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The Musique à la source festival promises concerts in exceptional places in Creuse

The organizers try to cover the whole department each year and vary the concert halls. “It’s always the challenge to succeed in renewing repertoires, artists and places”, comments Valentin Tournet, artistic director of Musique à la source and head of the baroque ensemble La Chapelle Harmonique.

Renowned artists

Renowned artists will be present in Creuse from July 28 to August 7, including guitarist Thibaut Garcia. “He’s a young guitarist, one of the most gifted of his generation. He was awarded the Victoires de la musique Classique in 2019, he is someone extra, enthuses Valentin Tournet. He is also extremely friendly. Thibaut Garcia will play a Spanish repertoire at the church of La Celle-Dunoise. “It’s a small church with character, in a village with incredible charm,” adds the organizer. It is a very intimate and very beautiful place. »

The festival will also welcome Adrien La Marca, “one of the most important violists in France”, for a solo recital in Soumans and a viola master class at the city of tapestry in Aubusson. “It will not take place in the auditorium but in the great nave, in the middle of the tapestries, indicates Valentin Tournet. There will be both the public of the Cité and our public, it is something that will be quite striking at the level of the place. “Students from the conservatories of Limoges and Bordeaux will notably follow the courses.

Viola da gamba and dance at the Church of the Underground

Among the curiosities of this year, the church of the Underground will serve as a setting for an evening mixing music and dance. Valentin Tournet on the viola da gamba and Vincent Chaillet, former principal dancer of the Paris Opera, will deliver a duet based on a musical repertoire ranging from medieval times to the Baroque. “We found that the Church of La Souterraine lent itself well to this, with its slightly raised central choir. There is room for dancing. »

Improv duel: Zygel-Manoukian

For the closing evening, the organizers chose a large hall, the Espace André-Lejeune in Guéret, to welcome two stars: Jean-François Zygel, a pianist appreciated by the general public for his work introducing classical music to the radio and television, as well as André Manoukian, famous jazz pianist and TV presenter.Jean-Francois Zygel

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“We are expecting a large turnout. When Jean-François Zygel came to the church in Ahun two years ago, it worked very well. We had to double the concert, there were so many people, ”recalls Valentin Tournet. This year, the public will attend an improvisation duel. The two musicians will be face to face, each behind a piano. “It should be interactive with the audience. Each with different styles: jazz for Manoukian, more classical for Zygel. A great moment of music and sharing in perspective.

Reservations. On the website, at the tourist office of Grand Guéret, in the tourist offices of the territories which host concerts, or on site one hour before the concert. Prices: €15, €25 for the closing concert.

Jean-François Zygel will open the Musique à la Source festival in Creuse with the creation “Double Bach” (2020)

The program

Thursday July 28. La Courtine, municipal hall, 8 p.m., French army choir. Direction Emilie Fleury. Patriotic songs.
Friday July 29. La Celle-Dunoise, church, 8 p.m., Thibaut Garcia. Guitar recital.
Saturday July 30. Bourganeuf, church, 8 p.m. Trio Sypniewski. String trio.
Monday August 1st. Aubusson, City of Tapestry, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Viola master class with Adrien La Marca.
Tuesday August 2. Soumans, church, 8 p.m., Adrien La Marca. Viola recital.
Thursday August 4th. La Souterraine, church, 8 p.m. Valentin Tournet and Vincent Chaillet. Duo suites.
Saturday August 6th. Guéret, auditorium of the Conservatory, 6 p.m., workshop-meeting around the piano with Jean-François Zygel.
Sunday August 7th. Guéret, Espace André-Lejeune, 8 p.m., Jean-François Zygel and André Manoukian. Improvisation duel on the piano.

Catherine Perrot


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