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The Utopias of Pisy festival invites itself to the courtyard of the castle

It is a castle with an eventful history: housing for farmers after the Revolution, bought by a painter who lived there then by a countess who wanted to make it a conference center, and today a little left to the Abandoned, the Château de Pisy is preparing to experience beautiful evenings by hosting for the first time all the shows of the Utopias festival, the result of an agreement between the organizing association and the Swiss foundation that owns it.

One more show every night

The history of the festival, it is due to the spirit of contradiction of some inhabitants of the village, relates Jean-Bernard Allardi, one of them: “We created it in reaction to all the festivals of baroque music which stood on the sector. We wanted contemporary music, very modern, even experimental sometimes.”

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Gradually, the festival has calmed down, to open up to a wider audience, while keeping this spirit of discovery of contemporary music. “For five or six years, we have been a little more oriented towards world music”, specifies Jean-Bernard Allardi. Last year, despite the rain and the Covid, the association managed not to be in deficit: “We made three-fifths of the spectators we usually do”, figure Jean-Bernard Allardi. So this year, the association has bet to offer more shows each evening: “We said to ourselves it’s in the courtyard of the castle, we have to mark the occasion and maybe it will attract more people. ” Thus, a new segment of shows was added, at 6 p.m., whereas in previous years, the evenings only started at 8:30 p.m.

Ball and cine-concert

Among the invited artists, a lot of eclecticism: Anna Serra, a Catalan poet who will come to perform or SiiAn, a group of Aramaic songs or even Camille Grandville and Michel Froehly, who will come to offer their show on the fables of La Fontaine staged with a musician. As in previous years, the association will offer a ball and a film-concert on Sunday in the second part of the evening. “On the film Octopus and diatoms, by Jean Painlevé, the first animal filmmaker, the Musiques à ouïr will come to play worked improvisations”, confides Jean-Bernard Allaerdi. This same group will animate the ball on Saturday while that on Friday will be animated by the Talverra, an Occitan music ensemble. Refreshments and catering will be offered on site.

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Practice. Information: Prices: Friday and Saturday, day pass €20, concert €15, free balls. Sunday, day pass €25, concert at 8:30 p.m.: €15, cinema concert: €10, free for children under 14.


Friday August 5 18 hours. Anna Sera. performance reading. 8:30 p.m. Sian. Concert. 22 hours. Ball. With the Talvera set.

Saturday August 6 18 hours. Animal faith. La Fontaine’s Fables by Camille Grandville and Michel Froehly. 8:30 p.m. Gabriel Bismut and Maurizio Minardi Trio. Concert. 22 hours. Ball. Animated by Musiques à ouïr, “Acoustic and pointed sound madness”.

Sunday August 7 18 hours. Trio Pneuma. Concert. 8:30 p.m. Zadkine Quartet. Program around Shostakovich and Philip Glass. 22 hours. Cine-concert. Octopuses and diatoms by Jean Painlevé, music by Les Musiques à ouir.

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