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Test – Let’s Sing 2022: an episode lacking in novelties

After a successful 2021 vintage, Voxler is back and delivers a new episode which, this time, is really on the spot.

For several years, the Let’s Sing series has been trying to renew itself with small novelties, without really exploding. It must be said that karaoke games are no longer really popular. The publisher is stubborn with a 2022 episode which really does not bring much new. This first “next-gen” episode is, so to speak, a perfect replica of its predecessor. It uses the same interface, the same game modes, the same operating scheme. And, unfortunately, the same faults as well… The voice recognition system is still just as bad. As long as you take the same pitch as the singer or singer’s voice and jabber anything, you’ll score points. So yes, it’s still nice to be able to play it both on a smartphone, with the dedicated app, and with a fully dedicated microphone. At least, there is not necessarily a need to pay a few euros more for a microphone…

More than half of the songs are in French.

There is also a great diversity in terms of game modes with the Legend mode which is similar to a solo mode in which we chain challenges on different themes, a Classic mode in which you have to score the most points, a mix mode tape, a duo mode, online play, and a party mode that allows two teams of four players to compete – pretty fun with friends. But where are the novelties?

In addition, the economic model of the game is still not up to date. We pay the 2022 edition for its playlist, and that’s it. It is not possible to subscribe to a monthly formula to access a catalog of songs as in a Just Dance for example. Several paid song packs on various themes are however available for sale…

More distinction between the international and French versions this year.

Even more disappointing: there is no longer any distinction between the international versions (with a playlist in English only) and the French (with about half of French songs). If you buy the game, you have access to the playlist of your country. Playlist which, this year, is not the most exciting either with a bunch of old stuff already crossed in the past, including Offspring, Wham, David Bowie, and dubious choices. The only title of David Guetta proposed is none other than “Let’s love”, for Aznavour, it is “Take me away” and for Mr. Pokora “If we said”. There’s clearly something for everyone, so much so that it’s hard to know that the public is targeting this compilation…

And then there is the surprising finish. On Xbox Series, some lyrics are displayed late, small slowdowns are felt, sometimes with undesirable effects on your performance since it is not uncommon to systematically miss the first seconds of its performance because of these technical problems. .

In short, unless you have really flashed on the playlist of this episode, difficult to advise. The two previous ones were in all respects superior to him. Clearly, the studio must question itself: its formula still works, but it’s time to bring something new to it, particularly in terms of the aging economic model.


Suffering from a formula that is struggling to renew itself and from an aging economic model, Let’s Sing 2022 hardly manages to surprise. If the karaoke game offers a nice diversity in terms of its game modes, we find nothing really new in this episode, which is content to renew its playlist. The choices in this area are questionable, especially since buyers no longer have the choice between the FR and international versions. We will have to make do with a half-French and half-English playlist… This 2022 vintage also offers a relatively disappointing playlist, with a lot of classics and few new ones. If you’ve never touched a Let’s Sing, don’t panic, you’ll still have fun with it. If you are a regular on the series, this 2022 vintage is undoubtedly the most dispensable episode of the series. Especially since the technical problems are numerous.

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Let’s Sing 2022

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