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St SERNIN du PLAIN / St AUBIN (21): Partners’ evening, prelude to the opening of the Mont Rome festival

It was at the Prosper MAUFOUX estate located in St AUBIN that this evening was held on Tuesday July 19 in the majestic setting of the monumental winery.

In 2021, the evening was held at the David theater. This year, the “Delirique” association had chosen the Château de St AUBIN, owned by Prosper MAUFOUX, a major Burgundy wine house, to thank all the partners of the 2022 Nuits du Mont Rome festival in St SERNIN du PLAIN who will open on Thursday 21 July.

Jérôme FREGAUT – President of “Delirique”

” Hi there. The festival in a nutshell is about fifty volunteers, 4 people in service including one all year round, it’s a budget of nearly 150,000 euros, 30 to 40% of which comes from the ticket office, the rest being provided by subsidies, national aid, from the regional council, from the departmental council… and your partnership which allows us to balance this substantial budget. I sincerely thank you for your participation and your commitment allowing our region to experience this great festival »

Jérôme FREGAUT quoted the long list of local partners, the media, tourist offices, public institutions, private companies… Thanks also to the two partner municipalities: St Sernin du Plain, seat of the festival whose mayor Roberto BINO was present and Dracy les Couches where the musical day will be organized on Sunday July 24 (winery of the Château de Dracy, farm of the barn of the pond, vault of the white wisteria and church in the evening with the concert given by the choir of Sartène)
“I would also like to thank the Prosper MAUFOUX house, owned by the PIFFAUT family, Eric and Aurélien who welcome us to this very beautiful building, as well as François PIFFAUT, communication and wine tourism manager.

Pascale RIFAUX, project manager in the wine tourism sector

“We are happy to welcome the partners of your festival, especially since for the past 2 years, the area has been undergoing renovations. It was in 1860 that Prosper MAUFOUX, notary, left his office to found a wine house. Success is rapid and the company settles in Santenay. The success continues in particular by export to the United States and in 1994 the American partner buys the house Prosper MAUFOUX. It was in 2010 that the PIFFAUX family, whose wine-growing roots in Burgundy go back more than two hundred years, took over the Prosper MAUFOUX house. The family then acquired the Château de Saint-Aubin and its exceptional estate. The house, owner of 9 hectares of mythical terroirs, is located in the heart of the Côte de Beaune, overlooking the château’s estate, on the Grands Crus route. Its vineyard also extends into the terroirs of the Côte de Beaune: Saint-Aubin, Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet and Chassagne-Montrachet, the Côte de Nuits, the Côte Châlonnaise and the Mâconnais. Our property also has 4 guest rooms and a gourmet restaurant.
You know everything and I invite you to share this festival! »

Inès SCIORTINO – Artistic director of the festival

“Thank you Pascale for interpreting the Prosper MAUFOUX house for you and I thank the PIFAUX family for this welcome. I will be brief but you know that everything in the artistic field is close to my heart. I’m going to give you the highlights of this 2022 festival which begins Thursday July 21 with a tribute to Patrice SCIORTINO, my father, who died this year at the age of 100. Composer and builder of the David theatre, we will pay homage to him with a concert presented by artists who knew him and who agreed to take part in this evening. I thank them warmly because Patrice’s music is not easy for the instrumentalists or for the listeners. We will have a nice concert on Saturday with Beethoven and a small work by Guillaume LEKEU with the symphony chamber of Chalon sur Saône. Then on Sunday we will have our musical day in 3 different places with as apotheosis the choir of Sartène, Corsican polyphonic music, in the evening in the church of Dracy. On Tuesday July 26 we will have a string sextet for 2 works by Tchaikovsky and Brahms. On Thursday, piano recital by Jean-Marc Luisada, a very good pianist who had already come ten years ago. We thank him for agreeing to come because an outdoor concert makes the conditions not always easy: weather, cold, hot, humidity… this is the case for all artists who perform outdoors. We always end the festival with a concert for the general public, festive … this will be the case on Saturday July 30 with “The Amazing Kestone Septet” I also thank all the people who accompany me in this madness, our association is called “Delirique », it bears its name well because it is often a delirium! Thank you all. »

Before the cold buffet and the house wines, a musical interlude was offered by the musicians who will pay tribute to Patrice SCIORTINO on Thursday evening: Anthony MILLET accordionist, Alain BILLARD clarinet and Adelaïde FERRIERE percussion/vibraphone in “Oblivion”, “Libert tango” and “Le grand tango” by Astor PIAZZOLA.
Very broad applause for this evening and good festival wished to all. In addition to the people already mentioned, Mrs. Danièle PICARD, deputy Rémy REBEYROTTE and Mr. Departmental Councilor Jean-Christophe DESCIEUX were present.


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