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“We’re going to take a break in 2022” – new album produced during confinement, reunion with the public, upcoming projects… Boulevard des Airs delivers after completing its tour in Gironde – ARL

It is in the South-West that the 2020 tour of Boulevard des Airs stopped abruptly as the epidemic was pointing the tip of its nose. It is in this same corner of France, in Talence, that the Tarbais have completed their 2021 summer tour. The opportunity to present on stage “Out of sight”their new nugget made during confinement.

Bordeaux is almost home “. Sylvain Duthu admits it in his own words. I have to say that his group Boulevard des Airs is used to playing in Gironde since its beginnings in 2004. At Rock School Barbey, Krakatoa or Médoquine in the past, at Arkéa Arena more recently. When the Tarbais come to play here, they do it as good neighbors. Their last date at the Aréna de Floirac has somehow remained in the history of the hall as last concert of a French group before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was March 6, 2020. The next day, Boulevard des Airs performed in Toulouse. This time, it is indeed the last show of their tour which was in full swing after the success of the album”I think you are too“whose eponymous song won the Victoire de la Musique for Song of the Year in 2019. A year later, BDA reiterated the thing in a duet with Vianney with “Go Stay“, a French-language title that will be the most broadcast on the airwaves in 2020. In short, everything was fine.

The cut grass underfoot, BDA does not let down and thinks of a new album. ” It was absolutely not planned says Sylvain. The confinement having clearly moved the lines, Boulevard des Airs takes advantage of these months of confinement to work “Out of sight. ” It’s a very 2020 album. We confide, we confine ourselves “explains the singer of the formation who decided to call on your friends for this opus composed of 12 unreleased tracks and 12 covers.

Lola Dubini, Patrick Bruel, Tryo, Yannick Noah, Gauvain Sers, Lunis, Claudio Capéo, LEJ or the Aquitanians Tibz and Jérémy Frerot thus put their voices on this production. ” They are almost the only artists whose number we have so we called them summarizes Sylvain. Containment obliges, some sent their part sung by interposed screens when others were able to meet when this was allowed.

From March to August 2020, the alumni of the Marie Curie high school in Tarbes are working on this album that they wouldn’t have imagined releasing if there hadn’t been confinement. ” It is an album related to this period. We didn’t want to wait to release the songs. Everything came out at once since everything was done at once says Sylvain, singer-songwriter-composer at BDA.

When BDA talks about itself

As a duo, the now “hits” of Boulevards des Airs are adapted to “Out of sight“, who will only be released in March 2021, 10 years after the very first album. “Go Stay“, “I think you are too“, “Cielo Ciego“, “Take me” Where “Brussels” feature prominently on the album as do other tracks that BDA has composed for others. This is particularly the case for “Come” (Yannick Noah) or “Next to you“, the Enfoirés 2020 anthem written by BDA.

Concerning the dozen unpublished works, Sylvain Duthu ventures into the delicate exercise of singing less to tell more. With Arnaud Fleurent-Didier or Fauve sauce (cited in their excellent “ABC“just like the Lot-et-Garonne Francis Cabrel), Sylvain recounts from song to song the course of Boulevards des Airs.The band’s story is told in song. We gave ourselves carte blanche and we knew that the album would be a little more concept and further from the song format, details the musician, I can’t explain why “.

The meeting on the school benches, the first notes released together, the rehearsals, the first concerts (sometimes in front of 20 people, mainly their friends), sometimes the most improbable, the texts from years ago left in a Titeuf cover, the first tour truck… … that’s all that the band recounts on these twelve unreleased tracks. Without forgetting the first big festivals which are Garorock and Reggae Sun Ska where the group has to deal with two power cuts as he recalls on the very detailed “Holy Michael!“. ” It was a nice memory… we threw ourselves into the audience with the instruments we had left remembers Sylvain with a smile.

A tour that ends and a cut in 2022

It is an autobiographical album in the first person plural : it’s us summarizes Sylvain, one of the 7 members who form Boulevards des Airs who, after many months of being deprived there, was able to return to the stage in early summer 2021. ” A year and a half without a concert was a long time! A marvelous parenthesis “.

And if the previous abortive tour had ended abruptly in the South-West, it is also in this quarter of France that the BDA summer tour ended. An intense loop that came to a wonderful end at the end of September at the ODP Talence festival. “ We were super happy to finish here. Because ODP, because Bordeaux, because almost the house… ” confides the singer of the formation of the Hautes-Pyrénées.

As for the future, Boulevards des Airs will be discreet in the coming year. ” We will not do as usual to throw ourselves into the studios. We won’t be touring next year and we won’t be releasing an album. We’re going to take a break launches Sylvain. We will make life “. Waiting, “Out of sight“, nugget born during these strange days of 2020, continues to make its own.

[Jérôme Martin-Castéra – photo : Cedrick Nöt]



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