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The Off du Brive Festival begins this Thursday evening, for four days of celebration in the city center

Eight places, twenty-one different artists. Here is the program of the Off du Brive Festival in a few figures. Created in 2018, the format has constantly evolved to become what it is today.

Managed now largely by the city of Brive, the organizers of the festival keep a part in particular with regard to the selection of artists. With local programming as a guideline.

The liveliest of festivals blows out 18 candles in Brive (Corrèze)

Discovering the talents of tomorrow

“We want to give pride of place to the locals. Of the twenty-one artists and groups that will perform over the next four days, 100% come from the region,” says Aurelien Charpille, director of Brive Tourisme.

To do this, a detection system has been in place for several years, the springboard. “Selections are made throughout the year, especially in the city’s high schools to look for young talent. The objective is to spot them and above all to accompany them so that, why not, one day see them on the main stage of the Brive Festival.

Some well-known names have been there, such as the famous Trois Cafés Gourmands or DJ Rivo, who will perform this evening on the big opening stage.Many free concerts are offered in Brive for the Off du Brive Festival

What makes the charm of this Off is its audience. “We realized that there was a different audience from that of the Brive Festival. This explains why the Off concerts end at times when the festival is playing. It’s really not a problem. »

Here, the goal is to discover young talents, other types of music that the public might not normally listen to, while having a good time in the city center. “We are not going to see a particular artist, we want to discover. It’s the Brive Festival in the city,” continues Aurélien Charpille.

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There is also a tourism issue. “We obviously hope that it will attract people, whether Brivistes or not. In any case, we offer them quality. » Revitalize the city center by accustoming a certain clientele and inviting them to return.

Matthieu Chedid: “In Brive, it’s a kind of celebration every time”

unique moments

For this, the Off relies on eight scenes. Five of them are in bars. “We work with the bosses. We offer them artists so that it best suits the atmosphere of the bar, and it is up to them to validate. »

For example, Le Watson will be Deep Funk while Le Café des Halles will have a rock vibe. All are used to receiving concerts in the summer and even the rest of the year. “These are bars that can accommodate, and which enliven the city center. »

For the artists, it’s a real chance to be programmed for the Off. Some passed the springboard several years ago and are scheduled for this year. “There is also a selection this weekend, for next year. The preparation is already beginning. All this in a festive atmosphere. “What we want is to bring emotions to the public. »

At La Banou, a concert next to the vats

Among the selected bars, we find La Banou, for the second consecutive year. “The organizers asked us if we were interested, so as it worked well last year, we accepted,” says Eva, the bar manager.La Banou, a local brewery, will host Luna Nova Quarter on Friday evening for the Brive Festival Off

Small change this year, the concert will take place inside. For economic reasons first, but which agrees with the atmosphere of the moment. “With the high temperatures, customers will be delighted to be cool in the bar. »

What makes the asset of this bar, it is first of all its products. “We produce our own beer, brewed on site in the tanks that can be seen in the room. Our tapas are also made with products from the region. »

And this is not the first time that the bar will host such an event. Several concerts have already taken place inside. A wish expressed by the managers at the time of the work to transform this former car garage.

“We have good feedback from the artists, who tell us that the acoustics are very good. There are really good listening conditions. »

Tomorrow evening, Friday, July 22, from 6:30 p.m., Luna Nova Quarter will host the evening, a group of soul folk blues.

Information and programs to be found on or on the Facebook page “Brive 100% animations”

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