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Sirine LV unveils the single Baby

Once upon a time in the northern districts of Marseille, a young girl who was a fan of football and Jul, and whose destiny was to make the whole of France dance… Indeed, the career of Sirine LV has in many respects the appearance of a fairy tale of modern fairy. It is one of those stories where the heroine reclaims her destiny to finally transcend her daily life. Born in 2002, Sirine grew up in Marseille, in the northern districts of the city more precisely, in La Busserine. Of Algerian origin, with an Oran mother and a Chaoui father, she grew up in this sector of the city which does not often get good press but which she refuses the stigmatization: “Mutual assistance, solidarity, values ​​that rocked my youth. The spirit that reigned in the neighborhood was too good…”
It is at college that the young girl’s life will change. Until now, music was only a secondary occupation for her. It was moments of life with his mother who listened to the vocal singers over and over, from Lara Fabian to Céline Dion or his father who took over songs à la darbouka. One day when her mother cannot pick her up from school, Sirine finds herself waiting by chance in one of the writing workshops organized by her singing teacher on Wednesdays. At first not very interested in what she sees, the young girl’s curiosity gradually takes over: “I arrived, I didn’t know anything about it, I didn’t even know what an instrument was. I was pissed that I didn’t know how to do it, I was going to look for texts on the Internet to practice”. Curiosity and pride soon give way to a true passion for writing. Sirine enrolls in a second workshop to further refine her writing technique. At the same time, the advent of Jul with ” Take out the stolen cross » and the cascade of hits which will follow will finish sealing the fate of Sirine.
She understands there that her future will be written in music… In rap verses first of all! It was in this discipline that she flourished at the beginning: “I started doing rap competitions, it was total improvisation”. One day, as the beat slows down and touches on more contemporary BPMs, Sirine injects a bit of melody into a bit of her text, the crowd’s reaction is clear. After mixing rap and singing for a while, the singing gradually takes over.
Quickly, Sirine posts freestyles on social networks with her face hidden. From Facebook to Instagram, the view counters are panicking. One day, one of his open face freestyles ends up on the internet and goes viral. An unfortunate incident that will act as a boost for the young girl. Following another incident, she added the 2 letters LV to her first name to form her stage name: “I was trying to put my real first name to create a Facebook. Everything was taken. At one point, I got angry and typed on the keyboard. It wrote Sirine LVG. My friend told me to take the -G out and keep LV”. At the same time, Sirine went to Lyon to record what would be her real first track, “Bye Bye”. To teaser the title, she posts a short excerpt on her networks. During the day, the extract reached 600,000 views. Faced with the enthusiasm, a clip is shot in stride: “This is the piece that represents my transformation into singing. When the clip came out, it made 1 million in 9 days, I didn’t understand anything”.
Sirine then took its first steps in the big leagues. She sees her popularity grow over the shows. The young singer is also refining her style, at the crossroads of the uptempo rhythms of Jul and the verses of Marwa Loud with whom she identifies for a time. In 2019, her baccalaureate in her pocket – sinequanone condition imposed by her parents – Sirine signed with RCA, a Sony Music label.
This step will be immediately followed by another major change in the young girl’s life: “I had a lot of weight problems. I weighed 140 kilos. When viewing the 1er clip shot with Sony, something clicked and I decided to change. I had surgery and I lost 70 kilos”. At the same time, the singer’s music is also evolving. In contact with new composers, Sirine LV discovers other ways of working. Sound 1er project begins to take shape as his universe asserts itself. Just like her self-confidence. More at ease in her body, Sirine is no longer just the narrator of her texts, she also becomes the main character. The “I” gradually erases the “She”. In June 2021, the Marseillaise returns with “ In Love “, a new single that marks his new beginning. More than ever, the singer assumes the eclecticism of her musical influences. If the relationships between men and women remain the lifeblood of her writing, Sirine always tries to add a touch of sunshine to her stories, like the title “Aime-moi” where it is about a toxic boy. In ” Oulala “, the discourse is intended to be deeper and the observation more serious, reflecting a culture of the text that is still as important to the singer.
Today it is with Babe » that the young woman continues to unveil her first EP which she will release in the coming weeks…

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