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Using Motions And Gestures On An Android Device -wikigain

In this article, you will learn how to use motions and gestures on your android call. When you head over to the motions and gestures area of ​​the settings, you’ll only see four options, which makes things pretty straightforward. You can enable any combination of these gestures to change how your phone behaves in various situations. They won’t interfere with each other or make your phone do crazy things, but for the most part they’re actually useful.

This is the best interesting feature of “Samsung Galaxy Devices” and use motions and gestures to save time and use them in daily use of your smartphone.

When you tap on motions and gestures, you will see the following options. Each of them performs a different task.


  • Air Navigation
  • Direct call
  • smart alert
  • Cut or pause
  • Swipe palm to capture
Use movements and gestures

To activate and use air navigation, you must press the device Settings > Motions > Motions and gestures > Air browse. Top right, activate movements and gestures. Once you’ve enabled motions and gestures, you can scroll through pages by moving your hand over the sensor in the direction you want to scroll. Air navigation will work for the following applications.

  • Gallery: By activating aerial navigation, you can move between images in the “Gallery”.
  • Music player: When you enable air navigation on your device, it will change the music tracks on the screen being played.
  • Music on lock screen: Also change music tracks while your phone is in the lock. In the lock screen, you can wave your hand over the music player and change the music track.
Activate and use Air Browse

You can enable “Direct Call” from motions and gestures. Click on motions and gestures and then tap on “Direct call”. At the top right, turn it on. Now call the contact whose call log, message or contact information is currently displayed on the device screen by bringing the device closer to your ear. Right after you bring the device closer to your ear, the call will start automatically, you can talk to that person.

Activate and use direct call

To enable smart alert, go to your device Settings > Motions > Motions & Gestures > Smart Alert. Tap on it and then enable it from the right side above. Once you enable this cool feature, your device will vibrate when you pick it up to notify you of missed calls and messages. It will help you to know the missed calls and messages sent to you and when picking up the device you will get a smart alert. It is a truly amazing feature on Android devices. Especially Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to activate and use Smart Alert

When you activate this function under the Settings > Gestures > Motions & Gestures > Mute/Pauseit will let you mute and pause video and palm on the filter. For instance. If you enable “Flip device”, it means your device will be silent and you will hear a beep or ringing sound from your device when it is turned on its front side towards the ground.

How to Use and Activate Mute or Pause

Also, you can use smart stay. Smart stay is amazing and cool feature on Samsung Galaxy S5 and so on. When you enable smart stay, it will help you control your device with your eyes. When you are watching a movie, on your device, if you turn off your face from the device, it will automatically stop the movie. When you look towards your phone, the movie starts in the same place. It’s really amazing and I love it.

Smart Pause – Pause the video

It is the last best option of movements and gestures which allows take a screenshot on your device without pressing “home button + power button”. To enable palm swipe to capture, first go to Settings > Motions > Motions & gestures > Palm swipe to capture. Once you enable this option, take a screenshot of your device screen. To capture the screen by dragging the edge of your hand over it, from left to right or vice versa.

Use Palm Swipe to capture

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks. Hope you got something out of this “Use Motions and Gestures” article if you have any questions on this topic, feel free to ask us below.

Featured image source: AndroidCentral

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