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The Complete: Dowdelin’s Creole Electro Soul Energy and Chinese New Year in Music


Raoul Peck © Getty Images J. Countess/WireImage

To see, to listen, to feel and to question: Exterminate all these brutes on Arte. The edifying documentary series that offers a re-reading of the history of white supremacy, a deconstruction of the dominant narrative. Broadcast on Arte from February 1 and available on until May 31.

4 parts where it is a question of the birth of the idea of ​​purity and racial superiority, and how this justified slavery, the violence of colonization, and the genocides, from the Amerindians to the Shoah.

Bintou Simporé talks with its director Raoul Peck in Néo Géo Nova.

The last time he was at the microphone of Nova was for the documentary Deadly Assist, Slaying on the disorderly reconstruction operations in Haiti, caught between the numerous and competing international NGOs.

In his rich filmography, we find of course I Am Not Your Negro (2017) which revealed the thinking of black American writer James Baldwin. A film about racism and the struggle for civil rights in the United States.


On the occasion of the Chinese New Year – February 1 – and the Year of the Tiger, the roars of Chinese rap commented by Grégoire Bienvenu.

A musical selection from Chinese telecrochets broadcast on the internet. Entertainment shows as a springboard for hip-hop culture and official recognition of Chinese rap.

The playlist can be listened to in full right here. Welcome to the year of the tiger, happy listening and happy new year!

Grégoire Bienvenu is a doctoral student, researcher in social sciences and a specialist in Chinese rap.


A favorite for those who give their time to help people in precariousness.

Office neighbour, occasional columnist in Néo Géo, journalist, deputy editor at Nova and web manager. He is Bastien Stisi and he reveals to us why every Monday he disappears from the radio to engage in other activities.

In his first novel hollow stomach, Bastien Stisi recounts his experience as a volunteer and co-manager of a Restos du Coeur branch. A commitment that he describes through his feelings, from the operation of these weekly distributions of free meals to the meetings with the beneficiaries.

The book was published on January 25 by Alisio editions.

THE CLASSICO: “Mulher do fim do mundo” by Elza Soares

Elza Soares © Getty Images Jon Lusk/Redferns

Tribute to Brazilian diva Elza Soares in Neo Geo Nova!

The Brazilian singer left us on January 20, she was 91 years old.

“Elza Soares was an assertive black woman, who showed off abusive afro brushings and walked around in pyramid-heeled shoes. Elza is the revolt that rumbles.”

Back to his electro album, beyond the standards, “Mulher do fim do mundo“, a classic told by journalist Véronique Mortaigne.

“In 2015, Elza Soares takes everyone by surprise, wins a Grammy Latino, with Mulher do fim do mundo, an electro album, a concentrate of cross-sectional demands – negritude, feminism, transexuality, socialism.“


A beautiful Creole electro soul energy in the Neo Geo Nova Music Room! Our guests ? The Lyon group Dowdelin which sows love in all its forms, with their new album Lanmou Lanmou.

A third more danceable project, which has just been released – on January 28 – on Underdog Records. The quartet offers us a live performance of three new songs, following a bouladjel led by Guadeloupean singer and gwoka player Raphaël Philibert. A beautiful musical ensemble where Martinican singer Olyvia, multi-instrumentalist and producer David Kiledjian alias Dawatile and drummer Greg Boudras meet.


Bonga – Ti Zuela

Sorg & Napoleon Maddox – Louverture (feat. Jowee Omicil)

FOX 福克斯 – 庆功酒 (2019)

PG One – 破釜沉舟 (pofuchenzhou / Commit without return)

KAFE HU – 经济舱 (jingji cang – Economy class)

汽油队 (qiyoudui) – WeWe

Round2 早安 (zaoan) – 不忐忑 (stubborn / Not uncomfortable)

王以太 (Wang Yitai) – R&B All Night

Marcio Faraco – That I love you

Elza Soares – Se Acaso Você Chegasse

Elza Soares – Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo

Dowdelin – Mama Wé

Dowdelin – Simé Love (Live at Radio Nova)

Dowdelin – Tan Nou (Live at Radio Nova)

Dowdelin – Lanmou Lanmou (Live at Radio Nova)

It was Néo Géo, a show by Bintou Simporé, produced by Benoît Thuault with Christian Nzonta, Tristan Guerin, Melvin Schlemer. At, images and social networks Sébastien Carriau, Léna Gandrey, Mathilde de Capèle, Bastien Stisi and Sophie Marchand. In writing, thanks to Grégoire Bienvenu and Véronique Mortaigne.

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