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Season 2022/2023. Jean-Vilar Cultural Center: a real neighborhood theater in Marly-le-Roi

Top, from left. at Dr: Butterfly l’envol (photo: Nicolas Fagot), La Foire de Madrid (photo: Ben Dumas). Below, from left. to Dr: Gauvain Sers (photo: Frank Loriou), Exit (photo: Fabienne Rappeneau).

Culture has regained rights to Marly-le-Roi (Yvelines) after the complicated period of the health crisis. Subscriptions to Jean Vilar cultural center were even higher than in 2019, proof that the population has found its way back to the stage.

“We are a real local theater, here people are welcomed, there are frequently stage edges and no transport problems, notes Sophie Lorotte, director of the Jean-Vilar cultural center. There were also people who couldn’t come on weekdays because of their work (shows start at 8 p.m., editor’s note) and who, with teleworking, now come. And a quarter of our subscribers are under 25. »

The health crisis was therefore good. During this period, the center continued to support artists as much as possible, with the support of the City. “We played the professional solidarity card. We postponed all the shows, there was no dry cancellation, ”continues the director.

The season 2022/2023 will therefore be “less busy” than the previous one, but will have the particularity that the theater will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. “The first performance took place in November 1972 and, which was originally the youth and culture house, was inaugurated in May 1973.”

Partnership with other venues

For 2022/2023, Jean-Vilar maintains its partnership with cinemas Maisons-Laffittefrom pecq and Vesinet. “This allows us to have shows in our season that our stage cannot accommodate,” says Sophie Lorotte. As Cerebrogiven at the Théâtre du Vésinet (November 15) or even Tamaoa film show (March 26) offered at Le Pecq.

Creation support

The structure also continues its support for creation by welcoming, for example, The Village of the Deaf (March 24), by Léonore Confino, directed by Catherine Schaub.

“A big crush, an incredible text, a sort of philosophical tale about the power of words. »

Videos: currently on Actu

There will also be Madrid Fair (February 16), by Ronan Rivière, “we like the finesse of his work” and Variable geometry (March 21), show in which Matthieu Villatelle uses magic to explore the mechanisms of fake news.

On the musical side, the young singer Vaslo will perform on November 25; “He received two Moustaki awards. » Also note Butterfly take flight (January 13), Madame Butterfly seen through the prism of her servant: “A kind of small fragile object, in a rice paper setting, it’s beautiful and surprising”, announces Sophie Lorotte who has also chosen to accompany the next creation of Almaviva, my beautiful orange tree. “We are accompanying them in residence this year and the show will be scheduled for next season. »

Shows to laugh or ask questions

The idea is that spectators have access to classics, contemporary creations, songs, discoveries, etc.

Sophie Lorottedirector of the Jean-Vilar cultural center in Marly-le-Roi

Gawain Sers will be hosted as part of his acoustic tour (March 16).

“There are things that are easy to access, others that are more demanding, shows to laugh at, others to ask questions about. »

To laugh, opt for example for Exit (September 24), a light and sparkling musical, full of self-mockery; to reflect, meet with Maxime d’Aboville for The Revolution, according to Hugo, Michelet, Dumas and Lamartine (April 6).

This year, the Jean-Vilar cultural center is also offering several shows around storytelling. From the tale for adults with Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (December 3) or even treasures : stories buried around the world (January 28), created by a company that decided to take the tale out of the children’s closet.

“People all like to be told stories,” smiles Sophie Lorotte. We have a room that is made for that, it’s a setting that envelops you. It’s going to be a great year! »

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