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The Daily Eurovision Class Council: #4 United Kingdom

Will 2022 be the year of renewal for the UK?

Everything leads to believe it if we refer to the reception received by “Spaceman”, the title of Sam Ryder.

Discover the ratings and comments assigned by our editors:

Pascal: 8.5

Finally the BBC has woken up! With Sam Ryder, the top 10 is quite possible Why? Because the interpreter is talented and charismatic, because the title is not “beige” and holds back, unlike previous anonymous attempts by Michael Rice or James Newman.

Betty: 8.5

Space Man” is very authentic and memorable, I really like the universe of Sam Ryder, I didn’t think I would like this song but in fact I do. It’s the kind of title that can have a nice commercial success with good publicity . The UK can avoid last place provided the staging is not ridiculous.

Juliet: 9

The United Kingdom arrives here with a solid and calibrated proposal, of a quality that is truly unexpected from the country. A pop tinged with rock, with hovering accents to illustrate the spatial theme of the title… The mix works well, very well even. The Juliette of 2018 loved this kind of titles, and woke up thanks to “Spaceman”. Another major asset of the track is Sam Ryder’s crystalline yet scratchy voice, which adds a hint of charm to the whole. Some worry about what he might perform live; to have heard it, I am not worried. At all. The United Kingdom has all the cards in hand for an excellent result.

Remi: 7.5

Finally a competitive title for Her Majesty’s Kingdom! “Space man” is a pop title in conformity with the standards of the moment, in particular those of the rich British music scene ignored until then by the BBC. If Sam’s voice may seem unpleasant at first glance to some ears, and if it will be necessary to pay attention to the live with the highs that the title includes, I fully support the British choice for the 2022 competition.

Mary: 6

The United Kingdom is famous for its particular humor and Sam Ryder shows us a sample of it. The song itself is quite nice but the singer is a little over the top when he sings which ends up boring me but his voice is impressive in the treble. Here’s hoping this song lifts the UK out of the depths of the charts.

Audrey: 7

Boui… Two things in this note: the satisfaction of seeing the United Kingdom seem a little less off the mark and less nonchalant with regard to Eurovision than usual. By dint of being ten years late, we will arrive at the times when English pop once again had a small side.
Then, for unknown reasons, I have a problem with the singer. His look, his voice, something does not speak to me. But Space Man is well made, radio-friendly, and could work. Like Germany, it can be top 10 or it can flop in bottom 5… To see on the live.

Chris: 7

The United Kingdom offers a power ballad with Anglo-Saxon sauce. The set is qualitative. However, I am a little divided. Sam Ryder is a very good performer. He reminds me of Freddie Mercury in the intonations at times. Space Man is a good song. However, I don’t see anything out of the ordinary here. If I go to the bottom of the background, the verses make me think slightly of the melody of Love Shine A Light before attacking the chorus. The bookies seem to like it. Will the country recover? He deserves it for his efforts!

Maxence: 8.5

I have a kind of love-hate relationship with this song… The verses are excellent, the voice is original and does not leave anyone indifferent. On the other hand, the chorus, seemingly solid, is a little unbearable to me with all the shouted “man” limits. There’s something I love and hate about this chorus. But every time I listen to it, I like this song more and more. Objectively, “Space Man” is a quality piece, it’s nice to see such a proposal from the BBC. And Sam Ryder is a monster, he really handles it vocally.

Lotte: 8

Then maybe? Maybe the UK has finally woken up? Good title, beautiful voice, Sam seems to be performing live. And honestly, “Space man” stays on top! We believe in it, friends across the Channel!

Zipo: 5

I’ll start with the very negative point: the singer’s voice which terribly hurt my ears and it’s a shame because the whole song is impeccable. A melody absolutely aligned with the theme of the song: at times, I imagined “this man in space”. and precisely, this theme that has always made me dream: space, stars, planets…. I recognize that the flights in the song were partly necessary, but alas, it was prohibitive to note higher.

That is a total of 75 points and an excellent average of 7.50/10

Brooke is largely outdated, Sam Ryder is the new leader.

Provisional classification:

  1. 1. United Kingdom: 7.50
  2. 2. Ireland: 6.70
  3. 3. Finland: 6.65
  4. 4. Montenegro: 6.45

This Sunday, Chanel and “Slomo” will be evaluated. See you tomorrow !

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