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The Musical Festivals return to Corbigny, Sunday August 7

With six concerts instead of the usual five and a magnificent setting, that of the main courtyard of the abbey of Corbigny, lovers of classical music and music tout court will be spoiled again this year. The Corbigny musical festivals will open on Sunday August 7 at 7 p.m.

It will even be the 30th anniversary of the event and for this new edition, the organizers have seen things big, with the support of the municipality, the Department and the Community of communes. “We find the old 18th century cloister whereas before, we played in another courtyard on the other side of the building. It is huge, but it does not have this majestic side and historical monument. It’s a way of going back to the origins of the festival, because the first editions were held there. Those who have kept the memory of the event will be very happy with this return to the sources. This will make it possible to show the many restoration works undertaken here, already ten years ago”, testifies Jean-Paul Sêtre, former director of the Abbey, vice-president of the organizing association Les Fêtes de l’Abbaye. and current artistic co-director of the festival with the international soloist Nicolas Dautricourt (in post since 2016).

After two years of cancellation, a consequence of Covid-19, the expectation is high. Over time, lasting friendships have made it possible to build the event. This is for example the case of Anne Girard, creator and first director of the festival in 1990 who lives in Corbigny: “At the time, she was a cellist with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France. This too is a way for us to come full circle…”

With six concerts, the event will invest the Saint-Barthélemy de Cervon church, Friday August 12, for a concert with the pianist Rémy Cardinale, Emmanuel Balssa on the cello and Girolamo Bottiglieri on the violin, in this masterpiece of the Romanesque art. “Every year, we are used to doing decentralized concerts, in previous years, it was in Gâcogne or Montreuil. Beyond that, there is the desire to maintain a certain quality. “Our artistic project remains to give the best of the best to our public, while taking into account economic constraints. Our ambition is also to find international soloists and to have their productions heard by a wide audience. For Jean-Paul Sêtre, classical music must open up to the working classes: “In this sense, our prices have not changed for years”. Thus, the full price entry remains fixed at 20 €, the half price at 10 € and the entry will even be free for children under 12 years old.

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The program. Sunday in Corbigny. At 7 p.m., courtyard of the abbey. Loco Cello (or cello madness). With François Salque, cello, Samuel Strouk, guitar, Jérémie Arranger, double bass. A crossover repertoire that swings chamber music and jazz. Tuesday August 9 in Corbigny. At 7 p.m., courtyard of the abbey. Dimitri Naïditch Trio: Ah, I would say Mozart… Mozart in jazz.
Wednesday August 10 in Corbigny. At 7 p.m., main courtyard of the abbey. Serenade for three… with Nicolas Dautricourt, violin, Flore-Anne Brosseau, viola, Samuel Étienne, cello.
Thursday August 11 in Corbigny. At 7 p.m., main courtyard of the abbey. Nicolas Dautricourt and the Capriccio quartet. Around the Violin Concerto op. 35 (1878) by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The Capriccio Quartet, founded in 2012, won first prize at the Illzach International Chamber Music Competition a year after its creation.
Friday August 12 in Cervon. At 7 p.m., Saint-Barthélemy Church. The Army of the Romantics. Tribute to the composer Camille Saint-Saëns. Concert on historical instruments. At 5 p.m., meeting in the village hall between the musician Rémy Cardinale (piano forte) and the author and publisher, Jean-Yves Clément.
Sunday August 14 in Corbigny. At 7 p.m., main courtyard of the abbey. Alexis Cardenas Quartet (Venezuela).

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