of love for Paris, as if I were talking about a guy. I tell him that I left him, that I cheated on him with other cities. But I came back.

It is this song that you present today in Eurovision Francebut with a different title!

Yes, the producers loved my song, but there were too many English people. So I called her Paris my love, and we have reworked the text. We kept one or twoI love you”here, there, to stay in my DNA. I was taken from thousands of candidates, even though I had never sung in my life. This song, which I co-wrote, is a bit of an order that I gave to my composer, David Lefèvre. I wanted a title that made me think of jazz. I love the fifties, in music.

What are your musical influences?

I’ve always loved American music. I started with Barbra Streisand, then all the great American crooners, Ella Fitzgerald… Now I love Lady Gaga.

You have a colourful, positive and whimsical universe!

It’s me, it’s my personality. I’m like that, it’s the real Hélène! I don’t do this to please, I do this to please myself (laughs).

What does theEurovision for you ?

It is a competition that has evolved a lot, in particular because of social networks. Its audience is much younger. The Eurovision Song Contest is back in fashion.

How is this song perfect for the Eurovision Song Contest?

Who isn’t in love with Paris? A little less Parisians (laughs). It’s a lovely song, with a wonderful orchestration. And I will interpret it well. I am the outsider, the UFO of the competition. But why not ? That’s my motto. In life, it’s never too late. Everything is possible ! Everyone should be able to succeed and shine.

What do you imagine in terms of scenography?

I want a blast, make it very “Hollywood”, be with my musicians and wear a nice dress, as usual (laughs).

What is your objective ?

I want to win ! And I can do it.

What are your projects ?

I’m releasing an album in May with eleven songs, a little less jazzy, because I don’t want to stay in this universe, I want to show that I can sing something else.

Discover the song Paris my love by Hélène in Paris, an artist to follow too on Instagram.

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