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What is Jul’s crazy concept for his new album?

Jul never really left, but he’s back anyway. After going for his hundredth gold single for Coup de knees a few days ago, he announced the release of yet another album. Between the title of the album (Extra-terrestre), the cover using the same elements (the flying saucer, the ET) and the same type of graphic charter, and the first extract, clearly in the standards of the rapper, we cannot did not necessarily expect a revolution in the world of Marseille. The first reviews from Internet users even lingered on the total absence of surprise around the release of this new album, with a recipe already too well established. However, Jul is sure of himself: he intends to propose “a new concept”, and something “never done in France”.

This announcement inevitably opened the way to all sorts of theories. Jul has already demonstrated his ability to set up ambitious and (more or less) unprecedented projects with 13 Organized and Le Classico Organized, so we can hope that this teaser is not a simple announcement effect. It remains to understand what is hidden behind this promise, especially since the rapper left an important clue to his fans: “it’s easy to say and hard to do”. What is this concept? What crazy idea could have come from Jul’s hyperproductive brain? So many questions that will certainly not be answered today, which does not prevent us from exploring certain hypotheses.

A double-double album

We have already had the right to many double albums, whether in the history of French rap (Rohff, IAM, Guizmo, La Caution, etc.) or within Jul’s discography (La Machine, La Zone en personne , It’s not LOL). Jul even gave us a triple album last year with Le Classico Organisé. As he promised us something never done in France, he cannot therefore content himself with repeating the same concept. We can imagine a double-double album (quadruple album therefore, for those who are very strong in math), a format which is not new in the history of music, but which has never been done in rap French.

Easy to say : Yes, plus there are plenty of ways to say it: double-double, quadruple, 2², √16, 100/25, IV, ௪, 2↑↑2, etc.

Hard to do: For 99% of French rap, yes. Jul is productive enough to deliver between 50 and 60 titles, especially since he hasn’t released any project since December, an eternity for him. It is possible that he has stored a lot of titles in the last six months and that he intends to throw everything in one delivery.

A 100% customizable album

Jul has always interacted a lot with his fans. We remember of course his famous piece created live on Periscope, with his subscribers who had participated in the writing of the text and the composition of the production, but we can also cite his numerous consultations with his listeners to choose the cover of certain projects. Jul could embark on a 100% customizable concept, leaving each listener as many choices as possible: several beats offered for each title, possibility of adding or removing guest verses, adjusting the intensity of the autotune , etc. Each listener would therefore have a tailor-made album, and no album would be like another.

Easy to say : Yes

Hard to do: Yes. It would be a real technical challenge, and you would have to design a platform specifically dedicated to this project, but it would be nice.

A joint album

This is not the most obvious hypothesis, since it is not a new concept, nor something never done in France, but that does not prevent us from dreaming. The complementarity of the worlds of Jul and Sch works wonders, the Jul – Rat Luciano connections are always very effective, these are the two possibilities that inspire us the most. We can also imagine a common project with a less obvious profile: Jul x André Rieu, Jul x Wejdene, or the famous Jul x Michel Polnareff.

Easy to say : Yes

Hard to do: Not so much if the two artists get along well, even if contractual difficulties can sometimes constitute an insurmountable obstacle (but Jul is 100% indie, that simplifies things).

An infinite album

This is one of the possibilities offered by streaming platforms, and ultimately little used by artists: evolving tracklists. Jul could very well release a 20-track album and then add a new track every week, day or month, creating a potentially endless album.

Easy to say : Yes

hard to do : technically, it’s simple, just upload a new title at a defined rate. On an artistic level, it is a question of being productive and regular, which Jul knows how to do perfectly well. Nothing too difficult for him in the end, even if keeping up the pace by constantly renewing the album for 2, 5 or 10 years would be a real feat.

An album without certification

It would be unheard of in Jul’s discography, so the criteria for a potential “new concept” are met. It remains to know how to do it: Jul could for example delete the sounds just before they reach the certification threshold, but the tracklist would drop to zero after a while.

Easy to say : Yes

Hard to do: not necessarily for everyone, but in the case of Jul, a guy who has certified more than 100 singles, and who has no album below platinum, it still seems complicated.

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