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We listened to “Multitude” by Stromae – Zickma

That’s it, Stromae is back with his new album ” Multitude “and the least we can say is that while he could have taken the easy way out and reproduce the same thing that made his success, Stromae shows signs of intelligence by proposing a reworked formula and in particular more ” worldmusic“.

He who had managed to put forward the Dance, nightclub atmosphere with a twist has fun here with the sounds of the world.

No question of making an African title, a Spanish title, an oriental title, but an album that mixes absolutely all styles!

Right from its short opening track ” Unbeaten » which is almost « intro », we know that we are going to travel.

Chaining the tracks, relatively short insofar as none exceeds 3’21” where there was also material to offer longer electro anthems, one can only imagine that the titles will be reworked for the stage.

We are not going to come back to the excellent singles that are “ Health ” and ” hell ” with radically different styles, but which once again combine musical quality with intelligent and strong texts to linger on the other tracks, unpublished from the project, like “ loneliness » which benefits from an excellent text on weariness in a couple accompanied by a magnificent musicality carried by a old chinese.

sons of joy » is also a good piece which marks more by its text and the details here and there on aspects rarely put forward in song (The pimps, the low income, the obligatory aspect of the job…), all on the music the most “French” of the opus and which fits perfectly with the image which tends to associate prostitutes with France.

Listening to ” This is happiness“, we are already at the 6th track and this last one confirms that the album will go by very quickly (36 minutes only on the clock) and that the electro aspect seems almost far behind. A bit as if the title Health marked a break with the two previous opuses of the Belgian genius. The tracks that follow one another do not seem intended for nightclubs, but for a more intimate listening where the text is more important.

Not really » is again an original title by its musicality and its text evokes these young couples who firmly believe in the solidity of the couple and who after 5 years are already coming to the end of the race.

Laugh evokes fame, money, success and this image that this represents as an outcome for some, while for others, the simple fact of already having a piece of land, a family and enough to live with dignity is already good sufficient. Again a nice title with a slow tempo on the simple dream of people who have nothing… This track uses Asian sounds again, but differently than on “ loneliness

My love » is a musically light title while it still speaks of repeated adultery and of this man who looks for excuses before realizing that he feels very alone once he is the one who finds himself deceived, abandoned “finally” by the one he loved, but was deceiving! The title is funny, but again Stromae evokes a just and universal situation.

Arrive at ” Statement » we can only see one thing, Stromae put art before marketing as this opus never seeks after “the easy piece” to be a hit on the radio. Indeed, while ” Square root ” chained the tubes and the pieces to attract the general public, “ Multitude knows that no matter what, Stromae is a recognized artist and that having arrived at his 3rd opus, he no longer needs to win over his audience. Gone are the “radio friendly” hits on the channel and hello, the songs that can be listened to at home simply for pleasure and not while dancing frantically in a club or in front of the TV.

Have a good day which is the last track drives the point home and if the text is perhaps the least inspired of the opus, musically it is again successful.

Multitude “So takes the risk of losing some fans along the way, especially those from the first hour who hoped to find the electro beats of” Cheese ” and ” Square root“, but the latter should in return attract an audience that is looking for something original, more intimate and tinged with world music.

A great success.

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