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The Arioso Meetings begin with a concert novel “The man who wanted to plant trees” in Thiers (Puy-de-Dôme)

“Classical music suffers from an austere, stuck image. It is unknown and yet it is everywhere and everyone hears it without knowing it. It is precisely for this reason that Catherine Fourcade-Dubesset and a handful of enthusiasts decided, several years ago now, to devote an event entirely to this musical style. Together, they form the association Les Rencontres Arioso. A name also given to the festival which will begin on Wednesday August 3, for a 9th edition.

The association has one goal: to democratize classical music

“Our goal is to open people up to classical music. Let them discover it, so that it becomes more democratic, ”shares President Catherine Fourcade-Dubesset. And it would seem that over the years, the goal has been achieved. As proof, the choral singing course set up for the fourth time, and which is meeting with more and more success. “This year we are welcoming 70 interns from all over France. Only 25% of them are from the sector. » The internships have always been very successful for four years.
From Sunday July 31, and until Saturday August 6, choral singing enthusiasts will practice, again and again, with the aim of performing on stage, in front of the festival audience. It will be Friday August 5 at the Saint-Genès church in Thiers at 8:30 p.m., and Saturday August 6 at the Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle church at 4 p.m. “It will be two evenings at La Scala, with Italian opera. For the occasion, the 70 choristers will be accompanied by two choirmasters, Blanche Latour and Jean Gautier-Pignonblanc, and pianist Wan-yu Liu. »

But before these two concerts, the premieres of this 9th edition will be Wednesday August 3, at the Espace room, in Thiers, at 8:30 p.m., for a concert novel based on the book by Jean Giono, The Man Who Wanted to Plant trees by the Cappella Forensis.

“It will be a magical moment of poetry, assures the president. From the first moments, the public will be caught up in the direction of Provence. »

Catherine Fourcade-Dubesset (President of the Arioso Meetings)

What allows Catherine Fourcade-Dubesset to be so certain of the effect that this show will produce on the public is the proximity offered by the event. “There are on average a hundred spectators for each concert. And we don’t really want to go beyond that. It is our bias to offer intimate shows, where it is possible to be close to the artists”, confides the music lover.

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Five concerts and a choral singing course this summer with the Rencontres Arioso in Thiers (2021)

The next date will be Tuesday, August 9, at the Espace room in Thiers at 8:30 p.m., for a trip to Spain. “Mezzo-soprano Maria Mirante will be accompanied by pianist Paul Beynet. It will be a festive evening, that’s what we wanted for the whole festival. After the years that we have just experienced, we all wanted a rather joyful edition, ”assumes the president.Axel de Marnhac is a young organ talent.

A young Auvergne organ talent

On Sunday August 14, a young talent from Auvergne will be honoured: Axel de Marnhac. “He started the organ at the age of 10, today he is 20, he is at the Paris Conservatory and holds the organs of Pontaumur which are the replica of the organs of Bach”, shares the president. He will perform at the Saint-Genès church at 6 p.m. Axel de Marnhac will perform pieces by Bach and Liszt among others.

The last concert of the festival will take place in October, Saturday 1st, at the Espace room, at 8:30 p.m. “It’s really an important date”, with two popular artists, in the noble sense of the term.

Félicien Brut is a regular at the festival, recognizes the organizer. But it’s always a pleasure. For several years, he has been the representative of the accordion in the new generation of French classical musicians.

The artist will be accompanied by another rising star: Lucienne Renaudin-Vary, trumpeter, instrumental soloist revelation at the Victoires de la Musique Classique 2016.

But the Rencontres Arioso festival will not stop on such a good path since in November, February and June of next year, other dates are planned. “It’s the off-season festival in a way,” concludes the enthusiast.

Sarah Douvizy


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