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Where are the chicks? Discover 11 female rappers to follow in 2022

Lots of female rappers have emerged in France in recent years… and are unfortunately absent from the top artists to follow published by Booska-P, reference media. Just to put a few girls in all this, we have selected eleven musicians for you to follow.

What a male. The reference media on French rap, Booska-P, has just released its long-awaited list of eleven rappers to follow in 2022. We can find talents already well established on the French scene such as La Fève or Lesram. And as laments Miss Rapanother reference medium, one cannot find there: no woman.

However, there are (of course) girls to follow in rap too. For you, we have gathered 11 more or less known talents that you must discover this year!

Doria, validated by the street and by Jul

Doria is already well known to the general public, but you may not have had the opportunity to listen to her yet. She was noticed by the general public after a featuring with Jul entitled You yourself know.

During the year 2021, she released her first album, From the start, and mixes in verses where she raps frankly with singing refrains. Her voice is quite incredible and she delivers herself with a lot of sincerity in her songs.

Doria had the opportunity to participate in the 4th edition of the Symphonic Hip-Hopan event organized by Mouv’ during which several rappers perform live on stage accompanied by an orchestra.

She also participated in the Organized Classico on the piece Should we remake the world alongside Jul, Le Rat Luciano and other rappers.

Doria is already well established in the rap world, but she marked the year 2021 with many different projects and her growing talent. If you don’t know, you can listen with your eyes closed!

Zinée, talent in the voice and in the eyes

Zinée is a rapper from Toulouse who released her first album in 2021 entitled Cobalt. She has a voice full of character and a very particular flow.

Signed to the Parisian label Le Dojo 75 Session, which has accompanied memorable artists such as Nepal, Zinée also collaborated with rapper Sheldon on his latest album, in an intoxicating track entitled Infinite.

The artist has a very defined visual identity in addition to her musical work: dreamy drawings representing her as a cartoon character adorn her networks. We notice her and she stands out more and more: 2022, undoubtedly a very big year ahead for Zinée!

Tracy De Sapolyglot rapper

Tracy De Sà comes to us from Lyon; she is a rapper/singer with very varied influences. Of Indian origin, this artist stands out with pieces where she speaks French, English and Spanish at the same time.

Tracy De Sà has a strong personality and it shows in her musical work. His last album In Power celebrates self-confidence: it affirms itself as it is. His flamenco and reggaeton influences mark his pieces with original and memorable sounds.

Tracy De Sà has traveled the world and wants to tell her story without apologizing for being there. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

For NairaThis is just the beginning

Nayra is a rapper who just released her third single titled SAGA after two other titles published in 2019 and 2016. She will notably participate in a concert on January 22 alongside Jäde, Joanna and Lazuli at La Maison de la Radio et de la Musique.

Nayra arrives in force in this piece, where she chants that it is “only the beginning”. And she is likely to arrive strong at the start of 2022 for, we wish her, the start of a long saga.

Correct Shanifrom Instagram to the Olympia

Just Shani doesn’t have a lot of sound on the platforms yet, but she’s getting a lot of attention. His single Dimelo was released at the beginning of December and she had the opportunity to play it at the Olympia during the first part of IAM — just that!

She also got noticed on Instagram with her freestyle for 1 Minute De Rap titled Big up to whores. She does not mince these words and makes it clear that she does not care about the opinion of others on her appearance.

What counts for Juste Shani is to write impactful texts, and for the moment it is successful.

carmelinathe alien of French rap

With two singles to her credit, Carmeline skillfully mixes rap and song. She presents herself in a piece with an aggressive prod and frank lyrics: Ali-en.

His most recent track, 11:59 p.m., contains some more vocal elements, but it still retains its feisty flow. Let’s see what it has in store for us for 2022.

Skiathe girl with pink hair who raps

Skia is already starting to get noticed by the world of French rap. She released several singles in 2020 and 2021 and was noticed as an Amazon Music revelation. It is defined as “the girl with the glasses and the pink hair who raps. »

Skia offers both pure ego trip texts and more personal compositions. Her deep voice carries her in her desire to mark French rap. Maybe an album for 2022?

Lazuli, the Franco-Spanish flow

Lazuli is a rapper with Brazilian musical influences, who raps in French and Spanish. His flow is not forceful, but very intoxicating; one thing is certain, his songs really make you want to sing!

His musical style is very marked by his bail funk influences. Lazuli has released his EP in 2021 Zero and several clips that make you travel well.

Silohthe most beautiful broken voice of French rap

Siloh is a young rapper/singer who has three singles to her name and recently appeared on rapper Veust’s album. His lyrics are in French and English; his slightly broken voice gives a lot of character to his songs.

The young woman released a new single on January 14, bad picking. Its very 1990s style, mixed with a much more modern flow, promises great things to come!

Lean Spirited Awayyour favorite otaku’s favorite rapper

Lean Chihiro is a Parisian rapper who sings in English. His musical style is also very inspired by the American scene; her universe is influenced by Japanese pop culture — she has also learned Japanese.

The young woman was part of the ARTE documentary series Girlhood, rap above all, in which she presents her life and work. The opportunity to realize that she has a lot to tell… and that’s good, she tells them in her first album, Teenage Humanoid.

Kanisfrom Miami to France

Kanis is a rapper who sings and raps in French, but originally comes from the United States, more precisely Miami.

Fun fact, her blaze was initially Niska but she didn’t keep it, because the rapper of the same name took off before her! She didn’t give up her nickname, but put it upside down.

Kanis mixes Afro-singing and rap in a very modern style. We realize her American origins in her music although she sings in French, which gives an interesting mix.

And There you go ! This was the list of our female rappers to follow this year. Even if some are already well known, we hope you have some discoveries; feel free to add other names to the list if you have any!

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Photo credit: Instagram of Zinée – Lean Chihiro – Lazuli

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