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“The market, my absolute ritual”

06:00, May 14, 2022

Hang around without feeling guilty”. In a concise formula, Emma de Caunes summarizes her report on the seventh day. “I’m active during the week, I need to do concrete things, otherwise it’s a wasted day. It’s my Judeo-Christian side. On the other hand, on Sunday, I can hang out without a guilty conscience.continues the actress and director on the terrace of a restaurant in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, her favorite district of the capital but where she no longer lives since her recent exile in Trouville (Calvados).

“I love Paris, but I had been around it. The Covid crisis has undoubtedly accelerated my departure. In Normandy, the climate is less stressful, the light is superb, you never get bored with the Norman weather. In the same day, one can contemplate three radically different landscapes. We understand why this city has inspired so many painters”, enthuses the quadra, who defines herself as “a Trouvillaise by adoption”.in the wake of his father, Antoine de Caunes, himself a faithful of the seaside resort since his childhood, when his mother, Jacqueline Joubert, announcer and historic host of the RTF, took him on a weekend trip. “She took her Fiat 500 to Trouville, where she rented a fishing hut. Later, my father bought a house there which became the rallying point of the Caunes clan. »

Its installation in Normandy did not fundamentally change the Sunday days of Emma de Caunes. In Paris, she assiduously frequented the Aligre market – “the nicest, the cheapest and the most cosmopolitan” of the capital. In Trouville, it’s the fish market, the organic market and its local producers. “The market is my absolute ritual. I fill the fridge for the week and then I cook. »

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Vietnamese soups

His favorite dish? Roast chicken with acacia honey, a family heirloom. “My grandmother made the best chicken mash in the world. My father does very well when it comes to roasting poultry bought on Sunday morning at the market. » She also likes to concoct tajines, Vietnamese or Algerian soups and tries the Israeli gastronomy of chef Yotam Ottolenghi. “I like to cook for large tables, I’m much less good at entertaining two people. »

A habit acquired during her years as an inveterate partygoer. “I often had parties at my house. I started from the principle that from the moment when we were going to booze well, we had to eat before too. So I was making big bowls of prawn curry. It’s my Jewish mother and gang leader side! »smiles the one who keeps an amused memory of her Sundays with a carabinated hangover…

“It’s ancient history. I am 45 years old, I am a mother of a 20 year old girl. [dont le père est le chanteur Sinclair], I settled down a long time ago. My Sundays don’t have anything very exciting about them.”almost apologizes the ex-party girl, who will have known a rather rock’n’roll youth, between a father who needs no introduction and a mother, Gaëlle Royer, in turn graphic designer, doctor without borders and director of documentaries. “I still attended my parents’ wedding when I was 4 years old. After the town hall, a party was organized at the Palace with Kenzo and the whole gang at Fabrice Emaer. Men had to dress as women and women as men! »

I went to the café to read Camus while smoking cigarettes, the tormented adolescent type

The following year, it’s the divorce, and Emma finds herself tossed between two homes. “When you are a child, you want stability. I loved sleeping with my girlfriends who had a dad, a mom, an older brother and a dog. It was the painting I dreamed of, even if I never lacked love…” As for the Sunday night blues, she has always staved off it thanks to an intensive practice of skipping school: “I could dry out for a month straight. I went to the café to read Camus while smoking cigarettes, the tormented adolescent kind! »

For the past two years, she has devoted her Sundays to working on her two mini-series, 9 Girls and 9 Guys (currently on Canal+), slices of life in a Parisian building. “In fact, I did not experience the pandemic and its confinements as an endless Sunday. On the contrary, I worked seven days a week. The world suddenly stopped spinning and I started spinning. It was strange to be against the general movement. » Today, she likes to enjoy her house, especially during the summer months, when the city is teeming with Parisians. “I prefer to stay at home, garden, take the time to listen to an entire album, receive friends…” Without forgetting the family, “broken but united”with his two half-brothers, Louis, 35, and Jules, 13.

She also offers getaways with her English husband, Jamie Hewlett, designer and accomplice of Damon Albarn in the Gorillaz group. “He works every day, he’s really hyperactive, but I manage to take him on a trip along the Côte Fleurie, between Honfleur and Cabourg. » With an obligatory gourmet break in Villerville, at the Bistrot Fleuri: “A restaurant run by two Englishmen who offer crazy fish and chips. »

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