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The favorites of the France 2 competition according to foreign fans

Who will represent France at Eurovision in Turin (Italy) in May? ” It’s up to you ! “, answers France 2 which will broadcast this Saturday, live, from 9:10 p.m., the national selection for the competition. Twelve songs are in the running. They are defended by ten solo artists, a duo and a quartet. At the end of the programme, presented by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini, the votes of the jury of personalities (see box) will be revealed. To these votes will be added those of the public. The title which will have added the most points will be designated to defend the French chances in the competition, the final of which will take place on May 14.

Waiting for the verdict, 20 minutes contacted Eurovision enthusiasts abroad to ask them for their personal Top 3. First observation: none of the five people who answered us have the same trifecta. Yes Only of Soa and Pauline Night by Pauline Chagne seem to stand out particularly, Fulenn d’Alvan and Ahez remain in ambush. But, during the live, another song could prove to be unbeatable… The evening promises to be full of suspense.

Claudio (Italy): “Pauline Night”

Originally from Milan, expatriated in Brussels (Belgium), Claudio is one of the main editors of the Eurovisionin site, in Italian. He also hosts a podcast on the competition and lives on Instagram.

1. Pauline Night by Pauline Chagne: “It’s a song reminiscent of the real French pop of the 1980s that a lot of Italians know. It is also a musical style that France has never dared to offer Eurovision too much, even forty years ago. »

2. Only from Soa: “The Sia style sung in two voices is very interesting. This sound stays in your head even if you don’t understand the meaning of the lyrics. »

3. Hush from Julia: “It’s a sexy proposition but done in a smart and stylish way. The presence of the singer is very good. She can “shine in front of the cameras”. »

Alesia Michelle (USA): “Alone”

Here is proof that interest in the Eurovision Song Contest is not limited to European borders. Alesia Michelle is American and, from Washington, closely follows the national selections for her YouTube channel with some 20,000 subscribers and is a regular in the Eurovision press room.

1. Only from Soa: “It’s probably the song I would send to Eurovision because it seems to me to have the strongest profile. The production of the piece is of quality and there is enough to make a convincing staging. As an American Eurovision blogger, I always hope to see rap well represented on the contest stage. And this song brings it out very well. I’m not a big fan of “message” songs at Eurovision because it has been seen and reviewed and it may seem trivial. But this song is a successful message song. If the duo manages to find the right choreography and does not hit the wrong note, the top 5 is within reach. »

2. Fulenn from Alvan & Ahez: “It’s an ethnic song with modern accents. It’s precisely the kind of track that many fans hope a country like France sends to Eurovision. The dancing part gives it a modern and accessible side. Ethnic elements are always welcome and expected on the contest stage. You have to work well on the visual and completely rethink the styling. »

3. Pauline Night by Pauline Chagne: “There is something wonderfully French about this song. It fits perfectly with the current trend observed in the charts: the nostalgia for the pop hits of the 1980s. With a perfectly thought out staging and a very French styling, it could very well make it on stage and stay in the memory. »

Anthony Granger (UK): “Telephone”

British, Anthony Granger is the creator of the Eurovoix site. He said the Top 3 was drawn up in consultation with other team members who live in the UK, Ireland, Hungary and France.

1. Phone from Elia: “It’s a very modern song. I expect a lot of dancers on stage with Elia during the prime. The stage presentation will make Elia shine. »

2. Only from Soa: “It’s also a song that sticks in your head from the first listen. The energy between the two artists is strong and the message is just as important. It would also be a good choice for France. »

3. Fulenn from Alvan and Ahez: “It’s a song that connects traditional Breton sounds and modern sounds. She makes me want to go to a party in the woods and dance there until dawn. It would also be a good opportunity to make French people aware of the fact that regional languages ​​are still alive and foreigners of the fact that there is not only the French language in France »

David Carros (Spain): “Madame”

ESCplus is a site, in English, dedicated to Eurovision. Its team includes members from Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. but mostly from Spain. This is the case of David Carros, publisher and community manager.

1. Mrs. from John: “I think the composition reflects traditional French music very well. This evokes a continuity with the French proposal of 2021, the There by Barbara Pravi. The song’s melody and text transport you to the streets of any French city and tell a moving story that I’m sure would be very popular in Europe. »

2. Pauline Night by Pauline Chagne: “I have to say, any song reminiscent of the 1980s will rank high on my top. Pauline Night has a melody that makes it special and it stays on top. With a good staging, France would get an excellent result. It’s a separate song. I love electro sounds. »

3. Where is he ? from Sam: “The background of this song moves me: the text speaks of the importance of not letting our illusions or our interior finally die and this is something that we should not forget. This track reminds me of one of my favorites from the French Eurovision selection of 2019, Le Brasier by Naestro. The composition is full of strength and the melody is exquisite. »

James Rowe (UK): “Alone”

British, James Rowe is one of the two presenters of the English-speaking podcast The Euro Trip who regularly interviews the artists in the running for Eurovision and in the national selections for the competition, as well as former candidates…

1. Only from Soa: “The duo offers a hymn that feels good. The harmonies of both artists are as solid as their solos and similar live to the studio version. I can already imagine them on the Eurovision stage. The moving message that the song delivers is well transmitted and, during their performance, we feel a connection with the two singers. »

2. Fulenn from Alvan & Ahez: “The song starts strong, with hypnotic voices reminiscent of those of the group Tanxugueiras who participated in the Benidorm Festival, the Spanish selection for Eurovision, a few weeks ago. The chorus has everything to hit the dance floors, it’s impossible not to get up to wiggle to the rhythm of the music. This song has great potential to win over a French audience, then a wider audience at Eurovision in Turin. »

3. Phone from Elia: “Although it’s sung in French, this track sounds like a catchy pop song that you might hear on the radio, even in the UK. Her voice works perfectly with the melody and the simple chorus is so effective and hard to forget. »

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