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The Clamecycois Quentin Macheda alias Diamelo has released his first EP

Of course, the music industry in Clamey has a bright future ahead of it. After Guillaume Alric, who had shot clips in September 2020 in the city of Floaters, here is Quentin Macheda alias Diamelo. At the end of June, his first EP (or mini-album) of six titles First Step was released on digital platforms.

Son of a bailiff

Born in Chambéry, this young man of 19 grew up in Clamecy. “My parents were brought to live there for work. I spent my childhood there from primary school (in Claude-Tillier) to college. And for my last year, I went back to Haute-Savoie where I am continuing my studies”.

With a father, Stéphane Macheda, bailiff, property management specialist in Clamecy and a mother, Sabrina Zuccarelli, lawyer at the bar of Nevers, nothing predestined him to get into music. Except that the musical arrangements were there, especially on the side of the mother who is a musician in her spare time.

Pianist since he was 6 years old, Diamelo became a beatmaker, composer of instrumental pieces. “I was enrolled in the Clamecy music school. That’s how I started the classical piano”.

He passed a “first level” competition before quitting after six years. “I continued with a current music group within the music school itself. For three years, we did a lot of covers and a few scenes at the end of the year”. A formative experience.

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Meanwhile, he leaves his childhood city and begins to take a serious interest in rap. In 2018, he bought his first DAW software (computer-aided music) as well as his first microphone and started composing. He thus claims very varied influences. The electro current (David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, etc.) rocked him in the 2000s, “a musical explosion”, he recalls.

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Rap will come later. “It was early in middle school and it was starting to get popular. My brother made me discover it a little as I explain it in a song from my EP. But the big click, I had it while going to see a concert of Nekfeu. I started consuming a lot, a lot of rap. This is still the case today”.

Two productions a day for a year!

In 2020, he gave himself the challenge of composing and posting two productions a week on Youtube for a year, taking advantage of a gap year while he was in high school. He spent a year in Sweden. The project is called AD96 and Diamelo considers it, again, very formative.

“It gave ninety-six different musical pieces. That’s how I started to have a regular production rhythm. And then, it allowed me to test a lot of different musical genres from classical to electro via disco or orchestral. It really taught me to be efficient. Two productions a week, it’s never easy. It takes work and method.

And in 2022, after experimenting with a lot of things, he released his first EP. A mix of pop, rap, singing and even electro. The mini-album is available to listen to on all streaming platforms that count since June 21: Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, etc.

It takes work and method

Author, composer, performer, sound engineer in his spare time, Diamelo now plans to go on stage. Followed by the Alacasa production association, he intends to approach turners for next year and the summers that will follow. Without worrying too much. Now it’s time for the holidays in Clamecy, a musical career remaining, for him, hypothetical…

Moreover, he has just passed his baccalaureate and intends to study programming and the development of websites.

To be continued. The music video Keys on my pianoreleased on May 21, already has more than 1,320 views on Youtube.


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