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SDC Montreal downtown | Shoni Market 2022: more than a market, more than a neighborhood

It was THE big event last year, to extend the hot season, rediscover the excitement of the festivals, welcome back to school, the return to work and enjoy the flavors of downtown. This year, the Shoni Market event is back in Shaughnessy Village from September 8 to 11 and invites you to discover one of the most diverse and dynamic neighborhoods in the metropolis.

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Shoni Market Festival

From September 8 to 11, 2022

In its first year, in 2021, this festival introduced thousands of visitors to an electrifying living environment, in addition to winning two Time Out awards, including best new event of the year. Here is what awaits you at this culinary feast that will take your taste buds to the four corners of the world.

1. Street Food Kiosks

Rue Sainte-Catherine, between Mackay and Chomedey


Taste the delicious homemade dishes of Petit Poisson Dumpling, Mama Bangkok, Chef Lee and many other local nuggets. This sweet and savory gourmet journey will take you on a real culinary world tour in the city centre.

2. Entrance arch

Rue Sainte-Catherine, between Guy and Mackay

Pass under the imposing arch painted by the artist and illustrator Thaïla Khampo, transformed for the occasion into an impressive and unifying work extending to the ground, entry point to a world of culinary discoveries.

3. Main Stage — Boombox

Rue Sainte-Catherine, between Chomedey and du Fort


Dance and be carried away by the music in front of this stage made up of an oversized stereo, where an eclectic line-up of Korean pop and music from international DJs and artists from all walks of life awaits.

4. Inflatables mochi

Rue Sainte-Catherine, corner Chomedey

Two adorable hand-painted inflatable mascots in the shape of mochi (a Japanese rice-based dessert) greet visitors at the west entrance to the site. The perfect accomplices for your stories on social networks!

5. A new mural

Sainte-Catherine Street, corner of Pierce

Directly under the gaze of passers-by, urban artist Maylee Keo paints a new mural inspired by the energy of the neighborhood. Come see it in action!

6. The Great March of the Corgis

Rue Sainte-Catherine, route to come


What could be cuter than watching more than 150 of these adorable short-legged dogs walking down Sainte-Catherine Street? It’s an appointment for lovers of these beasts on Saturday, September 10 in the afternoon.

Shaughnessy Village

Within the quadrilateral formed by rue Guy, avenue Atwater, rue Sherbrooke and boulevard René-Lévesque, Montréal’s heritage coexists with a diversity of cultures and generations to create a living environment with a truly unique international character. Glenn Castanheira, General Manager of the SDC Montréal centre-ville, offers an overview of this booming environment.

culinary playground

The district’s culinary offer, which has long focused on fast food aimed at students, has grown and diversified in recent years. “There are now a lot of family businesses and Korean and Japanese establishments that create a hodgepodge of authentic and unique flavors,” says Glenn Castanheira. Restaurants alone account for nearly half of local businesses.

Economic ecosystem

Unlike many large cities in North America that depend on one or two areas of activity, the neighborhood is a good representation of the economic plurality of downtown Montreal.

Our economy is extremely diversified; knowledge, finance, cultural and creative industries, technologies as well as life and health sciences are represented.

Glenn Castanheira, General Manager of the SDC Montréal centre-ville

living environment


Downtown attracts not only workers and students, but also families and those looking for a quality of life. “It has the second strongest demographic growth in the country, which favors the development of services to meet the needs of a growing population,” says Glenn Castanheira. Popular with students, residents, families and workers alike, Shaughnessy is a very walkable neighborhood, close to museums and several places of learning.

Cultural anchoring





Downtown Montreal now hosts a rich four-season program, to which the Shoni Market is added to encourage daily encounters between people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds. “We are the largest cultural center in Quebec, with free festivals and activities accessible to all throughout the summer,” says Glenn Castanheira.

Human experience

With its green spaces, its Victorian houses and its warm atmosphere, the Shaughnessy Village sector offers the refreshing experience of a downtown on a human scale. “The people you meet there are not just passing through and in a hurry to get home; they are there to live, work, have fun and learn,” says Glenn Castanheira.

To ensure the success of the event and to anchor it in the reality of the neighborhood, a multidisciplinary creative committee was formed. Among its members: the executive producers of the event, Les Survenants (also producers of Premier Fridays) and the Yatai MTL team, designers and organizers of Japan Week.

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