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The Apéros Musique festival in Blesle (Haute-Loire) will take place this summer

Last November, the organizers of the Apéros Musique festival wondered if the 19th edition would take place. The answer fell a few days ago with the announcement of the lineup?! It’s a different version that will be presented on August 12, 13 and 14.

“We are reducing the sails, but we will remain present throughout the village because we want to animate it”

Julie Lobstein (Communications Officer)

We will always find, over the weekend, major events such as the Zico’Rando, the Kid’s Corner, the Pieds dans l’eau concerts, the siesta concerts, the MusiKenPoch’, prom time… Not to mention the concerts in the evening. “We do everything, but on a smaller scale,” she sums up.

The past two years have hurt

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Understand that the Music Apéros are coming back “cautiously” after two complicated years. “But we’re still coming back. “The organizers, well trained in the exercise of programming “try, but cautiously because the last two years have hurt the cash flow”. As always, participation will be free for most concerts. “Friday and Saturday evenings will be chargeable,” says Julie Lobstein.

On Friday, to close the first day of the festival, Tiny Shuttle and Une touche d’optimisme will take the stage?; the next day, place in Alkabaya and Balkan Tram. On Sunday, it’s the torchlight procession, with Volcanic Brazil, and the fireworks that will put an end to this 19th edition.

Our goal is to be an eclectic festival where you can hear everything. We will have folk, classical, pop-rock, French chanson, music from the Balkans…”,

Julie Lobstein (empty)

For the rest, during the day, many groups, local or not, will come to animate the village. Something to delight, once again, all ears.

A competition has been launched to attempt to perform on the stage for 20 minutes on Saturday August 13. Application to be sent before May 31. Entry and payment here. And concerning the programming, the list of concerts can be found here!

Maryne Le Goff


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