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Solidays 2022: the complete program with OrelSan, Damso, Black Eyed Peas, -M-, Justice, Eddy de Pretto…

The major music festival organized by Solidarité Sida is making a comeback at the Hippodrome ParisLongchamp from June 24 to 26 for a 30th edition full of surprises. With already on the bill: OrelSan, Damso, Black Eyed Peas, -M-, Justice, Eddy de Pretto, Ninho… Update on the complete program of Solidays 2022 on Bulles de Culture.

Unmissable event at the start of summer, the music festival Solidays will therefore be this return to Paris from June 24 to 26 to make us live, in a big way, a highly festive thirtieth edition. Happy reunions in perspective.

Solidays 2022: the complete program

Atmosphere at Solidays © Chang Martin

The programming of Solidays is beautiful and well curly. The new master of the French “rap game”, Orelsanwill come to defend his militant manifesto Civilization at Longchamp. A great premiere not to be missed, especially since his 5 concerts at Bercy are already sold out.

In the series of unmissable, it is another phenomenon which has chosen Solidays for its only Parisian date. The prolific and mysterious Damso is a “stage beast” as we rarely see. Raw and hard-hitting punchlines, an abrasive flow that shakes the crowds and marks the spirits.

To these 2 heavyweights are added 3 others. They are Californian, cumulate 6 Grammy Awards and more than 35 million albums sold. With their planetary hits, the Black Eyed Peas invite themselves to the party alongside Justice, the most rock of electro duos. They had never played Solidays before either.

We cannot speak of love without the one who says “love and sow it” For more than 20 years. Loyal support, the steadfast –M– will be making a comeback at Longchamp with an incredible live performance.

To complete this table of legends to Solidays 2022, the already “sensations” and very great futures take pride of place. From the masked master of the world electro scene Boris Brejcha discovering who enchanted the world with his hit Love Nwantiti, Kaypassing by the rap nugget PLKthe most festive of techno brass bands Packthe pop-EDM UFO Susan or rock dandies Chatterton Fire… everyone will be there to give meaning to the party and colors to solidarity.

At their side, the unmissable revelations: on the rap side, first of all, with Gasoline the drill torchbearer made in France, Oboy and its all-terrain flow, 47B and their sunny pop rap, sopicothe self-proclaimed fusion of Nirvana and Wu-Tang, or even soso Manessthe unofficial creator of rap sauce EDM.

Other participations expected, Ninho joins the festival line-up exclusively. Letowith its beats mixed with reggaeton and Congolese rumba, will enchant the crowds. Lujipekawill land with her flow on edge.

On the side of the young nuggets, Tsew The kid, the lover’s R’n’B rap-storyteller, Saskiawith its bewitching and engaging melodies, Kalika and Mara will disembark at Solidays. Babysolo33 will embark us in his rap 2.0 just like Bro.

rock question, Ayron Jones from Seattle will share his electric guitar riffs for a raw grunge show with soul and funk accents.

Also on the program is reggae-dancehall with Blaiz Fayah. And it will pulse with Ann Clue as well as with the quadruple Grammy nominee, the eternal Dubfirejust like with the contrarian I hate Modelsthe percussive showman Darzack, Miley Serious, Onyvaa and Antigone, Kas:ST, NTO and Atom.

And the party on will continue with the most solar collectives of the night: come party and The Creole.

Electro will intoxicate the crowds thanks to the multi-instrumentalist showman mezerdto the crazy genius of improvisation Marc Rebillet or at the love dj FOLAMOUR A/V SHOW.

As for rock, it is in the language of Shakespeare that it will resonate at Solidays 2022 with the “soul brothers” of Black Pumas and the English of THE MURDER CAPITAL.

Yseult, Ronisia, Emma Peters and November Ultra will represent pop 2.0, that which frees itself from codes and genres to present itself in all its forms – rock, urban or even folk.

Discovery question: be ready to “pogoter” thanks to the electric riffs of Structures, to vibrate with the dark techno of the unclassifiable Gargantua, to travel with the hypnotic and ethereal electro of rone, with The most feel-good Parisian DJs Polo & Pan, without forgetting the afro-trance nugget bcucthe inexhaustible pongo and finally the delicate pearl-songs of Stephane.

Their first appearances were unforgettable and their returns to the stage will once again delight the crowds at Solidays 2022.Eddy de Pretto, Gaël Faye, Niska, Rilès, Skip The Use, Victor Solf, Jahneration and Biga*Ranx on the program for this edition.

Solidays 2022: the daily concert program

Friday, June 24

Niska, The Murder Capital, Ayron Jones, Kalika, November Ultra, Justice DJ Set, Dubfire, NTO, Soso Maness, Kas:st, Mara, Orelsan, Saskia, Stéphane, Feu! Chatterton, La Créole, 47TER, Gazo, Biga*Ranx, Marc Rebillet, Antigone, Pongo, I Hate Models, Polo & Pan

Saturday June 25

Sopico, Viens la Fête, Ann Clue, Ronisia, Damso, Atoem, Blaiz Fayah, Gargäntua, Miley Serious, Darzack, Black Pumas, Bcuc, CKay, Tsew the Kid, Mezerg, Oboy, Black Eyed Peas, Onyvaa, Gaël Faye, Meute , Babysolo33, Brö, Structures, Boris Brejcha, Skip the Use

Sunday June 26

PLK, Rilès, Jahneration, -M-, Rone Solo, Victor Solf, Ninho, Suzane, Eddy de Pretto, Yseult, Folamour A/V Show, Lujipeka, Leto, Emma Peters

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