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The DARC stage-festival back on stage

After a two-year hiatus, DARC returns to Châteauroux from August 7 to 19. This popular event offers an original formula with an international dance workshop and concerts featuring Gaëtan Roussel, Calogero and many others. Festival connected to its territory, DARC also offers relocated concerts through the department of Indre.

The internship-festival is finally back in Châteauroux!

Canceled two years in a row due to the health context, the DARC internship-festival in Châteauroux is making a comeback this year from August 7 to 19. From the top of its 47 years of existence, this summer meeting is a real firework of energy around dance and concerts, all for a big party for all audiences and connected to the territory. An original formula that the DARC festival, for Dance-Art-Rythme-Culture, proposed from the start in 1975 and to which it is still faithful today. With success since the 2019 edition attracted no less than 65,000 people. Will the dynamic of 2019 continue with this first post-covid edition? The future will tell, but the organization has in any case prepared a very attractive program.

23 dance disciplines accessible to all audiences

Starting with the international dance course which will offer no less than 23 disciplines this year: modern jazz, musical comedy, classical dance, hip-hop, ragga jam, tap dancing, contemporary dance, African dance, flamenco, Indian dance, salsa, etc., as well as percussion, djembe, qi gong workshops… All led by 35 teachers with international references.
International: the term also applies to trainees who come from all over the world – and it’s not just a formula – to dance in the middle of Berry! Especially since it is absolutely not necessary to be an expert in jumping or entrechat to participate in the DARC dance workshop. It is open to all audiences with lessons divided into four levels: initiation, beginner, intermediate and superior. Everyone can take part in the celebration, culminating in the final show on Friday August 19, on the festival’s main stage in front of more than 4,000 spectators.

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Gaëtan Roussel, Calogero, Groundation…

In terms of music, DARC won’t do things by halves either on the big stage in Place Voltaire, with artists who need no introduction and a wide range of styles: “Openness and eclecticism are in our DNA. and that’s what makes our success”, commented the director of the festival, Éric Bellet. Tuesday 9, the Castelroussin public will be able to applaud Gaëtan Roussel, the singer of Louise attack, who last spring released an acoustic solo album with chiseled lyrics that we know him; the next day, a certain Calogero will be on the DARC stage. “An event since he had not come to the Center Val de Loire region for quite a long time”, underlines Éric Bellet. And what about the presence, Thursday, August 11, of Groundation, a legendary Californian jazz reggae group. The concerts will continue until August 16 with the rappers of 47Ter, the pop-rock sounds of Blankass and Superbus, and Christophe Maé who will celebrate his 15-year career on stage by resuming his first album Mon Paradis. Special mention, Monday August 15, to the dance show My Ladies Rock, by the Jean-Claude Gallotta company, which pays tribute to the great female figures of rock with a soundtrack that moves, of course.
Each headliner will be preceded by first parts with there also a great diversity and regionals of the stage like Baptist’ or Blondin and the band of Earthlings.
And in addition, three of the eight concert evenings will be free. Christmas in the middle of August!

Relocated concerts across Indre

If the dance workshop and the big stage are located in Châteauroux, DARC also wants to be the festival of the whole department of Indre. For more than twenty years, it has been offering relocated and completely free concerts throughout the territory. A hundred municipalities have thus participated in “DARC au Pays” and there will be eight more this year, with concerts scheduled in Tendu, Saint-Août, Diou, Étrechet, Aigurande, Lye, Roussines and Villedieu-sur-Indre, in from 6:30 p.m.; the same days as the concerts in Châteauroux which will begin at 9 p.m. This timing will thus make it possible to participate in DARC au Pays and then to continue with the evening at Place Voltaire. Why deprive yourself when you can do it twice!
DARC is back, let it be known!

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