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The 22 best integrated Hifi amplifiers 2022 for all budgets according to What Hifi

The centerpiece of any Hifi system, a Hifi amplifier is often difficult to choose. The solution of using an integrated amplifier rather than a separate preamp and power amp is the simplest and most common. The English magazine What Hifi recently published a ranking of its 22 favorite integrated stereo amplifiers. There are among the products selected several models that we have also tested at ON-mag.

Note as a premise of this selection that with the vinyl boom and the rise of online music, the presence of a DAC and a phono preamp (RIAA) in their integrated amplifiers has become the norm for many brands. .

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1.Marantz PM6007

Marantz PM6007 CD6700 ONmag 4
It is now a great classic of affordable Hifi. This 45 W per channel traditional format amplifier has an MM phono stage and a headphone output. We find on him the serious construction specific to Marantz, with a DAC and digital inputs. There is no Bluetooth or USB inputs on the device, but you will be assured of a very good musicality/price ratio.
Price: €550
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2.Cambridge Audio CXA81

Cambridge CXA81 test ONmagFR
With a power of 2 x 80 W, the CXA 81 does not have a phono input but a digital connection provided with coaxial, optical, USB, Bluetooth aptX HD and a headphone output. The DAC has been improved over the previous version of this amplifier, to support Hi-Res formats. A solid device, with very fine and fluid sound reproduction.
Price: €1,200
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3. Rega iO

Rega iO test ONmagEN
An amplifier from the famous turntable manufacturer, the Rega iO does have a phono stage but no DAC or digital input. A compact 2 x 30 W amplifier, quality, affordable, and to be associated with quality Hifi column speakers, rather than bookshelf type speakers. Its sound reproduction is devilishly energetic and lively.
Price: €500
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4. Naim Nait XS 3

With an output of 70W per channel, the third version of the XS amplifier from Naim has an MM phono stage but no digital input. It stands out from the competition by its muscular reproduction, with very dense timbres, while maintaining great liveliness.
Price: €2,700
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5.Cambridge Audio CXA61

The CXA 61, which sends 2 x 60 W, has no phono stage but three digital inputs and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a headphone output. Simpler than the CXA 81, it is a versatile solution around which to build a Hifi system on a tight budget.
Price: €900
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6. Rega Aethos

Rega aethos2
With a traditional configuration with five RCA inputs, and a power of 2 x 125 W, the Aethos has no phono stage or digital input. It is a musical and dynamic amp, for demanding audiophiles. This is one of Rega’s most high-end models, just below the Osiris amplifier, the brand’s reference.
Price: €4,490
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7. Chord Anni

To add a bit of luxury and a lot of audiophile to your desk, this ultra-compact stereo amplifier, which develops “only” 10 W at 8 ohms, is made for connecting headphones or small speakers. It is designed to work with the Qtest DAC and/or the British brand Huei phono preamp.
Price: €1,550
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8. Rega Brio

This is yet another great classic of audiophile amplification at a reasonable price. This is the sixth edition of the Brio model, the first version of which dates from 1991. RCA sockets, MM phono input, the Brio remains classic on the connector side, but sends 2 x 50 W of power, with powerful dynamism and musicality.
Price: €900

9. Rotel Michi X3

Rotel Michi X5 Onmag 2
With 200W per channel, an MM phono preamp, digital and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a headphone output, this amplifier is all there is to it. It is a powerful, transparent and precise device, capable of powering difficult speakers with excellent control.
Price: €5,500
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10. Cambridge Audio Edge A

Cambridge Edge NQ W
Sleek and serious, the Cambridge Audio Edge A develops 100W per channel. It offers very comprehensive digital connectivity ranging from optical to HDMI Arc via USB, as well as a Bluetooth module and a headphone output. A product animated by a particularly generous, comfortable and deep musicality with a hold at the bottom of the spectrum to cite as an example.
Price: €5,000
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11. Naim SuperNait 3

Third edition of the Naim SuperNait, it is a fully analogue integrated amplifier, which sends 80 W per channel. The device has an MM phono stage and a headphone output, and offers a dynamic and highly impactful sound, with the class and strength characteristic of electronics from the English manufacturer.
Price: €4,300
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12.Cambridge Audio AXA35

Cambridge AX35 and CX35 test ON mag
With a power of 35 W per channel, this analog integrated amplifier is characterized by its good price/performance ratio. Without phono stage or Bluetooth, it only has analog inputs, which cannot be faulted at this price level.
Price: €430
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13.NAD D3020 V2

NAD D3020 V2 test ONmagEN
This amplifier provides 60 W per channel, with rich connectivity including an MM phono stage, a Bluetooth module and several digital inputs. The device is very compact thanks to its Hypex class D amplification modules, and its price is affordable, which does not prevent it from giving a nice feeling of reserve and power.
Price: €500
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14. Audiolab 6000A

Descendant of a legendary model according to some audiophiles, with a power of 100 W per channel, an MM phono stage and digital inputs as well as a Bluetooth connection, it is a very powerful device for its price level. The sound reproduction is clear, refined and articulate, with an expansive soundstage.
Price: €900
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15. Musical Fidelity M2si

Musical Fidelity M2si review ONmagFR 1
This amplifier, which develops 60 W per channel, is for audiophiles who prioritize sound results over functionality. Without digital connectivity, Bluetooth or phono stage, the Musical Fidelity M2si plays with aggressiveness, dynamism and refinement on all styles of music.
Price: 800 €
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16. Dan D’Agostino Progression

Dan Dagostino Progression Integrated ultra highend integrated amplifier 2019 artisanal
This stunningly designed audiophile monster pumps out 200W per channel. You can add a phono stage and a DAC (and therefore digital inputs) for a supplement to its already very hefty price. If you are ready to pay the price, you will be able, with this device, to bring your Hifi system into the world of High End.
Price: €23,500
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17. Copland CSA 100

Copland CSA100 ONmag 1
Brand little mentioned in the mainstream press, Copland has been appreciated and used for a long time at ON Mag. With its 100 W per channel, its phono preamp, its digital and Bluetooth connections, the CSA 100 is a well-equipped and modern amp. Of hybrid type (tubes in preamplification and transistors in amplification), it delivers a sound reproduction of a rare articulation and richness.
Price: €4,000
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18. Rega Elex-R

With its 72 W per channel and its phono preamp, this DAC-free integrated amplifier has made a lot of noise in the audiophile world. Its musical performance makes it rival much more expensive amplifiers.
Price: €1,400

19. Moon by Simaudio 240i

If it’s precision and subtlety you’re looking for more than muscle and power, then you might want to check out this unit and its 50W per channel. With its remote control, phono preamp, headphone output, OLED screen and DAC that supports digital streams up to 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD256, this amp has a host of additional features.
Price: €2,390
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20. Musical Fidelity M8xi

Who wants a high-end amp with big potato? The Musical Fidelity M8xi sends 550 W per channel, and favors musculature while remaining very audiophile in nature. It has full digital connectivity, but no phono stage or headphone output. It was voted best high-end integrated amplifier by EISA for the 2020/2021 season.
Price: €7,000

21.Luxman L-509X

luxman l509x integrated amplifier
With the legendary build quality of the century-old Japanese brand Luxman, this integrated amplifier develops 120 W per channel with elegant sound. It has a phono preamp and digital inputs, but also the ability to drive very demanding speakers. And in addition, it has beautiful vumeters.
Price: €9,700
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22. Mark Levinson No.5805

Mark Levisnon No5805 ONtopaudioAward
A reference also at ON-mag. A racy and mature amplifier, the No.5805 develops 250 W per channel. With an advanced audiophile approach, it includes an MM/MC phono preamp, diversified digital connectivity, a Bluetooth module and a headphone output. Its sound reproduction is precise, refined and fluid while mastering the low end even with difficult speakers.
Price: €8,950
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