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Strasbourg and around. What are we doing this weekend?

First edition of Les Habité e s festival

First edition of Les Habité e s festival. Photo DR

dates ​: July 21 to 24

Venue ​: Strasbourg and around

For its very first edition, this festival of “artistic experiences in multiple places” offers to take us into universes born of the encounter between an artist and a place. From the forecourt of the CSC de la Meinau to the Tour Merveilleuse du Schloessel, via the roof of the K’Hutte building in Cronenbourg, the public will discover concerts, workshops and… good food in an intimate and friendly setting.

Les Habité e s is a festival designed and organized by the Alsatian cooperative of sound thoughts, Dreieck Interferences. It brings together artist-musicians who love to create and above all to experiment. For this first edition, we will be able to discover the work of multi-instrumentalist Felix Chaillou-Delecourt, who combines the sounds of his tiny violin with DIY electronic and acoustic instruments. It will also be an opportunity to discover the worlds of the duo Alltag, the voice/violin ensemble of Tarzan & Tarzan or the music group Sousta Politiki which mixes Greek and Turkish musical influences.

Recognition in + ​: During your visit to the Festival, do not hesitate to meet Radio Caddie. All-terrain and mobile, this radio studio fits entirely, as its name suggests, in a single caddy. Its members will collect the spontaneous reactions of the public and the artists. The restitution of this collective creation will take place on the last day of the festival, Sunday, at the Apollonia space.

Prices and programming to discover on

Laventure & Co at the Local bar

Laventure & Co at the Local bar. Photo DR

Date ​: July 21, from 9 p.m.

Venue ​: 3 rue de l’eauvoir, 67000 Strasbourg

This Thursday, the bar Le Local decided to give carte blanche to the rising Strasbourg group, Laventure. For the occasion, Ingrid Laventure, the singer behind the group, and her three accomplices have decided to invite artists they met on the road to their tours to introduce them to the Strasbourg public.

The event will begin with Beach Youth, whom they met during a co-set in Anger. The surf pop group offers “holiday music to listen to all year round”. You can already take a listen to their first album, released in 2021. The evening will continue with a dive into the world of Dijonnais Ketbi. DJ and producer, he draws inspiration from reggae, house, soul and hip-hop to offer us a lively summer set.

The recognition in +: Of course, Laventure will also perform during the evening, taking us into his chill & love atmosphere, between slow-fi, soul and rock. If you don’t know this group yet, I can only warmly recommend it. Intensity and thrills guaranteed.

From €5. Find the event on Facebook.

Nanouk the Eskimo at TAPS Scala

Nanouk the Eskimo at TAPS Scala. Photo DR

Date : July 21

Venue : ​TAPS Scala, 96 route du polygone, 67100 Strasbourg

Being during school holidays, there is a chance that you will find yourself with a daughter, a little brother, a niece, a cousin… in short, a child in the paws. And even if we love them — yes, you love them — it’s sometimes difficult to find activities that they like and that entertain you at the same time. For this Thursday, I therefore propose the screening of Nanouk l’Esquimau at TAPS Scala.

Robert Flaherty’s old-fashioned, black-and-white film will be accompanied by live music created and performed by Christine Ott and Mathieu Gabry. Piano, small percussion, harmonium and kalimba will poetically accompany the story of a family of Eskimos living in Hudson Bay.

The recognition in +: Among the instruments you can discover during this show, I advise you to listen to the kalimba. There’s something magical about this little finger piano. Easy to use, you can play random notes as well as series credits, without the notes clashing.

From 7 years old. ​Duration 1 hour 05 minutes. From €4. The rest of the TAPS program can be found on

Sputnik disco mobil at the ephemeral beach of Malraux

Sputnik disco mobil at the ephemeral beach of Malraux. Photo DR

Date ​: July 23

Venue ​: Seegmuller warehouses – Media library, 1 André Malraux peninsula

I told you last week that in Strasbourg, we only lacked the sea… But as the Alsatians are inventive, we manage. This year again, the Malraux Peninsula is adorned with its ephemeral beach and its nautical base until August 28th. In addition to daytime activities, the venues host live shows every Friday, starting at 6 p.m.

This week, it’s the turn of Vladimir Sputnik and his mobile disco to take over the premises. With his quirky spirit, the artist will come to offer the public of beachgoers a largely participatory performance by inviting them to wiggle their hips on his improvised dancefloor. What give a taste of vacation, even to those who are not yet.

Free ​. The rest of the Docks program can be found on

Creatures, costumes, women of the 19th century…: themed tours of the Alsatian Museum

Activities at the Alsatian museum. Photo DR

dates ​: Sunday July 24

Venue ​: 23-25 ​​quai Saint-Nicolas, 67000 Strasbourg

For this summer, our dear Alsatian Museum invites us to dive into the not trivial history of our region. On Sundays July 24, August 7 and 21, as well as Thursday August 18, we are invited to take advantage of “spotlights” around different themes. In other words, guided tours of about twenty minutes.

This weekend, you can choose — or chain them, if you can’t choose — one of the following three visits: Becoming a woman in the 19th century (3 p.m.), Becoming a man in the 19th century (3:30 p.m.) or Legends and Domestic Creatures (4 p.m.).

The recognition in +: If you can’t be there this weekend, don’t worry. The next Spotlights of the summer will interest you just as much. Personally, I really want to discover the one on “The Kreissmesser (large exorcism knife) and Lilith”, the one “Around hemp” or set off to discover “the new costume room”. Mark your calendars!

Entrance fee to the museum. ​Discover the rest of the program on

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