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Terre de convivence” over the next few days in Montreal. – IsraelValley

As part of the partnership between the Moroccan Cultural Center of Montreal and the Sephardic Federation of Canada, these two institutions present a series of conferences, meetings and debates on various issues such as the common heritage of Moroccan Muslims and Jews, the history and cultures of these two communities.
The relevance of the subjects discussed and the quality of the conferences attracted first-rate intellectuals and academics from Morocco, France, Tunisia and Canada, as during the unprecedented conference organized last year “The Shoah and South Africa North “.
During this last edition, it was decided to organize a summer conference in partnership with the Center for Studies and Research on Hebrew Law in Morocco, the Mohammed V University of Rabat and the World Sephardic Federation in Israel. titled “ Morocco: Land of convivence “.

The speakers, from Canada, Morocco, France and Israel, will examine the Moroccan model of convivence and the administration of Hebrew law to the Jewish minority by the rabbinical courts established for several centuries in Morocco.

Conference “Morocco: Land of convivence”
Sunday July 24 from 4 p.m.
Monday July 25 from 10 a.m.
The term convivence designates here a philosophical adhesion which allows mutual intellectual and cultural fertilization between equals in a multi-confessional society. The speakers at this symposium will be able to instruct us with clarity on the Moroccan specificity, some will say the Moroccan exception, concerning the coexistence of the Muslim majority with non-Muslim communities residing on the territory of the kingdom and the impact that this unprecedented model which has proven itself could have in the Arab-Muslim world, or even in the West.
Free admission
At the Moroccan Cultural Center Dar Al Maghrib

Show: Moktar Gania & Gnawa Soul meet Montreal’s Salamate Gnawa group
Wednesday July 27 at 7:30 p.m.
Mokhtar Gania & Gnawa Soul: As a worthy heir to the Gania dynasty which counted so much in the culture of Morocco, Maâlem Moktar Gania from Essaouira stands out today as an essential player in Gnawa music. With his group Gnawa Soul, they combine the African groove of the Gnawas with the oriental melodies of the Maghreb and planetary World Music.
Gnawa Soul embodies the free spirit of Essaouria, this gentle town on the Moroccan Atlantic coast animated by the offshore winds, where Maâlem Gania was born, master heir to Gnawa traditions, who has also collaborated with personalities such as Randy Weston and Carlos Santana. Guembri, qraqeb, tama, guitar, keyboard, electro, dialogue with a mystical and intoxicating fervor, giving pride of place to solos and improvisation, breaking down barriers between genres and freeing souls.
Salamate Gnawa de Montréal: The intoxicating percussions and hectic rhythms of the group Salamate Gnawa will make this evening a place where the spiritual trances of Moroccan sacred ceremonies arouse the greatest celebrations!
Millennial spiritual music, the gnawa has kept over the ages its exalting aspect without ceasing to renew itself by enriching itself with contemporary influences. Originally initiated by black slaves as a catharsis, Gnawa rituals have been nurtured over the centuries by African animist cults, Berber beliefs and the spirituality of Islam. Although nowadays this music has more of a “world” aspect, it remains rooted in a tradition that is alive and well!
Salamate Gnawa, an invitation to rediscover the krakeb, also called Maghrebi castanets, through the guembri. With Moktar Gania and the group Gnawa Soul The show promises to be both explosive and intoxicating, carried by crescendo rhythms that will make you lose your footing!
Free admission
At the Moroccan Cultural Center Dar Al Maghrib

Exhibition: Deciphered Footprints of Abdelilah Ennassef
Opening: Thursday July 28 at 5:30 p.m.
Exhibition: July 28 to August 5
“My work incorporates natural markings on sheer fabrics with modest traditional earth tones, inspired by Arabic typography and calligraphy, with a dedication to exploring abstract forms. I use squares, triangles and circles as a metaphor for equality and balance, as I express my intellectual desire for creative ideas through Arabic and other Semitic lettering by merging geometry sacred, lines, dots and words to inspire meaning worth imagining. »
Come and discover the creative richness of this artist, his roots, his imprints, his horizons.
Free admission
At the Moroccan Cultural Center Dar Al Maghrib

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