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the new star that makes R&B shine

Do you know Sally Bollywood? This cartoon in which Sally, a young Indian woman with purple hair solves investigations within her own detective agency, the SBI? Well it does exist in real life. With the only difference that the real Sally doesn’t stop the bad guys, she sings. And you know what ? She has just released her first album, Prisonnière. For us, it’s a real crush. This opus may be her first major project, but this is not the young artist’s first outburst. Extravagant, talented and surprising, she has been rolling around for a few years now.

The birth of a star…

Barely 22 years old, this singer with an intoxicating and haunting voice from Djibouti grew up in Maine-et-Loire, in the town of Saint-André-de-la-Marche near Angers (49). Born to a Somali mother, she was adopted by a French family at an early age. It is precisely his parents and particularly his adoptive mother who will give him a taste for music.

If she sings with her mother in a secular choir, rap is rather the prerogative of her brother who, when he does not shout at her to stop singing through the walls of her room, makes her discover her references. to him: Boaba, Sinik, Sniper or even Orelsan. Immediately, it’s love at first sight for Sally. Next to them. Kid Cudi, MIA, Drake, Adele, Sevdaliza, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, E-40, Too $hort, Jhené Aiko, but also Céline Dion, France Gall, Niagara, Enrico Macias and Jacques Brel… These are all artists who will influence him and shape the first stones of his musical identity.

We are in 2018 and the singer in the making begins first by making covers in English. She records herself with GarageBand software, films herself with her iPhone and shares her vocal elk on Instagram. It was at this point that her destiny was to change forever.

While looking for new talent, rapper Lord Esperanza discovers her and immediately falls in love with her tone of voice.. Neither one nor two, he decides to take her under his wing and presents her to the public during his Planet Rap. His impactful performance of his title Vrille will not make him regret having signed it on his nascent label Paramour. It’s the beginning of an irresistible ascent for Sally.

Alongside the Parisian rapper, she took her first steps on stage and then opened for the Brol Tour d’Angèle to the Zenith in Paris in December 2018. As if that were not enough, a few weeks later, she made a crochet by the prestigious revealer of new talents, the Colors Show. She thus offers herself the best of exhibitions since her live performance of her song JFLA has so far accumulated more than two million views on Youtube. Beyond these staggering figures, it’s a dream and a real consecration for Sally since all her favorite artists have been there.

JFLA is also the introductory track of his first project, Pyaar, whose title means “love” in Hindi. So it’s no surprise that this six-track EP talks about love from every angle, whether it’s desire, sadness, disgust or anger. On productions signed Make a Meal, Shawondasee, Ateph Elidja, she explores the most beautiful feeling in the world, frees herself from all stylistic shackles and definitively affirms her singular style.

But talking about a subject as universal as love, it’s also a way for Sally to embrace her modesty and avoid having to talk about herself. Because you should know that behind the rhinestones, the sequins and the Indian jewels which she adorns herself in her clip of Corps à Corps, hides a woman plagued by a very real disorder: bipolarity.

… bipolar

Behind the mask of the life of an artist, the young woman has indeed oscillated since she was twelve years old between euphoric, manic, angry, depressive and even suicidal states. Her emotional turmoil is such that she is forced to stop her studies in the first of the baccalaureate pro sale to be interned in a psychotherapeutic institute for six months. There, she will be diagnosed as bipolar. We then understand better his affinities and his affiliation with Kid Cudi.

Fortunately, his illness did not prevent him from making his art shine. Better still, thanks to an adapted treatment which allowed her to “regain a balance”, she was able to move forward and make her burden a strength. At first modest on the subject, she learned to tame her illness until she managed to express it in music. The first time she talks about it is with her single Tout Roule, released in September 2020.

Through a chiade aesthetic, she stages herself facing her inner madness between the four white walls of a padded cell. Facing the camera, she poses strong words and a poignant interpretation to illustrate her bipolarity. With a verse devoted to the euphoric phase of the disease and a second focused on its darker side, the one who “is no longer afraid of anything and will face everything with the strength of her hands” signs a masterstroke and above all a beautiful highlighting this disease, which is as real as it is still too little known to the public.

Although the music and his successive testimonials on social networks have greatly helped him to accept his illness, in an interview with [Lemon Mag]( affects many, This disease is idealized too much.), she nevertheless specifies: I don’t intend to be a spokesperson [de la bipolarité] because I have neither the shoulders for it nor the desire. My goal is to inform. We idealize this disease too much. Of course, there are euphoric phases which are rather pleasant, but it is only one aspect, a positive point which hides the rest”.

It would be all the more regrettable to reduce Sally to this simple peculiarity since she recently announced that she had definitively put an end to her treatment. Happy, reassured, now free and at the dawn of a new life, she can now fully devote herself to the exaltation of her talent. And it starts today with the release of his first real album, Prisonnière.

Freedom in sight

On this first disc, the singer strips naked. If love remains one of her favorite subjects, this time she goes much further. As if evoking her bipolar disorder had freed her from all modesty, she now manages to approach serious and serious subjects without taboo. By dealing with issues of mental health, but also adoption, depression, sexual assault or even contradictory feelings, this album is a cocktail of states of mind and intense emotions, perfectly mastered and performed by Sally.

Note that her music is not only centered on herself. The artist also draws a lot of inspiration from her environment and what she sees on a daily basis.

Musically, it’s also very eclectic. In the light of her thoughts, she touches everything : from house to ballad, via trap, hip-hop and electro, she doesn’t put up any barriers as long as the vibe allows her to express her emotions and be transparent with herself .

And even though she particularly likes to write alone in the darkness of her room, that does not prevent her from opening up to other collaborations. By joining forces with the cream of current female rappers: Chilla, KANIS, Alicia, Joanna and Vicky R, she hits the bull’s eye and touches people’s hearts.

It is clear that with this first album, the modest young artist that she was at her beginnings is now a long way off. Rid of all her fears, Sally speaks today with an open heart, ignoring the judgment of others and driven by a fierce desire to help others. May those who go through and live through difficult times be inspired by her journey and take her as an example. She is living proof that when you want you can, but above all, that nothing is impossible.

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