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Which Brive Festival star are you? Take the test

Brive Festival begins this Thursday evening July 21, at the Parc des Trois Provinces. Four days of music opened by DJ Rivo, starting at 6:30 p.m. The Black Eyed Peas will take the stage at 10:45 p.m.

You must perform a duet for your album. You choose…

HAS. Heart of a pirate, you have the same sensitivity

B. Fatoumata Diawara, for her beauty of soul and your love of Mali.

vs. Alex Kapranos, for your common rock fiber.

D. Amel Bent, recognized for years in the industry.

For you, music is more with family or friends?

HAS. Between friends, especially when their names are Eddy de Pretto or Clara Luciani. And preferably in a very kitsch setting.

B. As a family, because everyone makes music at home.

vs. It’s fine with strangers too. “There is this guy, Nekfeu, who wants to do a duet with me. »

D. With Madame, to impose itself in the European rap game.

For you, a good stage costume is…

HAS. A light pink suit and ankle boots.

B. A fushia fuchsia frock coat which is then exhibited at the National Center for Stage Costume, in Moulins. Without forgetting an inimitable hairstyle.

vs. Sequin bell bottom pants from a very fashionable ready-to-wear brand.

D. Very street wear: a tank top, an OM jersey, or nothing at all if the concert is very hot.

If you had to choose a song for a mythical cover, it would be…

HAS. Me, Lolita, by Alizée.

B. What Remains of Our Loves, by Charles Trenet.

VS. Sensuality, by Axelle Red.

D. Angela, from Saïan Supa Crew.

Brive Festival volunteers are known for their efficiency. To thank them, you prefer…

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HAS. Drop them a nice little note at the end of your concert. You make a point of doing it every time.

B. Go after the concert, backstage, and prolong the evening with them playing the guitar. You did it in 2017 and everyone still remembers it.

vs. Play it nice but discreet. And if possible, do not take selfies with them. You hate it.

D. Make a simple post on Insta. Quickly done well done.

Why English actor Idris Elba will be on stage at Brive Festival on Thursday evening

After Brive Festival, for the holidays, what do you do?

HAS. You bought an old school in the Cévennes, where you live all year round. So holidays are also where you spend them.

B. You take the A89 to go directly to Cap Ferret, where you have your habits. Three hours on the road if all goes well, it’s still practical.

vs. You are heading for Provence, where you own a vacation home at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain. A place that inspired the title of your first album.

D. Direction Pattaya or Cancún, with your group of forever friends.

What does your family Sunday look like?

HAS. After an anise-flavoured aperitif, with your best marcel, you heat the plancha to brown the vegetables from the sun.

B. Your living room turns into a recording studio. Your sister takes over the piano while your brother plays the drums. With your dad, you embark on an acoustic guitar competition.

vs. Small checkered tablecloth, picnic bag on your back, facing the Sanguinaires Islands.

D. Cool, little shisha, posed with friends on folding chairs.

Your totem animal is…

HAS. The panda you like to invite to dance on stage with you.

B. Cat. You have also paid tribute to yours, deceased, in a piece.

vs. The Afghan hound announcing the release of your new music video.

D. Do you really like animals?? In any case, you never spoke about it publicly.

You have a majority of A’s
You are Julien Doré, you have already come to Brive Festival three times. On your second pass, you sang a song perched on the control room cabin. Unforgettable !
You have a majority of Bs
You are – M -. You too are a regular at Brive Festival. Each time, you manage to surprise your loyal audience with insane shows. The lively public is waiting impatiently for Saturday evening!
You have a majority of C
You are Clara Luciani. Brive Festival participated in your current success. Your sensitivity hits the mark every time. You have a majority of Ds
You are Hatik. You prefer Cancun to Brive where you come to perform for the first time on Friday. Will the public validate you?



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