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Sinik will retire after 26 years of career!

A few weeks after releasing his 9th album, Sinik declares in a message posted on his networks that he has decided to retire…

After a quarter-century-long career, Thomas Idir alias Sinik has come to the very serious conclusion that he is putting an end to his career as a rapper (which he tells us about in his latest interview on our YouTube channel). If this does not mean that he will not continue to work without shadow, perhaps through no parallel projects in music, the one who – for example – already expresses himself through another of his passions and possesses 2 tattoo parlors in Paris, will therefore have waited for the release of his 9th studio album, Niksireleased on April 8, 2022, to bow out. If he had already been able to mention thinking about retiring in the past, this time his decision seems to be firm and final.although we know that it is always very tempting for an artist to come back when it comes to making his passion speak (besides he closes the door to a few pieces he would release according to his urge). Thus in a post published this Friday, May 13 on Instagram, as a snub to date devoted to the release of albums, singles or clips, Malsain L’assassin addresses his audience to explain his choice and make a sort of balance sheet: Well family everything has an end including the best things!”

Sinik – The interview The day when :

Sinik releases his 9th album, Booba gives him strength! [Sons]

Niksi will be his last album…

If we find him today (at 6 p.m.) in the clip of Feather recognizes featherfrom Relo alongside Seth Gueko and REDK, his public will still be able to attend his last Parisian concert on May 24 at the Elysée Montmartre, before a final show on June 11 in Les Ulis, in his city, to close the loop, as he concludes in his press release. Thus while specifying that “this time it’s the right one(since he had already mentioned the idea of ​​withdrawing…), he addresses his true supporters to draw up a form of balance sheet, and to thank them, as well as those who accompanied him during all these years (including Karim and Nabil who had managed his career and the famous Six-O- nine). A bit like his 20-year-old rival, Booba, who confided when he releasedUltra that it was his last album, Sinik leaves himself the possibility of releasing songs or doing feats according to “desire : “I will try not to be too long. 26 years after Amalgam’ my 1st band and 17 years later “The hand on the heart I think it’s time to hang up permanently and this time it’s the right one. To be honest, I’m not expecting tears or cries of joy, I’m writing this message only out of respect for the people who continue to follow me and who are already talking to me about a future album. Didn’t see any bitterness or sadness there, on the contrary!! I’m proud and happy with what I’ve accomplished: 1.4 million, tours around the world for almost 20 years, feats with big names, in short, we’re not going to do everything again. I had already been playing overtime for quite some time and at some point you have to know when to stop, even if it’s not easy, those who really love me will understand that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have supported me from near and far allowing me to have this privileged life. Thank you for all the love you gave me and continue to give me to this day, I could never have enough words and gratitude for all of this! Thanks also to karim and Nabil, Moussa, Jay Carré, Lavista and all those who accompanied me during these many years. I may do some pieces individually if the desire and inspiration are there and some feats here and there but “Niki” will be my last album.” Finally, the 91 rapper announces that he is writing a (detailed) book about his life and his journey: The concert on May 24 at the Élysée Montmartre will also be my last in Paris and then I will end up where it all started in Les Ulis on June 11 and the circle will be complete 🤝 I am writing my 1st book, I take great pleasure in doing it, inside there will be thousands of detailed things about me, my life or my career that you don’t know about… I hope you like it. 🤞🏼 Almost 42 years old, room for others! See you on May 24 in Paris and June 11 in Les Ulis, take care of yourself ❤️ Niksi.” Thanks to Sinik for what he has brought to French rap, the honest guy that he is, and all these years we have collaborated… until finding himself in court because of an interview (MDR) or on soccer fields!!!

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