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Stromae releases his album, Julien Doré finds his audience and Louane at Fashion Week… All the music news!

Four years after his last tour, Julien Doré very moved to find his audience (PHOTOS)

After a long media break in the calm of the Cévennes, Julien Doré made his big comeback in September 2020 with Aimée, his fifth studio album. Carried by the titles Kiki, Us or even The fever, the opus has sold more than 300,000 copies. A success that is not surprising since everything the singer seems to touch turns to gold. Or rather platinum in this case. While he has just won the Male Artist of the Year award at the last Victoires de la Musique, the interpreter of Coco Câline was present on Friday October 29 for an exceptional Virgin Radio Live at the Carrière de Nantes . A magical moment that he was able to share with our listeners before starting his immense tour of the zeniths.

Precisely, this weekend marked the launch of his Aimée Tour, which he performed at the Arena du Pays d’Aix in front of an audience of 7,000 people. “I don’t have the words… So I’m dropping them here in bulk: Rose, Complete, Reunion, Thank you, Thank you again, Love, Smiles, Surprise, You, 4 years later, Tears, Heart, Chorus, Thank you again and again , Incredible, Dogs, Laughs, Dinosaurs, Piano, Aimée, Lack, Again, Us, Dream, Hair, Ponies … ” writes Julien Doré with emotion in the caption of his last post on Instagram. It must be said that for this reunion with the public, four years after his last tour, the artist saw things on the big side of staging. A show for which he dressed in pink and for which he literally bewitched his audience. The first concert in a series of dozens of shows, this meeting with his fans will continue until next December.

Louane parades for Paris Fashion Week and is unanimous (PHOTOS)

In recent years, Louane has not been idle! After giving birth to her first child, the young woman unveiled Joie de vivre, her third studio album. The opus has also been certified platinum with more than 100,000 copies sold. In parallel with this release and its reissue a few months later, the singer revealed by The Voice also became one of the jurors of the show for the “kids” version. And as if all of this wasn’t addictive enough, she will soon be appearing in Visions, a mini-series to be broadcast soon on TF1. Rewarded by a César for best female hope for her role in The Bélier Family in 2015, the young woman was more discreet in front of the camera. Regarding this new project, the latter should embody a psychologist alongside actors like Max Boublil, Marie-Ange Casta, Julien Boisselier or even Francis Renaud.

But for the time being, it is in a universe far removed from her usual environment that Louane has appeared in recent days. Indeed, if the young woman has often squatted in the front rows of the parades of Paris fashion week, we had never seen her on the catwalk before. It is now done. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you a million times thank you to Victoria and Tomas for your trust. It was my first time on a Catwalk, I opened the show and on my music in addition ”writes the singer in the caption of her last publication where she appears opening the parade for the brand Victoria / Tomas. A real event for the one who is more used to singing on a stage or playing in front of a camera than walking, looking serious, in front of an audience of fashionistas. Nevertheless, the interpreter of Give me your heart did very well and probably enjoyed doing it. Could we be at the dawn of a new career?

Stromae: Multitude is finally available and it is to be discovered urgently

Were you expecting it? He’s there ! After long years of absence, Stromae returns to the charts with Multitude, the opus which should undoubtedly establish itself as one of the albums of the year.

Last November, Stromae offered a fanfare return with Santé, a single dedicated to all those who in the shadows work to simplify our lives. A few weeks later, on the 8 p.m. set of TF1, the Belgian artist went further by performing Hell, a piece that explores suicidal thoughts. These two successes can be found on Multitude, released on March 4.

With Multitude, Stromae allows himself to explore: the electro-pop that made his success fades little by little to give way to a more colorful influence: “Basically, I had chosen Folklore as the title of the disc. And Taylor Swift released her record with the same name. But so much the better. Multitude is different, more general. And it also touches on the different characters that I like to play to tell my stories. To go back, at the end of the Racine Carrée tour, I said to myself that I wanted to find different grooves, go everywhere, make a world pop album, “said the artist to Ouest France. .

With this album, the interpreter of So on Dance offers us texts in tune with current events (Declaration, on feminism for example) but also more personal: “of course there are things that come from me, but it’s never more than 20 or 30% of what I write. Because I like to tell stories with verbal acrobatics, puns, metaphors. And that it has to be a universal minimum, otherwise it doesn’t interest me. I’m not the type to do reality TV in song. I don’t want to tell my life story in my songs,” he continues.

Multitude is to be discovered urgently and, to prolong the experience, know that the documentary Stromae vu par… is to be discovered in full.

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