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The album releases of May 7, 2021 (playlist)

Here is Magic’s weekly playlist with 27 excerpts from records and maxis released on Friday, May 7. Tony Allen, Iceage, Squid, Metronomy (The English Riviera) are some of these releases.


Already ten years The English Riviera changed pop, Metronomy’s career and something in our lives – you, readers of Magicranked it 9th among the greatest albums of the 2010s. The album is again released in a limited and numbered edition, on 180 gram vinyl with a fantascope with a palm tree motif, engraved on the D side. The Ballad of the 17 Year Old is one of the unpublished works published during this reissue. Metronomy will be the first and last track of this playlist.


After offering Black Country New Road at the start of the year, the London rock scene also confirms that it has some reservations with Squid, a quintet born in Brighton and which boxed this rich, precise first album in Streatham, south London. and which opens up new perspectives for this museum piece called the guitar. WARP brings out Bright Green Fieldproduced by Dan Carey, the man at the helm of the first DC Fountains.


Iceage’s move into the Mexican Summer catalog had been one of the most notable moves in the winter transfer window. The Copenhagen quintet takes several big leaps in one, with Seek Shelter, by entrusting for the first time the production of an album (the fifth in nine years) to external ears and hands, those of Sonic Boom. Iceage delivers one of the biggest discs of this beginning of the year, concluded by The Holding Handan incredible moment of tense music.

Will Stratton

The Changing Wilderness is the (already) seventh album by Californian Will Stratton. Bella Union publishes this collection of unstoppable indie-folk songs that questions the violence of our time.


There is no End is the posthumous album of the brilliant and legendary drummer Tony Allen, who passed away on April 30, 2020 at the age of 79. The Nigerian musician had recorded the canvases on which he wanted to give a space of expression to contemporary artists from the new rap scenes in particular. The director of the album, Vincent Taeger, agreed to close this work and recruited the voices to give substance to the project. Allen, whose incredible volume of work is barely perceptible in the playlist we devoted to him, remained a scout for new sounds until the end.


Heavenly Sweetness makes it seem The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running For Their Lives, the third album by Anthony Joseph, a formidable bridge between jazz, hip-hop, soul and Caribbean music. This disc is the most influenced of the three by the London artistic ferment of the new jazz scenes. And it is once again great.


As if to cushion the pressure, Forever isn’t long enough is billed as an EP and not the debut LP from Alfie Templeman, 18, a London-born teenage prodigy and serial EP author. On 8 titles and half an hour of music (all the same), a complete overview of the universe of the young man, who recognizes himself in the label “Indie RnB” and tinkers with these multi-track hits in his room.


Five 7 / Wagram comes out Eiskeller, Rover’s third album (the first in six years), almost ten years (already!) after the hype that accompanied his first album. Thimothée Reigner remains endearing in this role of big sensitive guy who redefines in his own way the Lennonian ballad.


Groups capable of releasing a four-track EP corresponding to an improvised jam session in a studio at the end of a mix are quite rare. The Mancunians of A Certain Ratio, after more than forty years of career, have this level of relevance on ACR:EPA.


After a break, Manolo Redondo does not have enough material to propose the successor to his albums A Drop about to drop (2015) and Helmet On (2017). But he has more than enough inspiration to pursue the fantasy of working on the image. The Lost & Found EP, with Violette Records, is more than a collection of five more intimate and folk tracks than on Helmet On. It is the product of a work with filmmaker Daniel N Johnson. The two published the first chapter of their joint work last month.


Archive Series Volume No.5: Tallahassee provides information on the sound – bare and folk as possible – of Iron & Wine before Iron & Wine. The eleven titles published by Sub Pop form an authentic lost album, Tallahassee, recorded between 1998 and 1999 when Sam Beam was a student in Florida had not yet started his duo work with EJ Holowicki. These pieces have been preserved thanks to the insistence of a roommate apprentice sound engineer, and stubborn on the edges, convinced before the others of the value of the graceful walks of his partner.


Fractal EP is a 4-song from Axis = Sova, namely the chicagoan trio, led by Brett Sova, associated with Jeremy Freeze and Tim Kaiser. A universe made up of hypnotic guitars, drum machines, analog synths and joyful explorations.


The Parisian Pauline de Lassus, aka Mina Tindle, publishes The LFO/Session Blog Librarys, an EP recorded live (and almost unplugged) last summer at David Chalmin’s LFO studio. Purity, lyricism and featurings on the program.


Olive Ardizoni is an artist based in Los Angeles who works under the name of Green-House. Openly non-binary, his minimalist and retro synth-pop aims, on his first album Music For Living spaces, to build bridges between beings, and this music looks like the soundtrack of a world that suddenly found a future.


Even the Good days are badreleased by Tapete Records, is the tenth album by Swedish group The Last Days of April, the first since 2015. Karl Larsson’s sinuous and brilliant pop is aging very honourably.


Build a problem is the first album of the English Dorothy Miranda Clark, better known, thanks to her YouTube channel, under the pseudonym of dodie. Postponed four times because of the pandemic and then Brexit, the disc features the first original songs of the musician, a very produced pop, which relies heavily on her polymorphic and multi-tracked voice, but whose luminous sounds hide many torments.


With the publication of his IncantationsSufjan Stevens’ five-volume album project on grief, Summons, is now complete and fully available on the platforms. The vinyl version will be sent to its happy sponsors in November – despite the esoteric nature of these 2.5 hours of music, it’s already sold out.


More energy field, Currents is the ninth collaborative project by prolific Los Angeles producer and percussionist Carlos Gabriel Niño. A dreamlike journey emancipated from stylistic labels, somewhere between jazz and electronic music.


Take me home is the first EP of a quintet based in Berlin, People Club, and articulated around the voice of Sarah Martin. A soulful synth-pop morning that tackles addictions, suffering and death head-on.


It seems that on Van Weezer, Weezer breaks the series of unremarkable discs and over-products in which the group of Rivers Cumo is drowning. It seems.


Produced by ex-half of The Do Dan Levy, A girl is Laura Cahen’s second album after North in 2017. Under very strong Feist influence.


Pure and genuine post-punk from Saint-Nazaire. Something for You is the first album of the Vertical quartet.


Bertrand Belin publishes, in physics (LP and CD), Concert at Saint-Quentina live recording with the Percussions et Claviers de Lyon, who accompany the French singer for the transposition on stage of personas and the rest of his work. Created this fall, the show will hit the road again this fall.


At the age of eighty, the folk legend Judy Collins offers herself an anthology of a particular kind with Whitebird. Neither best of, nor heap of reinterpretations, the American quite simply mixes old songs and new re-recorded songs among her favorite songs.


Live at Alexandra Palace is the recording of the only concert given in the UK in 2018 by New Order, with its now stable line-up (Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert, Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman). Two hours and twenty of a show of which 22 tracks remain here, ranging from the beginnings (Joy Division included) to excerpts from Music Complete (2015). Blue Monday was the only possible extract.

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