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The Scotch Brothers present the single It’s hot

Where does your passion for music come from and where did the idea of ​​rapping come from?
Music has been omnipresent since our youngest age, from our parents and our brothers. As for rap, it fell on us very early too but it really materialized like almost all the Parisians of that time when the group l’entourage, Lyricalchimie, S-crew (the brother of Lekas being inside). So we had very young access to concerts and rap and open mic events when we weren’t rapping yet, which made us fall into this culture.

Where did the idea for the Scotch Brothers name come from?
The idea came out of nowhere like almost all ideas. We went out a lot and we frequented a lot of open mics, from there, we often found ourselves at 15 or 20 on the quays of the Canal St Martin and there always had a bottle of Scotch Jack Daniels placed next to us during freestyle, the name quickly came to us, it was more symbolic than anything else (but neither of us 2 watched the series the Scott brothers on only had the pun in mind).

Tell us about your freestyle capsules that you have launched since confinement?
The confinement made us quite funny since we no longer had access to the studio when we wanted it, so we started to make sound each on our own and that’s when we had the idea “and if we call each other in FaceTime and we rap on a prods that the people who follow us on the networks would choose » We could no longer see each other but we wanted to continue sending sound it was for us the most logical way . So we each recorded our respective parts on the production and then we sent our sound engineer the tracks so that he could create the song as if we were side by side. Then we each took a video on our side and we sent each shot to our director so that he could give the illusion of Facetime. It was real teamwork haha. Seeing the concept gaining momentum on the networks, we thought that bringing back guests would be cool. We were lucky to have Chilla, 2-zer, Demi Portion, Leck, Limsa d’Aulnay…)

How does 2zer Washington (Lekas’ brother) influence or inspire you?
The brothers of Lekas ​​is our real gateway to rap in all its forms, whether from a scenic point or the creation of a song. He first inspired us, himself and the group around us, then often advised or guided us in what we wanted to do. It was he who took us back to his concerts, the first planet rap finally all the events concerning him and his group. It was the first time that we had seen such enthusiasm. Whether for 1995, his crew or the entourage they marked all a generation and us with it. It also very simply gave us confidence in ourselves, confidence in our work and we understood that music was something that made us vibrate.

Can you introduce us to your single It’s hot ?
Our new single “ it’s hot represents for us a “return” and marks the beginning of a long adventure. These 2 years of break because of the àovid made us realize that if we wanted to go there, we had to do it at 200%. So we worked like hell in the studio to prepare our next project, and it was in this energy that ” it’s hot “. Hence the words “no longer afraid of anything” we’re going to go all out. This single sounded like a kind of introduction for us, it’s the incipit of our stories and we needed something courageous and above all enthusiastic..

What were your choices for his clip and what importance do you give to the image in music?
We have chosen for this clip to represent “the obstacles” or the misadventures of enemies in balaclavas who try to steal what our boxes contain. He is looking for something but can’t find it. And when the music starts it freezes.
We announce our return, with mysterious boxes that pass from hand to hand, and a pink glow that escapes. What do these boxes contain? What do they want to get? The answer in the next clip…
We obviously consider that the image is essential in music, but over the years we have also very quickly realized that whatever the image, the central point is the music…

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