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when will rap really have its place? – RFI Music

Ah the Victoires de la Musique and French rap… We could write a book on the turbulent, even sometimes non-existent, relationship between this venerable institution and this untamed and rebellious music that has become in recent years, after multiple mutations, the most popular style. from the country.

Let us first recall how it all began: it was not until 1999 that the august institution invented a new category that Jacques Prévert, the inventor of the famous “inventory”, would not have denied, that of “rap/groove”.

Why not ? And the nominees were: NTM for their fourth and final album Supreme NTMÄrsenik for their classic A few drops are enoughMC Solaar for his eponymous album, Stomy Bugsy for A few more bullets for the caliber you need… And the Breton Bretons Manau for their already Diamond certified Celtic Panicwhose one million copies sold was enough for the college of voters to designate them winners.

This constituted a curse for the duo Martial Tricoche/Cédric Soubiron, who then triumphed with their adaptation of Michao’s Mare of Tri Yann and the Sorting Martolod popularized by Alan Stivell, and who had the first reaction to this unwanted Victory “We are not in the shit”.

Big shift

The next twenty years confirmed with disturbing constancy the gap between the Victoires and this musical genre. However, in 2000, the 113 won two Victories, that of the group revelation and the album “rap / reggae or groove”, suddenly with the Sinsemilia group among the nominees. Who will be back in 2001 and will lose again… This time to a reggae artist, Pierpoljak. New name in 2002, “Rap/hip hop” (won by the Saïan Supa Crew), with a “reggae/ragga” category won by Lord Kossity and an “R’n’b” where Matt Houston triumphs.

The sequel will not surprise you, contrary to what they say on the internet: in 2003 and 2004 we move on to a “rap/hip-hop” category and a “reggae/ragga/world” to continue in 2005 on “rap /hip hop/R’n’b”, then in 2006 “rap/ragga/hip hop/R’n’b”.

2007 sees the appearance of the controversial term “urban music”, which will be used until 2010. In 2011, we move on to “rap/urban music” with a geographical split, the supposedly “minor” categories (of which rap does well sure part, alas) are relocated to Lille for a separate ceremony, which will annoy Booba a lot, who announces that he no longer wants to lend himself to what he considers to be discriminatory apartheid for his musical genre.

The urban category will definitely disappear in 2020, with a very small number of categories (nine, plus a Victory of Honor for good old Maxime Le Forestier), effectively excluding almost all rap artists, with the exception of PNL who won the Victory for Audiovisual Creation for its mind-blowing clip To SD.

Where is the diversity?

Ditto in 2021, and we come to 2022, same configuration with the bonus of the “most streamed albums”, male and female. The college of voters has evolved, a place has been made for new voters while others have been discarded. But the problem remains: with a total of ten categories, there is no place for so-called “ethnic” music, for example, knowing that a Danyèl Waro or an Angélique Kidjo are in direct competition with Julien Doré and Juliette Armanet, so without any chance to even be nominated.

As for the color of Victories 2022, it is definitely pale. Only Aya Nakamura represents the color black. Irony of the selection: there is the singer Chien Noir and the Saint-Etienne group Terrenoire.

In the meantime, the place is free for the big sellers, with big favorites Orelsan and Clara Luciani. Hoping that in the future, artists like Toumani Diabaté, Natacha Atlas, Ballaké Sissoko, Louise Jallu and so many others will also be entitled to the Victory they deserve.

In the meantime, we offer you a alternative track recordrapological and of course totally subjective of the French rap of 2021. And that the Victoires live, with always more diversity.

Victory of Honor : Booba
A spectacular career, a millionaire and visionary artist who was among the first in France to understand the potential of Auto-tune, to use streaming and to sell songs in NFT. Incidentally the author of one of the most iconic albums of the genre, Evil eyewith his group Lunatic.

Male Artist Victory : Damso
With QALFthe rapper suspected of machismo following a few pre #MeToo punchlines gets in love with Two sea stars and offers a duet with Lous & The Yakusa on Cœur en crumbs. Beautiful revival.

Victory Female Artist : Keny Arkana
Awaited for ages, his album Exodus will wait a little longer, but before the exodusdeluxe mixtape, contains 12 songs ranging from Wrath (We fuck them) to pure emotion (Like a magnet).

Best Single Victory : Lujipeka for Russian doll
Some will say he’s the Nicola Sirkis of rap, but those who love Indochine would do well to listen to Luj’. As soon as Columbine dissolved, it came back with Russian mountainsan impeccable solo album containing a surprising featuring (Cerrone on On ira) and this superb single, Russian dollblack ballad about love and mental illness.

Best Album Victory : CHS Jvlivs II
Mafia and heavy in punch linesthe highly anticipated sequel to Jvlivs keeps its promises and makes the big difference between the technique (Mannschaft with Freeze Corleone) and the general public (Akimbo Fashion with Jul).

Public victory : Jul
The darling of the South, endearing or annoying, it depends, but he has managed to bring together all of Marseille on the historic 13 Organized and continues to delight its fans with an average of one single per week.

Victory Revelation : Laylow
Trinity in 2020 had laid the foundations, The Strange Story of Mr. Anderson confirms the microphonic talent of Laylow, defender of the “album” format with this concept project with prestigious guests (Damso, Nekfeu, Alpha Wann, Hamza) and dizzying rhymes.

Victory Best Duo : Sofiane/SCH American Airlines
raw rap, flows furious, mafia stories. And as a bonus, a clip as clever as it is spectacular. Full house for the 93/13 alliance, a duo produced by a trio (Therapy 2093, Mi8, T-Desco).

Victory Best Technical Rapper : Freeze Corleone
Beyond the controversies LMF has undoubtedly been the shock of 2021 for lovers of virtuosity and originality. Between pure provocation (“Chen Laden in the conspiracy like bin Laden” in Freeze Rael) and hard-hitting formulas (“I arrive in the rap game like a circuitous flight to crash into your towers” in Tarkov), the Senegalese-Pantinois crushes the competition.

Best Mixtape win : Alpha Wann Don Dada Mixtape Vol. 1
If some still believe that the term “mixtape” designates a sub-album, the Don de L’Entourage sets the record straight with this brilliant exercise in style where we meet both the Sevranais Kaaris and the Marseillais Veust.

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