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This year again, the Victoires de la Musique continue to ignore the richness and diversity of musical styles present in France, including Reggae. and more than 50 independent media (press, tv, radio, internet…) are joining together to celebrate the diversity and good health of this music by organizing the Victoires du Reggae (carried out under the control of a bailiff ).

Noting the changes in the way music is consumed and produced, but also because of the health crisis, we have changed the formula somewhat since last year by not necessarily stopping on the release of an album or an EP to name an artist (for certain categories). Also, music being neither a competition nor a selection, we take the side, according to the different categories proposed, to highlight the creativity, the presence and the activism of certain artists. With its 16 categories and more than 300 artists cited, the Victoires du Reggae is intended to be a celebration with the objective, in the minds of all the partners and organizers, of allowing the new works of the coming year to be valued once again. to flow out. Our main idea is, in fact, that during the period of 3 weeks of votes that are opening, we come back to the artists who made us vibrate, we put them forward, we rediscover them and that we make their sound spin. to the max!!! The music must be able to express itself in all its diversity and it is an opportunity as much as a pleasure to promote Reggae in all its eclecticism. During the previous edition, we broke the participation record by reaching 18,489 voters! A real popular success. In 2022, no doubt, we will not be far from it. Feel free to spin this event. Thank you all for your support. In 2022, as in 2021, we won’t give up.

This year, we will award four posthumous Reggae Victories to the following legendary artists: U-Roy, Bunny Wailer, Lee Perry and Robbie Shakespeare, to honor their work and contribution to reggae music.

Only one vote is allowed per category, but like previous editions, you are not required to vote in all categories to participate.
The results will be revealed a few days later.


Finally know that by voting for your albums and artists of the year, you participate in a draw that will allow you to win many prizes!! The list of prizes to be won will be updated regularly here:
Baco Music offers:
2 vinyl copies of Nothing is silent – Danakil
2 cd copies of Nothing is silent – Danakil
2 vinyl copies of Panorama – Volodya
2 vinyl copies of Yard – Cheeko and Volodya
5 cd albums from Studio Reggae Bash 3 – Booboo’z All Stars
IWelcom Promo Agency offers:
5 cd copies of Multiplicity – Charly B
5 cd copies of Sound Therapy – Manjul meets FX & Yvo
5 cd copies of Dia – Meta & The Cornerstones
Musical Impact offers:
1 set of 10 cd copies of albums released by Irie Ites
5 cd copies of Kaïa Riddim – Little Rock Sound
5 cd copies of Positive Way – French Town
Soulbeats Music offers:
5 cd copies of Soz Serye – Blakkayo
5 cd copies of Human Supremacy – Takana Zion
X-Ray Productions offers:
5 cd copies of Something Precious – Rakoon
5 cd copies of #LoveBordel – Manudigital & Bazbaz

We would like to thank our loyal partners, always more numerous with each edition, who develop the selection with us, continue to follow us and support us during this operation. All represent a major part of the activities and activists of the reggae movement in France and we thank them, once again, for their unfailing support. We big up all the following partner magazines, sites, TV and radio programs, with a special mention like every year at Culture Dub for the two dub categories: (website and radio – Poitou-Charentes)
Studio One L’Emission (website and radio – Languedoc-Roussillon & PACA)
The Big Reggae Radio
France Guyana Music
We Are Reggae

CouzinsFrom Africa

Bam Salute / Radio Campus Paris 93.9FM (Paris)
Cultural Vibes Outernational Radio Reggae Show (PACA)
Crucial Reggae Time (Rhône Alpes)

Dread Al Control Radio Show (Quebec)
Get Up Radio Show (Pays de Loire)
Inity I Station (Reunion)
Irie Corner (Aquitaine)
Karement Roots (PACA)
Kartier Reggae (Reunion)
Massive Yard (Radio System, Occitanie)
Made in Africa (PACA)
Ok Fred (Alsace)
Positive Vibration Time (Paris)
The Real Radio (Languedoc-Roussillon)
Musical Roots (Quebec)

Riddim Station (Center)
Lion Freecaency (Normandy)
Natural Mystic (North)
Ready for the Show (Picardy)
Reggae Connection (Cote d’Armor)
Reggae Mix Station
Reggae Stories (Center)
Reggae Sunsplash (Auvergne)
Riddim (Franche-Comte)
Riddim Up (Normandy)
Roots Rock Reggae (Rhône Alpes)
Roots’Secours (Morbihan)
Roots Report (radio Campus, Brussels)
Run the Track (North)
Selectress Sista Ka Radio Show (London)
Shake the Town (Radio Mille Pattes – Paris)
Shashamane (Tahiti)
Stand Firm (Rhônes-Alpes)
Studio Roots / Time Will Tell (Brittany)
Everything is good in the pouch – Radio Pulse
Vibes (Paris)
Vibes A Come Radio Show (Paris area)
Vibes & Culture.html”>Culture (Fréquence Mutine, Brittany)
Volcanik Radio Show
Zion Highway (Brittany)
Zion Gate (Burgundy)
Watagwan the show (web)

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