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The Good Playlist: Switzerland, our favorite artists

• The Young Godssovereignty. Led by Franz Treichler, the group has been distilling electronic industrial music for more than three decades. And it is certainly not longevity that dries up his inspiration, quite the contrary. As his 12th studio album comes out, Data Mirage Tangram, The Young Gods are back on the road, because it is truly on stage that the magic of the trio operates. Throughout the group’s prolific career, many musicians have claimed their musical influence, including David Bowie, Faith No More or the group U2.

The Young Gods. mehdi benkler

sandor, bewitching it. After an EP and a few singles, she released her first album, eagerly awaited by her fans. It would be wrong to put it too quickly in the electro-pop or synth-wave category. If some of Sandor’s sounds recall the melanco‑acidulous side of the 80s, it’s not quirkiness. Sincere to the end of her artistic approach, the singer-songwriter is marked by French song, from Niagara to Serge Gainsbourg, without forgetting Véronique Sanson and Michel Berger. Her stage name is inspired by the fabulous story of the Count of Sandor who was actually a countess in the 1830s, cross-dressed by her father who wanted a boy.

• John Deargarage rock ‘n’ blues. A fictional character, John Dear lives his life according to the soundtrack composed by his equally fictional musical parents, Alma June and John W. Dear. She on drums, he on vocals and guitar, the inhabitants of Lausanne draw their inspiration from rock’n’blues that smells of the United States. On Drugstore Cowboysthe duo’s second album, John Dear is going through a mystical-spiritual crisis: in a world in loss of meaning where even fools can become president of the United States, he wakes up in the first extract of the album with this sentence in head : ” Every morning I am Jesus Christ and in the evening I am Frank Sinatra. »

• Puts Mary, the unclassifiable. In the fall of 2018, Puts Marie comes out Catching Bad Temper, his 5th studio album in twenty years of career. Unclassifiable style, and that’s good, Max Usata and the four other members of the group create music at the crossroads of progressive rock, pop and hip-hop. Far off the beaten track, the five accomplices grew up in Bienne, a small bilingual French-German town in the heart of Switzerland which has never denied its punk roots. Better, it asserts its underground identity which does not resemble any other in the country.

Put Mary.

Put Mary. mehdi benkler

• Billie Bird, folk-pop. Music is the passion that drives her from childhood: since she was 9 years old when she learned to play it, she hasn’t let go of her guitar. This is also how his career began, like the beginning of a guitar‑voice song. The folk label – sung in English out of modesty – from its beginnings is now broadening to other styles with incursions into pop. The song format suits it very well, as it lends itself to both electro sounds and indie rock. In 2018, The Inrocks are infatuated with The night : “ This track is a real quivering and disturbing success of French-speaking pop inspired by the 80s, but with a much warmer and more mysterious sound than at the time. His return to texts in French gives him a sudden visibility that makes him grow wings: “ I felt like a call for air “, she says.

• Peter Kernelpunk at heart. If no one is a prophet in his country, Peter Kernel is among the winners of the Swiss Music Prize in 2016. A duo formed by Canadian singer Barbara Lehnhoff and guitarist Aris Bassetti, Peter Kernel is punk at heart. Based in Ticino, the Swiss canton where Italian is spoken, the group created its label On the Camper Record to continue composing at its own pace, and in complete freedom. After fourteen years of activity and five albums to his credit, Peter Kernel travels the roads of Europe where he has established himself as one of the leading bands of the independent rock scene.

• Paleo Festival Nyon, the juggernaut. Since its first edition in 1976, the Nyon Folk Festival has been transformed into a sort of giant Luna Park where the food stalls compete in exoticism with the artists who perform there. Every year, the largest open-air festival in Switzerland and its 280 concerts sell out in record time: the 230,000 festival-goers wouldn’t miss the six-day, six-night summer fiesta for anything in the world. Heterogeneous to satisfy its vast audience, the programming often makes the splits between stage artists, chic or uncompromising, such as Depeche Mode, Etienne Daho and Patti Smith.

Paléo Festival Nyon 2019, from July 23 to 28.

Paléo Festival Nyon 2019, from July 23 to 28. DR

• Montreux Jazz Festival, the jam spirit on the Riviera. The quality of its acoustics and its postcard decor on the shores of Lake Geneva have made its international reputation. Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and many others: the big names in American soul and jazz have always been faithful to the summer festival since its beginnings in 1967. Prince even wrote a song, Lavaux, amazed by the landscape on leaving the airport. Since the death of its founder, Claude Nobs, in 2013, Mathieu Jaton has taken up the torch with the same passion by opening up the festival to other styles of music.

Bad Bonn Kilbi, the purist. In the heart of Friborg nature, in the middle of nowhere, in Guin, the Bad Bonn offers, all year round, a program concocted by the good care of Daniel Fontana. In May of each year, for three days, the place is transformed into an open air festival of alternative rock and other avant-garde music. Tickets snapped up in the blink of an eye, but without flinching, the owner of the place refused to expand his festival. To his credit, he remains faithful to his values ​​based on quality rather than quantity.

• Sophie Hunger, stratospheric star. Revealed in 2006, the singer saw her career really take off after her concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival two years later. Since then, his compositions have made his audience soar, never satisfied with his melodies perched between folk, pop and blues. In English, Swiss German, German or French, she accompanies herself on acoustic and electric guitar or on piano and harmonica. Molecules, her 8th album, was released in 2018. In 2016, she won the Grand Prix suisse de musique.

Sophie Hunger, Molecules.

Sophie Hunger, Molecules. DR

• Two Gentlemen RecordsUnity is strength. The company was born from the merger of two Lausanne structures. One evening in 2008, after a concert by Sophie Hunger, the Bernese singer who elevates folk pop blues fusion to pleasures of which she alone has the secret, the thinking head of AMG, Patrick David, and Christian Fighera decide to work together. Eleven years later, the label has largely contributed to the richness of the Swiss pop-rock scene, managing the careers of independent, alternative and unformatted artists, such as The Young Gods, Puts Marie, Erik Truffaz and many others. others.

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