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What is the best-selling record in France of all time?

So here are, according to various identical rankings, the best-selling physical discs (no streaming or downloads) in France, since 1968, when the first serious charts were established. To discover alone or by having your friends or family guess. To help them, some clues in the introduction. And we start with the album positioned in 15th place, to keep the suspense. Top !

15. “Fredericks, Goldman, Jones” (Fredericks, Goldman, Jones)

One day after the release of the record, without any cause and effect relationship, the UN authorizes all its member states to use the means necessary for Iraq to leave Kuwait, which it has just invaded. The deadline is given until January 15, 1991. A changing world. But on November 28, 1990, John Major entered 10 Downing Street, six days after Margaret Thatcher’s resignation. In the bins, this November 28, 1990, France discovers this album. It will sell more than 2 million.

14. “Dangerous” (Michael Jackson)

A year later, the music world is mourning the death of Freddie Mercury, killed by AIDS on November 24, 1991. Queen is a hit, but less, much less than the blockbuster advertised everywhere and which will sell for almost 2.1 million copies. It’s November 26, and this legendary clip is coming. Wow.

13. “Sarbacane” (Francis Cabrel)

Cassavetes, Dali and the Emperor of Japan Hiro-Hito have just died. France discovers the fatwa and Khomeini’s order to kill Salman Rushdie, author of the “Satanic Verses”. Welcome to the winter of 1989 when, on February 21, this disc was released, which sold 2.1 million copies.

12. “Hell’s racket” (Renaud)

Straddling the re-election of Jacques Chirac and the legislative elections, France takes a moment to discover the expected return of the cursed son, absent for almost eight years. Absolute, total, incredible card, sold over 2.1 million and released on May 28, 2002.

11. “The other…” (Mylène Farmer)

1991. The year 2000 is far away, the web does not exist and two days after the release of this disc, a ferry, the Moby Prince, sinks in the port of Livorno in Italy, resulting in the death of 141 people. Gainsbourg went to the flowers the month before, and on April 8 this disc was released, which sold 2.2 million copies.

10. “Between light and dark gray” (Jean-Jacques Goldman)

The release day of this disc is marked by the historic dismissal of Bourguiba, in Tunisia. And in this month of November 1987, Jacques Anquetil will not survive long after the release of this triumph sold for more than 2.2 million.

9. “Dark side of the moon” (Pink Floyd)

Between the ceasefire in Vietnam signed in January in Paris and the brand new construction of the two twin towers of the World Trade Center, the spring of 1973 opened its ears and discovered this UFO, transgenerational, acclaimed by the public and critics and passed 2.5 million copies in France.

8. “Notre-Dame de Paris” (musical)

The whole world is talking about the little blue dress and the White House intern who allegedly had a relationship with Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky takes all the light in spite of herself when in a Parisian theater, on September 16, 1998, this popular triumph is played for the first time, obviously released on disc in stride. And sold 2.5 million copies too.

7. “1962-1966 The Beatles” (The Beatles)

At the same time as “Dark Side of the Moon”, another comet hits the disc universe in France and around the world. This is an expected compilation like the messiah since the messiahs no longer sing together. On April 2, 1973, the box continues post-mortem with more than 2.6 million albums sold.

6. “Louise Attack” (Louise Attack)

On April 22, 1997, on the eve of the release of this record, Jacques Chirac dissolved the National Assembly and inexorably brought Lionel Jospin, a few months later, to the gates of Matignon for the third and last known cohabitation. The next day, no normally sane music critic can predict the tsunami that tumbles through the stores. It will sell 2.7 million records.

5. “So look” (Patrick Bruel)

History will certainly remember that the day this popular hurricane was released, stuffed with hits right up to the final LP, arousing fanaticism, admiration and stamping or endless mockery, the Berlin Wall fell. Nevertheless, on November 9, 1989, a new “mania” broke out. It is estimated at 3 million.

4. “Breakfast in America” (Super Tramp)

The day before the release of this album engraved in world music and considered one of the greatest successes in the world, the most serious nuclear accident in the United States occurs at Three Mile Island. However, without thinking about it much or for a long time, there is no, but then no relationship. 3.2 million cakes sold, in France alone.

3. “Thriller” (Michael Jackson)

On November 30, 1982, the world of music changed forever. The exegetes quibble to know whether or not this disc, which has sold more than 3.5 million copies in France, is the best-selling in history in the world. Whatever. For anyone who was a teenager at that time, the world changed on November 30, 1982.

2. “Saturday Night on Earth” (Francis Cabrel)

The day before the release of this record, singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide at the age of 27. The day after the release of this disc, Rwanda enters into the most perfect abjection. On April 7, 1994, in stores, arrives this album sold 4 million copies.

1. “Of Them” (Céline Dion)

In two months, the reign of François Mitterrand will end. The presidential campaign is in full swing when on March 27, 1995, the best-selling record in France of all time is released and will never be beaten again. With 4.5 million cakes distributed, this album hovers in the stratosphere in terms of sales.

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