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The group Septaria is preparing its first album

Who is behind the Septaria group?
Behind this group hides Hugo Leydet on drums, Maxime Ayasse and Hugo Thevenot Trébuchon on guitars and vocals and Baptiste Trébuchon on bass, four young musicians between 17 and 20 years old organizing their lives around a common drive which lies in the arts. , especially the music.

Can you introduce us to your first album and its universe?
Through this first album we concentrated all our common energies in order to create what was difficult to find elsewhere. The mixture of musical styles, between progressive metal, shoegaze, stoner and ambient music, the thoughtful poetry of the texts and the work of immersion of the future visuals encompass our desire to create a complete art. Thus the universe of this future album wants to be between internal power and astral fluctuations, walls of sounds and reverberated volleys, a place where the ambivalence of emotions finds its safest place.

How do you compose and what are your inspirations?
The inspirations that motivate us are very broad. They actually cover all sounds and noises that want to be interesting, so beyond specific musical styles. Consequently, the way we compose revolves around these constant desires to research sound textures, ranging from old synthesizers from the seventies to the friction of rocks. As soon as we feel a strong enough emotion, we know that we are on the right track to deepen the main idea. So concerning the inspirations, the latter are numerous, the main ones being progressive rock, shoegaze, stoner, and even leaving music our inspirations also come from the world of art in general, especially everything related to art. visual art because, as we say, we aspire to get as close as possible to a complete art (which mixes sound, visual, emotion, etc…).

Why do you want to metaphorize the complexity of the human being by that of space and how will this translate?
This metaphor first challenged us concerning the pictorial meaning of the thing. The psychic life of each one being sculpted by his traumatisms, neuroses, internal contradictions (and so on), elements often considered as harmful, are in our eyes the primary factors of individual beauties. On the cosmic side it would be the same thing, the beauty of space would reside in the imperfection that the stars form in this imperfect space of a completely black monochrome veil. To direct a different glance on the complex aspects and the human, to withdraw there what has more beautiful of our faults and to contemplate them in the same way as we would admire the most complex forms of a nebula. It is an invitation to look at what is above us, our brain as well as space, to try to question ourselves beyond what is hardly observable. In addition, the visual similarities between neural networks and star constellations inspired us a lot in the composition of the project. These metaphors seemed right to us to the point of focusing this album around this concept.

What are your instrumental choices?
On the instrumental level, we worked a lot on the choice of instruments / amplification systems and how we wanted them to sound. Being all admirers of the musical cultures of the 60s and 70s, we have for example made the choice to opt for using material from those years. That is to say tube amplifiers, where again the modulation of the sound created by the defects of these devices appeared to us to be more sincere and warm than a good number of modern albums. It’s a rather important bias but again going into the same overall concept of the project. We also brought rarer instruments in the metal music spectrum, namely the Celtic harp, the saxophone or even modular synthesizers.

Would you like to tell us about studio recordings?
We started studio recordings last June in a studio located in Apt (84) called Sonor Bank Studio. As we write these answers the recording is nearing its end, and we are extremely happy, the result will certainly be satisfactory! These recording sessions were quite intense, we gave our best to aim for a quality result. All this, of course, thanks to the high quality of work of the studio team. We thank them warmly for all this time given to our music.

Why do you do crowdfunding?
We carry out crowdfunding to allow us to implement everything the group needs to live and exist, which of course includes the financing of the album, but also the artists who will create a visual for the album. . All this requires a large investment that the group cannot invest on its own because of its young age.

What is most important to you in music?
The most important thing in music for us is emotion. This is our key word and we are constantly servants of sharing emotion, what it will be with the interaction with the public on stage and we hope in album format. Music is one of the only spaces where we can restore a cycle to what is most bruised in us, we just redirect all these experiences there towards a better end. It’s almost therapeutic for us because whatever negatives we can hold inside of us over the days, weeks and months can be released and cleansed through our artistic practice, so we see music as an outlet.

What will be the visual universe of this first album (clip, cover…)?
The universe of this album will want to be there total continuity of its sound content. As silly as this lambda answer may seem, it is nevertheless this detail of music/visual coherence which, in our opinion, gives a dimension of complete art. All of our favorite albums are constructed that way, and we give it a colossal importance. We have recently approached a collective of artists / graphic designers who have worked with several of our favorite artists from the Indie Rock / Metal scene, precisely in detail so that they can understand 100% our musical concepts and intentions. It is therefore with a view to arranging the spatial universe and human symbolism in marly that is both detailed and refined while remaining percussive and poetic that the universe of this album will come to life.

Are concerts planned and what do they represent for you?
Absolutely, we have a few dates planned for the start of the school year, the first is on 08/25 at Cherrydon in La Penne-sur-Huveaune near Marseille, we will be with FLEUR. And from Leipzig, we have a date on 10/11 in Barjols (83) as the first part of the Ramoneurs de Menhirs and a date on 26/11 with the group Castlebravo.

What do you want to say to conclude?
Thank you to all the people who have contributed and those who will contribute to the progress of this project which is very important to us. With each donation we are all like madmen screaming like madmen because we are too happy at the idea of ​​saying that people believe in the project as much as we do. We could not even express a quarter of our enthusiasm as we are carried away by what is happening. We haven’t reached the final goal yet, but we will believe in it as hard as iron, and we believe that the best way to give back what has been given to us is to create the strongest creation possible! Hope to see you in concert too!

Sorry for the time it took we had a lot on our plate the last few days.
Thank you very much once again for your agreement and your attention.

Thanks to Septaria for responding to our interview!



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