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The pop, rock, jazz, soul, ambient album releases of July 22, 2022

On the program: Ty Segall, She and Him, Jack White, Joey Bada$$, Bastien Keb, Nina Nastasia, TRAAMS, Ben Harper, Jitwam, Arthur King, Sam Prekop & John McEntire…

Sam Prekop and John McEntire – Sons Of (cover album)

Featured this week:

Ty SegallHello, Hi


Already last year, Ty Segall proved to us with harmonizer that he was not only very comfortable with the Fuzz guitar but that he also knew how to try his hand at other things such as electronics. This time again, he moves away from the psychedelic garage rock sound that has made him successful in the past, notably with Manipulator (2014) to offer us very quiet pop folk songs, ballads with 70’s Californian influences. Ty Segall in “Laurel Canyon” mode, who would have thought that one day this would be possible? Definitely this boy has not finished surprising and delighting us! (Drag Citi) – to listen

She and HimMelt Away A Tribute to Brian Wilson


The perfect summer disc, light and without a future. This is the duo’s new album. She and Him composed, let us remember, of Zoe Deschanel and Mr. Wardwhich offers us here 14 covers of titles from the repertoire of Brian Wilson whether with the beach boys or alone. Nothing too stunning as is often the case with these two, but as it’s a summer record, we won’t be choosy and we’ll let ourselves be gently rocked by these cushy covers which will have their little effect on time it takes. (Fantasy records) – listen

Jack WhiteEntering Heaven Alive


Not only Jack White signed a few months ago one of the most exciting albums of the year 2022 with Fear of the Dawn, but he allowed himself the luxury of releasing a second album during the same year. While the previous one was very marked by overdrive and electric guitars, this one offers mostly acoustic pieces, between guitar and piano, with Pop folk tones that will again recall Led Zeppelin but also the Beatles. Another good job from our ex-White Stripes more inspired than ever. (Third Man Records) – listen

Joey Bada$$2000


2000the third studio album by Joey Bada$$ is somewhat disappointing given the aura of the musician and the expectation aroused after long years of absence on an LP format. A Joey Bada$$ easy to listen to, of course, but with zero risk. An extremely well-produced disc, full of very cool jazz sounds but a little too mainstream, in which we get bored at times, and which are probably missing strong titles as there could be on ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$. (Columbia) – listen

Bastien KebOrgan Recital


If you want to listen to an album that is off the beaten track, that cannot be tied to any particular style, then Organ Recital will largely do the trick. The Killing of Eugene Peeps, his previous album released in 2020, already laid the foundations for a hybrid and strange music with a very heterogeneous assembly of sounds. This time again, Bastien Keb have fun blurring the tracks with his lo-fi songs in which he plays guitar, trumpet, bass, drums, piano, flute and other instruments with also vocal harmonies in layers. (Gearbox Records) – listen

The selection of the week in detail:

Indie-Pop, Dream pop, Electro-pop, French Pop, Chanson, Folk…

Nina NastasiaRiderless Horse
She and HimMelt Away A_Tribute to Brian Wilson
John MorelandBirds in the Ceiling
DawesMisadventures of Doomscroller
The SadiesColder Streams
CucoFantasy Gateway

Rock, Punk, Blues, Garage, Country, Post-rock…

Ty SegallHello, Hi
TRAAMSPersonal Best
Jack WhiteEntering Heaven Alive
Ben HarperBloodline Maintenance
EggyWith Gusto
MOEBIUSSoloWorks. Collection 7

Jazz, World, Funk, Soul, Groove…

Bastien KebOrgan Recital
Carlos Nino & FriendsExtra Presence
We Want Sounds VariousPierre Barouh and the Saravah Sound
Monster RallyBotanica Dream

Rap, Hip-hop, R’n’b…

Joey Bada$$2000
The Koreatown OddityISTHISFORREAL?
The MaghrebanLogin
Knowledge The Pirate & Big Ghost LtdWolves Don’t Eat With Shepherds
RZA Presents: Bobby Digital and The Pit of Snakes

Ambient, modern classical, electronica, minimal, experimental…

Arthur King – Changing Landscapes (Mina Las Pintadas)
Tomotsugu NakamuraNothing Left Behind
Marc CodsiThe Silence Between The New World And The Aftermath
ReruntuhWater Will Find Me
ChannelersTime, Space, and Thought
Lorenzo MontanaAural
Mind over MIDIOffgrid
Sam Prekop & John McEntireSons Of
GyldenIsland Friend
Joseph ShabasonStanleyville OST
The Hardy TreeCommon Grounds

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