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When the crooner Alex Cameron seduces and electrifies La Boule Noire

On this Wednesday evening in July, the extravagant Alex Cameron offered a burning and funny show for the first evening of these two Parisian concerts at La Boule Noire. We were there, we tell you.

For the past few days, Australian Alex Cameron has been bombarding his social networks with Instagram stories, to announce his coming to Paris for two concerts and an afterparty. And finally the big night arrived. The crooner took possession of La Boule Noire for his first show. Slicked back hair, black suit, tight leopard tank top… We expected no less from her seductive and disturbing alter ego. From the first titles, he transported us into his kitsch universe, alternative rock and 1980’s ballads where keyboard and saxophone resonate.

The concert opened with “Studmuffin96”, a track from his second album Force Witness where the artist puts himself in the shoes of a groom. That is to say ‑according to Urban Dictionary- “a person who establishes a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so that they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them”. And we have a plethora of examples in the history of rock music, starting with the “king” himselfElvis Presley with his wife Priscilla Beaulieu.

A hot show

Alex Cameron then continued with “Happy Ending”, from his first album Jumping the Shark“Country Figs”, “Far From Born Again” and “Divorce” by Miami Memory, “Candy May”- title from which the public started to be really hot — “Sarah Jo” from her last album Oxy Music and the electric “Miami Memory”. At this point, Cameron was only wearing his kitschy tank top. “Is it hot or is it just me?” he asked his musicians and the crowd. No Alex, we were all dripping with sweat. It must be said that from the start of the concert until the end Cameron charmed his audience, looked at them as if he wanted to invite them later to a more intimate place to end the evening. We no longer knew how to distinguish the alter from the ego. He moved all the limbs and—especially the hips—of his long androgynous figure. Suffice to say that the temperature of the small room in the shape of a ball room – full to bursting once the first part is over – quickly rose.

Besides this game of seduction, Cameron had fun with his musicians and his audience. He never ceased to acclaim his stage comrades – he was playing for the first time with his new drummer – and especially his faithful saxophonist and business partner Roy Molloy, who offered us some beautiful solos: on “Happy Ending”, “Country Figs” or even “Stranger’s Kiss”. And then to ask the room which titles she wanted to listen to. “Stranger’s Kiss!” “Sarah Jo!” “Step Dad! “, “Candy May!”, could be distinguished in the ambient cacophony that the crooner had just created. Finally, to the delight of the fans, “Stranger’s Kiss” won the battle. It is in duet with his keyboardist that Cameron interpreted the piece. Finally rather in trio. Him, the keyboardist and the public who never stopped singing throughout the one and a half hour show.

As a reminder, Alex and his troupe did not do things like the others. “My friend and business partner, Roy, has a particular hobby. He likes to write things down. He does it so much that he got banned from Google for giving out too many five stars. Do you want him to write something down for you?”, asked Cameron. What a question, obviously the public is hot! Roy therefore brought back on stage his humor and a stool, simple in appearance but in reality rather remarkable. Made in China, metal painted in shiny black, opening in the center to be able to easily catch it and let any fluid pass through, comfortable. Is it all true? Not sure. In any case, the saxophonist gave him the pretty mark of 4 out of 5. And the public seemed to agree with this verdict.

It is therefore under the applause of the crowd that the show resumed to conclude with the title “Marlon Brando”. And Alex to run his hand through his hair, to restyle his rock star haircut from another era. The last sweats of the evening. Or not. Because the party continued with a more or less successful after party at the Pigalle Country Club where Cameron shared the sounds of his Spotify playlist. Post-concert atmosphere in a tour bus. But hey, at least the fans could share their impressions of the concert with the artist and his band.

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