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The AVENUE collective is organizing its first concert on August 4 in Limoges

Fu man shu, Lizoto, Charles-Auguste or even Hartman, if these names don’t mean anything to you, it won’t be long. This is the new generation of artists from Limoges.

Between rap, hip-hop and electro music, nothing stops them. They are assisted by Flumps, in charge of their artistic direction.

For them, there is no musical limit. “We have the same vision of art, we don’t want to classify ourselves in a specific genre”, explains Fu man shu. “We give ourselves the means to be able to touch everything. We learn a lot from each other, we propel each other and finally, we all know how to do a little bit of everything, that’s what makes us versatile” adds Hartman.

Through their music, they want to show that everything is ephemeral. “We don’t want any of our concerts to be alike. Those are unique experiences. For the dates in Paris, we are not going to play in front of the same audience, in the same building or in the same city,” says Charles-Auguste.

Universes that meet

Each member of the collective has their own path, even if some have already known each other for a long time.

Fu man shu, 20, first specialized in rock guitar before gradually turning to rap. He is inspired by the American scene.

Lizoto, 18, has made electro music his passion for two years. Within the collective, he was able to find his place and bring his knowledge and experience of clubs and festivals.

Charles-Auguste, 21, has been practicing music for six years. First in hip-hop, it opened up to all other genres and became versatile. It was thanks to a friend that he was able to join the group.

hartman, 21, has been rapping for three years. Through childhood friends in common with Fu man shu, he was introduced to the collective.

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Flumps, 17 years old, passionate about films, he takes care of the artistic direction of the collective and the artists. Videos, covers, it is with his creative eye, his inspirations and his experience that he creates.

A possible project thanks to Margaux Dubois

Margaux Dubois, work-study at SAS Club 58, oversees the event. “Thanks to the space that Club 85 lends us, we can accommodate 200 people. For the equipment, we are lent microphones and the artists bring their mixing desk, ”she explains.

Margaux sees in them a potential and an overflowing energy. “After the concert on August 4, they already have two dates for Paris and return to Limoges in October”

Information :
– Concert on August 4 at 58 rue des Vénitiens, Limoges, 8 p.m.
– Instagram account

Oriane Dubois


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