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Traditional music with the luminous sauce of the Fireflies

Giving a great breath of fresh air to the tradition, Les Fireflies launches a second album Day by Day which proposes to live from day to day and never to be discouraged in the face of adversity. The three violinists from southeastern New Brunswick have concocted a new collection of songs, jigs and folklore in Irish, Scottish, Acadian and Celtic colours.

In 2018, Christine Melanson, Louise Vautour and Samantha Robichaud decided to combine their love of the violin and song to found a luminous trio.

Three years after the release of their first eponymous album, the fireflies are back in force with a second opus Day by Day which testifies to the evolution of the group and a certain maturity.

As Christine Melanson explains, in three years, they have developed a great bond, trusting each other more while daring to go further in orchestrations and violin techniques.

“We discovered by playing together and creating, the great strengths of each, but we also try to challenge each other, even in the styles of each. […] We have our own styles, but the mixture of all that gives the sound of the Fireflies”, commented Louise Vautour.

Being three violinists, they must reinvent their role with each song.

Like Louise Vautour, Christine Melanson feels proud to play the violin, a very versatile and one of the oldest instruments.

“There’s not a lot of technology that hasn’t changed since the 1600s. I’m proud and happy to have started playing when I was 4 years old.”

Aged in their twenties and thirties, the three artists have been immersed in traditional music since childhood.

“It’s something that responds to a primal need that I have to play this kind of music because it dates back to when I was a very small child. For me, making arrangements for traditional tunes or modern compositions, it’s the same process”, continued Christine Melanson who also evolves within the group La Virée in addition to her solo project.

In his eyes, there is nothing archaic in the traditional. It is a style that is natural to them, transmitted by their parents, grandparents, from generation to generation. Louise Vautour says that when she was young, there were few female violinists. It was Natalie MacMaster in the 1990s who kind of showed her the way.

They want to create music that looks like them. Louise Vautour specifies that they do not necessarily seek to have a modern sound, but to push back their limits and experiment with sounds and arrangements.

Team work

Day by Day brings together ten pieces, including four songs in French and English. We find compositions and new versions of traditional pieces with the sauce of the Fireflies.

The three violinists who are also singers collaborate in the creation of each piece. If one or the other brings an idea, it is as a group that they develop the final compositions.

“Sometimes there’s someone who has an idea and you wonder what you could do with it to move the set forward. We meet with the main idea for the song and how to move it forward. It’s teamwork,” said Christine Melanson.

The album was recorded at Studio La Classe, in Memramcook. In addition to the violin, they play all the instruments.

“I also like to give myself a role as an accompanist and to play different instruments because still to this day, there are not many girls who play accompaniment instruments and do technical jobs. If I can play this role for them, it would give this example that yes it is possible”, continued the violinist.

The launch of the new Fireflies album will take place at The Old Triangle bar in Moncton on Wednesday, June 29 at 7:30 p.m. By choosing this place, they want the launch to be convivial, thus reflecting the spirit of traditional music.

“It’s music for sharing because the goal is to learn tunes and play them together,” added Christine Melanson.

After offering excerpts from the show at the East Coast Music Association festivities, The Fireflies are preparing to give several concerts over the next few months.

They would perform at the New Brunswick Highland Games, Fredericton, Wednesday Show, Dieppe, August 15 Show, Caraquet, Lunenburg Folk Harbor Festival and later the Cape Breton Celtic Colors International Festival. .

The trio will also be one of the house orchestras of the variety show L’embarrass du Choix (on Radio-Canada) this fall.

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