The Athenian Alhambra, June 1, 2022, Geneva.

The Athenians
Alhambra, Wednesday June 1 at 7:00 p.m.
**LES ATHENEENNES 2022** **Wednesday, June 01, 2022** **Doors open: 7:00 p.m.** **8:00 p.m.: Estrella Morente – Ensemble Appassionato – Mathieu Herzog (Classical)** **ESTRELLA MORENTE vocals** ** ENSEMBLE APPASSIONATO** **MATHIEU HERZOG conductor** **Mozart Symphony n.41 in C major, K.551 “Jupiter”** **De Falla El Amor Brujo** If this opening night had to be summed up in one one word would be: FLAMBOYANCE. The flame, the radiance, the combustion… the fire of sorcerer love, that of Estrella Morente’s burning voice, that of Mozart’s genius, of overcoming the human condition, that of the greatness of existing and transcending through the work, that of the mysticism explored by De Falla, that of the joy of playing together and the ardor of the Ensemble Appassionato, under the baton of Mathieu Herzog. Completed in August 1788, in the purest and most solar key, C Major, The 41st Symphony K.551 known as “Jupiter” is Mozart’s last Symphony. A masterful work, in counterpoint to a rare perfection, the “Jupiter” reveals an ideally balanced architecture, with an astonishing formal logic. Greatness, joy, triumph, succeed the struggle; The impalpable seal of the inevitable, reverie and majestic calm succeed anguish and pain. At the height of his genius, uniting with unprecedented and unparalleled audacity the rigor of the fugal style of the old masters and the clarity and freedom of sonata form, Mozart put an end to his Symphonies. We wanted to see in these last pages, his will. But the determination that is his, in this period of extreme misery that will get the better of him three years later, gives this work the tone of a lucid affirmation, a lofty view and a rare grandeur. Attempt by a single man to go beyond his intimate drama, echo of his victory, which today still touches our hearts and gives his ultimate symphony its universal value. This important score will be performed by the brilliant Ensemble Appassionato, under the direction of Mathieu Herzog. From “Fuga” (fugue) to “Foga” (fierce) and “Fuego” (fire), there is only one match… Andalusian by his father, Catalan by his mother, Manuel De Falla is the most authentic representative 20th century Spanish music. “El Amor Brujo”, Sorcerer’s Love, tells of love, past, present, and in the making, in its most mystical and occult colors. In an atmosphere of superstition and witchcraft, we vibrate to the sound of the voice of the gypsy “Candelas”, haunted by the specter of her dead lover, each time another tries to take her place. In an overflowing sensuality, a furious frenzy, or a mysterious narration, different scenes follow one another: “En la cuava, la noche” (in the cellar of the gypsies, at night) “Cancion del Amor Dolido” (song of painful love ), “Danza del terror” (dance of fear) or the famous “Danza Ritual De Fuego” (dance of fire) danced at midnight by Candelas, inspired by a gypsy forge song, which was to ward off evil spirits during work metal… The great Estrella Morente, considered one of the most vibrant “cantaora” of flamenco, will offer her bewitching voice and her breathtaking charm to embody Candelas and serve an unforgettable version of “El Amor Brujo”. **9:30 p.m. Jazz | New Orleans | Funk** **NICOLE JOHÄNNTGEN “HENRY 3”** **Nicole Johänntgen saxophones / Lukas Wyss trombone /** **Victor Hege sousaphone / Pius Baschnagel drums** Like his two predecessors, Henry III lets out delicious Acadian fumaroles as if to remind us that, in the antechamber of jazz, the blues of New Orleans nourishes the brassy elbows of this dancing quartet. The march is opened by the German saxophonist Nicole Johänntgen, who, strong with a precise and spicy breath, deploys through the art of an almost collective improvisation, a groove whose accents reflect the marinated roots of Louisiana funk. **11:00 p.m.: Billie Bird (pop / Folk)** No, Billie Bird is not the frail little bird we would like to imagine. A rare bird? A funny bird? A night owl? What if Billie was all of these? Billie Bird, named after an admired English explorer, is a woman who knows what she wants: to transmit, to tell, to meditate, to invective, to feel, to commune, through music, her music. Sensitive texts, in French please, warm timbre, humble and honest presence, the voice of Billie Bird haunts whoever meets her. No wonder to read in “Les Inrocks”, about his EP “La Nuit” (2018): “It’s the kind of song we didn’t see coming, and which we could soon no longer do without .” She is currently finishing the production of her next album, to be released in 2023, and we are delighted. Tonight, she will be in duet with the Zurich musician Laura Livers (keyboards, samplers), spell guaranteed…
From CHF 12.- to CHF 25.-
The Athenians at the Alhambra on June 01, 2022

Alhambra Rue de la Rôtisserie 10, 1204 Geneva Geneva

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