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Tastes and colors: we reveal the secrets of this funny and musical film – Actus Ciné

Does Rebecca Marder really sing? What’s behind the music of this romantic comedy? Here are 4 things to know about Les Goûts et les couleurs, on view since Wednesday.

What is it about ?

Marcia, a passionate young singer, records an album with her idol Daredjane, a 1970s rock icon, who suddenly disappears. To release their album, she must convince Daredjane’s beneficiary, Anthony, a marketer in a small town, who has never liked his distant relative and even less his music. Between good and bad taste, popular and chic, sincerity and lies, their two worlds collide. Unless love, of course…

4 things to know

  • Who was the director and screenwriter inspired by? Michael Leclerc to imagine his heroine Marcia at the heart of the film, Les Goûts et les couleurs?

It was very important to me that Marcia be credible as a singer, that people believe in her talent and that music be her whole life, he explains. I was inspired by young singers like Pomme or Fishbach… Marcia is a young singer-songwriter-composer of today, at a time when it is technically easy to make music, where you can easily release an album online made entirely by a single person… but where, as a result, the competition is fierce and the turnover intense, where it is much more difficult than before to make a living from one’s art: most singer-songwriters -composers make a living. The artists are aware that they have become ‘disposable’, a moment of fame is quickly passed and is never a guarantee of the future. Despite her 25 years and a first small success, Marcia already has the impression of being a little has-been. (…) Some manage to work and make a living from it, and sometimes very well. But there are also a lot of musicians, actors, directors, some very talented, a bit in between, who don’t work hard”

Actress Rebecca Marder confides, for her part, having watched “many interviews with singers, but always“. “It goes from Barbara, Marie Laforêt, Pomme, Angèle and company. But at the same time, I find that the character of Marcia is a little out of time, a little timeless.” She adds : “I did not seek to imitate a singer of today. I think she’s nostalgic for a century she didn’t live in, an era she didn’t live in, that she didn’t know.

For example, I also looked at things like The Voice, to also understand all this storytelling and game around. All the sides of the job that consist in creating a visual identity. Everything Marcia is reluctant to do. In any case everything, what she can’t quite do. She has a hard time fitting into the mould.
We learn at the beginning of the film, she is already at a bit of a point of decline despite her young age. She says it herself: “She did her little lap… I added up the pleasures and the anxieties, and it’s the anxiety that wins”. Because she finds it difficult to sell herself, to “story-tell”, to play the game of show business.

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Rebecca Marder and Félix Moati in Tastes and Colors

  • Was Rebecca Marder already a singer, and does she actually sing for the film?

Rebecca Marder, who plays the role of Marcia, started singing from childhood, first in a choir. “It was even through the choir that I made my first film because I was singing in a district conservatory. There was a casting director who was looking for a child for a children’s comedy (Ask permission from the children of Éric Civanyan, in 2007, Ed.). That’s how I started making movies.

For the shoot, Rebecca Marder sang live during the takes. “I had a headset that sent me the instrumental playback, but so I sang a capella for the team. The team couldn’t hear the true result of the song. It was a bit intimidating because they could hear me in my bare voice,” she tells us (find out more).

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Judith Chemla in Tastes and Colors

  • Is the singer Daredjane inspired by a particular singer?

Brigitte Fontaine, Catherine Ringer, Patti Smith are the three singers who served as inspiration for the character played at two different ages by Judith Chemla. Michel Leclerc details: “We worked a lot on the credibility of the character and I love that some spectators come out of the screening convinced that Daredjane existed and tell me that they typed her name on the Internet to find out more about her…”

He adds : “The most important thing was to create a fictional career for him. Daredjane has become an old rocker who swears a little with our times, but musically, she had a Gainsbourg-like career, which changed style over the years. (…) As we advance in time, it becomes hyper rock, completely crazy, very provocative. It was fun to invent this repertoire for him, with all these developments, to work the sound according to the periods to make it evocative of a musical current, even of a particular artist..”

Clip “Misplaced Ideas”

  • What connection does director and screenwriter Michel Leclerc have with music?

Music occupies a large place in the life of Michel Leclerc. “I composed a hundred songs, was part of several groups and at 20, even 25, I had more ambition to make music than cinema.he explains in the press kit. I started the cinema by making the clips of my group and I always tried to put as many songs as possible in my films. So I had to confront myself one day or another more directly with this passion!

Filming the song-making was one of the challenges of the film. Seize a moment of harmony, understand how things happen, the pieces are built. Hence this voluntarily long scene, from the beginning, during which Marcia and Daredjane work out a song together“, explains Michel Leclerc.

The soundtrack of Tastes and colors is available:

The film has been in theaters since Wednesday, June 22.

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