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Sounds of Saturday: five discs to take with you during the holidays

Discover five new albums to listen to on vacation. ©Pixabay

What are we listening to this week? You already know the answer: you’ve come to the right place to discover five new singles or albums that your neighbor, or your little cousin Jean-Kévin, doesn’t know yet.

To listen to the beach or to be the “king/queen” of the evening, you have to choose your playlist, or your stack of CDs. And since you’re looking for something other than the Latin rhythm hit that everyone will hear at the supermarket, or the trendy French song that everyone will have forgotten by September 2… You’ve come to the right place. We told you: the nuggets sometimes hide far from the spotlight, and we have found you a mine.

Like the previous week, we have selected five independent albums for you, not necessarily very well known, but to be discovered at all costs.

Jerome Pietri: Last of the Fishing Days

Jerome Pietri: Last of the Fishing Days
Jerome Pietri: Last of the Fishing Days ©Picasa

There is nothing to say! The visual of Jérôme Pietri’s latest album makes you nauseous! With this guitar which seems to have come out of a pile of rubbish, in the middle of an ocean, perhaps even from the famous 7th continent, which gives its name to the second track of the album… Even before having started listening to this album, it reminds us that it is high time to do something for our poor planet.

And justly ! Nothing is left to chance ! With Last Of The Fishing Days, the bluesman fisherman gives us an electric fire with a premonitory title, carrying a strong ecological message, with a fusion group. All the guitars out, for an album smelling of the madness and energy of the 70’s, as proof of his credo: “Blues, Rock’n Roll and fly fishing Will Never Die”!

This new album is a lesson, which puts us face to face with our condition as human victims (and authors) of overconsumption. The icing on the cake, the 6th track is a cover of the famous Money by Roger Waters (which by a curious coincidence, or not, is also the 6th song of the famous Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd).

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This album by Jérôme Pietri is the indisputable proof: you can make an electric and powerful blues, and eco-responsible lyrics.

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  • At Kebra’s Records. The distribution is ensured by “Socadisc” (Amazon, Fnac, Gibert, Leclerc), the CD has been available since December. Facebook page.

Frankistadors: New Eve

Frankistadors: New Eve
Frankistadors: New Eve ©DR

In Marseille, after a solid musical training, Françoise (alias Franka) Lo-Ré emerges within the mythical group Cops and Robbers and it is a real musical whirlwind that agitates the Marseille city… Quickly spotted by Zermatti, and after having skimmed well the circuit with many concerts remained in the memories, Franka and his close guard are signed and released in 2011 their first opus, A crazy desire, on Skydog Records.

Produced in close collaboration with the great and late Mickey Finn, this album will meet more than a success of esteem, so much its purely rock energy and the quality of the texts are remarkable.

Pursuing the almost obligatory destiny of any formation born from Punk and proudly assuming influences as diverse as they are obvious, the now Frankistadors are back almost ten years later with New Eve, and it’s again a nice shock in the ambient doldrums. … Still filled with Rock energy but increased by an undeniable maturity, this new opus has a bright future ahead of it!

Change of room, and change of atmosphere! And presto, yet another band that proves to you that those who say that rock and punk are dead, only told you nonsense, to be polite! Frankistadors is indeed proof to the contrary, proof that the good big French punk-rock is still very much alive, and has retained all its liveliness and youth!

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The album offers us eight tracks, and we will notice that the energetic music of Franka and her band is sung as well in the language of Gilbert Montagné as in that of the Clash. Like what… We are never safe from a good surprise, and a CD to listen to at all costs.

  • At Kebra’s Records. Distribution is handled by Inouie Distribution. It is also distributed on digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Virgin, Deezer, etc. by Inouie Distribution. Official site.

Maeso: The Tic-Tac

Maeso: The Tic-Tac
Maeso: The Tic-Tac ©DR

After 3 successive albums, Maéso remains a music lover and a prolific songwriter who has things to say, stories to tell. In this new opus, bordering on styles, the musician reveals the palette of his universe. Listening to his songs, the music marks the tempo by the movement of the head and the regular tapping of the foot; the lyrics bring you back to heaps of memories and the whole thing gives you the banana.

Yes, music softens morals and Maéso delivers a musical postcard of his wanderings with songs with southern accents. Like the ticking, time catches up with us. We must make the most of the present and the future.

The Toulouse singer, Jean-Paul by his first name, with his accent from the pink city and his hat, is back to offer us 13 tracks with pop-melodic sounds. The former bassist from Cabrel plays on the nostalgia of those happy moments that we keep in a corner of our memory, on the little everyday joys that make up a life, that make us who we are.

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In the end, this endearing and colorful album can be listened to with a certain pleasure, can be taken everywhere and will undoubtedly become for the listener a postcard image of the summer holidays.

  • At Kebra’s Records. Distribution is handled by Vicious Circle (Toulouse). It is also distributed on digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Virgin, Deezer, etc. by Wiseband. Facebook page.

Sylvain Padra: Ninise and Fok nou Ansanm

The single Fok nou Ansanm was released on June 3.
The single Fok nou Ansanm was released on June 3. ©DR

Want to go under the sun? So, it’s time to tell you about Sylvain Padra, Martinican artist who is preparing an album entitled Emosyon. A few months ago, we were able to discover a first single, Ninise. Mike Clinton is the composer/bassist. Thomas Bellon (Kassav) and jazz guitarist Ralph Lavital also play on this title.

In early June, Sylvain Padra released a second song called Fok nou Ansanm. A second single which speaks of solidarity, peace and the importance of transmission, of heritage… The title was also released in the Overseas Territories on the day of the abolition of slavery in Martinique.

For these two singles, the remark remains the same: the rhythm is lively, the music warm, and it gives you the banana, not to say a peach of hell… But if you speak Creole, or if you have a good translator available, you will quickly realize that the melody is one aspect that hides another. You will then discover texts of great richness, but also imbued with nostalgia, even melancholy.

Sylvain Padra’s texts are touching, not to say moving. Ninise is the most beautiful tribute a boy could pay to his mother. And Fok nou Ansanm, which can be translated as “Let’s be united”, has never had as much meaning as it does today.

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In two singles, Sylvain Padra has convinced us of the validity of an album which, the more time passes, begins to be seriously awaited. The project is underway: Emosyon is actually a concept bringing together songs and clips, shot in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Reunion and Africa. So, we cross our fingers to see this project come to an end.

Crocodile Candy: Enjoying the Moment

Crocodile Candy.
Crocodile Candy. ©DR

The first confinement was not negative for everyone! In some cases, we can even say that he was prolific for some. This is the case of the CD that interests us today! Manu Castillo (Wunderbach, La Souris Déglinguee, Tio Manuel) contacts Margot Cassila (singer of Hot Pants, Invaders of the Heart…) and by exchanging sound online, the album comes to life. They compose about ten titles in the space of 3 months, the project will be baptized Crocodile Candy.

And it was during the second confinement that the album was recorded by Bernard Natier at the Garage 2.0 studio.

In the end, this curious collaboration born of successive confinements during the health crisis gives birth to 11 titles in which the guitars set fire and the voice caresses the ears. Supported by a powerful rhythm with the complicity of Gangxtha da Magnificent, bass player with a funky punk groove and drummer with a Viking strike, Christophe Gaillot. Crocodile Candy releases its 1st album, Enjoying the moment, in these complicated times. From the title of the album, everything is said!

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And our opinion in all this? Well, if the album is in our selection of the week, you can imagine that we fell in love! This Enjoying the Moment is a second deconfinement, for the ears this time! A clever mix of rock soul blues, which makes you want to move, to move. Eleven tracks with titles as evocative as Music is the Life, Enjoying the Moment… And nothing to throw away!

  • At Kebra’s Records. The distribution is ensured by Inouïe Distribution. It is also distributed on digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Virgin, Deezer, etc. by 16 Allied Productions. Instagram account.

Find a new selection next Saturday.

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