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[Test Blu-ray 4K UHD] Let’s sing in the rain

4K picture: 4.5/5

Let’s sing in the rain was shot on 35 MM (Technicolor Three-Strip Camera) film and in 2012 the film, for its 60th anniversary, had already been restored to 4K for a Blu-ray release. Today, for its 70th anniversary, it arrives on 4K Blu-ray with a new calibration. The 4K Blu-ray, in the respected 1.37:1 format, therefore comes from a 4K master with HEVC compression and an HDR10 presentation.

Regarding the definition, it is excellent, the details on the faces, costumes and sets have never been so generous for this feature film. All film defects have been erased (hair, cracks, etc.). There is clearly a contribution of sharpness compared to previous editions. The grain of the film is present, while being homogeneous, fine and not fixed. We thus discover new details, especially in the scene which gives its title to the film because with the rain and the grain, for the previous editions, it was clearly not great. Here, it breathes much better.

Regarding the new calibration, the adjective we can use is flamboyant. These are vibrant, whether primary or secondary colors and whether for costumes (especially those of women), and sets, which offer us a rather magnificent color palette. The contrasts and blacks are not to be outdone, especially for the night scenes, the “Singin’ in the rain” scene. The whites have also been slightly enhanced. But we see two small flaws in this new calibration. First, the skin tones, which are more pinkish than natural. And secondly, two or three shots where we feel an overexposure and which are, suddenly, slightly burnt. It remains all the same extremely positive and a master very clearly recommendable for this masterpiece of the seventh art.

Sound: 2.5/5

Warner Bros France (The Green Line, Matrix Resurrections) offers us a first English track restored in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. A fairly powerful track, well distributed, fairly precise and ample. The dialogues are clear, the music and the effects are present as they should be, with a good balanced mix. Obviously, it’s on the songs that this track gives everything, whether in front or in surround. The subwoofer is very little but well used, which is normal given the genre of the feature film. A sympathetic track, which is perfectly appropriate for the musical that is Let’s sing in the rain and his time.

The restored second English audio track is in DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0. The dialogues are clear. The songs and music are well mixed. The mix, more generally, is good on both channels. Nothing more to say about this track, which completes the publisher’s offer if you don’t have a home cinema.

The French track is in Dolby Digital 1.0. The DVD track dating from 2000… And that’s a shame! The publisher could have taken advantage of this opportunity to offer us a new French track. This one is only on one channel, the center speaker, so not much to say…

Bonuses: 3/5

  • Let’s sing in the rain : it rains on a new generation (50′)
  • Commentary by Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, Cyd Charisse, Kathleen Freeman, Stanley Donnen (co-director), Betty Comden and Adolph Green (co-writers), Baz Luhrmann (filmmaker) and Rudy Behlmer (author and historian).

Let’s sing in the rain : it rains on a new generation is a 2012 documentary in which celebrities (actors, actresses, directors, choreographers etc.) who evolve in the world of musical comedy discuss the first time they saw the film, their first impressions, the difficulty of the choreographies , how the film was written and directed, how the dance tells a story and the influence of the feature film. Very complete, this one should appeal to fans of the film.

The box also contains:

  • 48-page booklet on the production of the film
  • Double-sided original poster
  • 5 operational photos
  • 3 original panels
  • silhouette decal

Test conditions

  • LG 49UH60 4K UHD TV
  • Samsung UBD-M8500 4K UHD Blu-ray Player
  • Yamaha 4K UHD YHT-1840 amplifier


Don Lockwood and Lina Lemont are Hollywood’s silent movie star couple. When the first talkie comes out, both have to adapt and shoot their first film of its kind. If Don masters the exercise, Lina’s unpleasant voice threatens the duo. Kathy, a singer, is hired to dub the young woman but she becomes an obstacle between Don and Lina which is not to her liking.

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