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Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave. Ablaye Cissoko and Cyrille Brotto, a musical encounter

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Thursday evening, the festival of Voices, places… worlds, offers a free concert in Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave. On the bill, the duo Ablaye Cissoko and Cyrille Brotto, followed by Cocanha.

Two years ago, shortly before the health crisis, accordionist Cyrille Brotto met Senegalese singer and griot Ablaye Cissoko. Discovering his arrival in Toulouse, he meets him and invites him to come and give a private solo concert at his home, in Faycelles, on the occasion of the birthday of his companion, a real fan of the artist. A duo was born… Invited to the festival of Voices, places, worlds…, Ablaye Cissoko and Cyrille Brotto will be in a free concert on Thursday August 4 at 8:30 p.m., under the hall of Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave.

Ablaye Cissoko & Cyrille Brotto put their poetic imagination and their musical intelligence at the service of an album of immense beauty and generosity, delicate and harmonious as if touched by grace. Their music is warm and graceful, one that soothes the mind and inspires the senses… The duo takes us on a spiritual and intimate journey, to which the soft and velvety voice of Ablaye Cissoko adds a particular mystical touch, light and ethereal.

The meeting of two musical cultures

Based in Saint Louis of Senegal, Ablaye Cissoko is one of the masters of the Kora. It is said of this “harpeluth” of the Mandinka kingdom that it was the most precious and disputed possession of the female genius. From this celestial creature, Ablaye seems to have inherited grace. The softness of his timbre, the delicacy of his melodic lines, the fluidity of his fingering, his virtuosity without fuss, his remarks of a chiselled generosity, these are the marks of this outstanding musician who has been performing for many years a little around the world. His playing is a prodigious demonstration of musicality and generosity, so much so that he is called upon alongside international big names.

At 45, Cyrille Brotto, from Figeac for more than 25 years, is primarily a teacher of diatonic accordion and traditional music throughout the department. he escapes from time to time to participate in various projects, with different musicians. A few recordings came out of it, such as a duet with the Occitan singer Guillaume Lopez, another with the Ogres de Barback which led to a tour. Then comes his meeting with the KKC Orchestra, which leads to the recording of the CD “Artisan” and two EPs. At the same time, he participated in a duo of diatonic accordions for a trad ball with Stéphane Milleret, then with this same musician and Mickaël Fontanella of the KKC, set up the Groove Factory trio. His meeting with the violinist Camille Raubaud leads to another duo, just like the one he forms with Ablaye Cissoko.

Together, the two artists create the album “Instant”, Ablaye writing the texts and some music, Cyrille Brotto composing the others. The words speak of the loss of a mother, of emptiness and of a pain that never fades. They also tell the blues of the uprooted, in a world that no longer wants it. The marriage between the kora and the diatonic accordion marvelously dresses this artistic and melodic conversation to perfection.

Tonight, Lass and Titi Robin open the festival

The first concert of the 26th edition of the Festival des Voix, des places… des mondes, will take place this Tuesday evening on the esplanade of the church, in Lafrancaise. On the program, two artists will put on the show: Lass, followed by Titi Robin and the sextet Ma Gavali. A counter will be open on site for latecomers who have not yet purchased their ticket.

Senegalese-born singer Lass is one of the rising stars of the French music scene. His deep and powerful voice, his sense of the verb and the formula have already tickled our ears. Whether he sings on acoustic guitar, sleek strings or more house or afro pop productions, Lass’ flow and elegance pulls you through the day with a smile. This first EP, more than a business card is a miniature world map, a concentrate of stories and simple philosophy delivered by a bewildering voice. Trained in the sound systems of Dakar, LASS grew up rubbing shoulders with the Afro-Cuban sounds of the orchestra Baobab and Bembeya Jazz, in the Congolese rhumba evenings organized by his brothers, before choosing reggae and artists like the late Garnett Silk.

Titi Robin reconnects here with the gypsy flavor and the rhythmic power of his first bands which took him from this dear Antique Theater in Arles to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, via the Tata Theater in Bombay. Titi Robin and Roberto Saadna began to collaborate following the release of the album “Gitans” (1993) where the Angevin artist invited members of the Saadna family, musicians from the Saint-Jacques gypsy district of Perpignan, specialists renowned Catalan rumba.

Titi will then regularly welcome this guitarist and singer imbued with a strong Mediterranean culture for his other discographic projects, from “A copper sky” to “Kali Gadji”. They are surrounded here by Roberto Saadna Junior and Chris Mailhe on backing vocals and palmas, both also from this same cradle of gypsy culture. The faithful Francis Varis on accordion and Ze Luis Nascimento on percussion consolidate this fine orchestra.

The Occitan duo Cocanha on stage

Cocanha cultivates minimalism, the sincerity of an acoustic sound supported by amplified percussion, involving the bodies in the dance. The Occitan language is their playground for exploring unique temperaments and sounds. Cocanha draws from the traditional Occitan repertoire, sets archives in motion and places them in the thread of orality. Some words are rewritten, others invented, emanating from a common open-air imagination.

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